Things To Do in Joplin MO

Joplin is a charming city settled in the southwestern region of Missouri, a state in the United States. Belonging to the counties of Jasper and Newton, Joplin has established itself as one of the most favorable tourist destinations in the world. With a myriad of amazing things to do in Joplin MO, you are sure to get an incredible experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Go ahead, take a look, and start preparing your bucket list. 

Wonderful Attractions & Cool Things To Do in Joplin MO

1. Joplin History & Mineral Museum

This museum makes you conversant with the rich history of Joplin. Products displayed here reveal the history of mining, thereby reflecting the heritage of the southwestern region of Missouri.

Highlighting the role of minerals in human life, a lot of scale models, mining equipment, and mined specimens are displayed at the Everett J. Ritchie Tri-State Mineral Collection area. You will also be amazed to see a fine collection of some specimens of dinosaur bones, mammoth teeth, and the like. 

This attraction also houses the Dorothea B. Hoover Historical Museum providing you with information about different catastrophic events from the history of Joplin. All such exhibits reflect how the city came out of them and reinstated itself to become what it is today. 

Apart from this, the 1926 American LaFrance Fire Engine belonging to the Fire Department of Joplin and a lot more other rotating exhibits enthuse visitors to know more about the historical glory of the city. 

With such a historical treasure house, this place is surely one of the things to do in Joplin MO indoor for tourists. 

Furthermore, there is a souvenir shop from where you can buy gifts. Within 10 miles of this attraction, you can enjoy trails for walking, biking, and backpacking. Casino gaming, fishing, golfing etc., are other pleasurable activities available here.

Partially accessible wheelchairs are offered here for travelers with disabilities. 

2. Grand Falls

Witness the spectacular beauty of Grand Falls, which is perhaps the largest natural waterfall in Missouri that maintains a continuous flow of water. It’s a beautiful place to experience the serenity of nature. Come and spend time here with your family or friends, have some hearty talks, and de-stress your mind. 

You will find it conveniently located on Shoal Creek and within a few minutes distance from Wildcat Park. Do you like swimming? You can take a dive inside, as travelers are allowed to swim.

So, next time when this question strikes your mind – What to do in Joplin MO, you must plan for this attraction.

3. NorthPark Mall

Offering a complete entertainment experience, NorthPark Mall must be on your list of things to do in Joplin MO this weekend. You will have a great experience at this mall featuring shopping retail outlets, high-end boutique stores, famous brands, and movie halls. Shop till you drop from some stylish brands. Moreover, relish lip-smacking concoctions at its restaurants while enjoying the warm hospitality. 

4. Cunningham Park

This is a family-friendly amusement zone and an ideal place for children to enjoy. It boasts a waterpark, monuments, playgrounds, and ponds. 

Cunningham Park was once badly affected by the much-talked-about tornado in Joplin in 2011, which devastated a huge part of the city. The park was revamped effectively to look like what it is today. It also honors and pays tribute to people who lost their lives.

5. George A. Spiva Center For The Arts

The George A. Spiva Center for the Arts has been providing stunning visual arts experiences to visitors for long. Its first art center was set up in 1958, with the support of businessman George A. Spiva who had a great interest in arts.

This pretty little museum displays local art products and also photographs showcasing the natural and social history of Joplin. Reflecting a great artistic flavor, the exhibits keep changing and present an ultimate variety. Each exhibit setup is organized for a particular duration. 

The center also consists of Spiva Arts Lab where innovative educational programs are conducted for people of all age groups including children. Weekly workshops and classes are held for those inclined to arts.

6. Downtown Joplin

Downtown Joplin keeps shining with a never-ending energetic aura. Set in the heart of the city, this is the place that is always in motion. How about coming here for a leisure walk? That’s a good idea. Well, if you have enough time, we recommend you must spend some time here and explore its shopping outlets, vibrant art galleries, restaurants, and cafes.

The entire surroundings give you a vibe of the city culture as you witness a fusion of its traditional and modern designs in the buildings.

7. Frisco Greenway Trail

Do you want some rejuvenation while having a great chit-chat with your loved ones? You must visit this gravel trail for some activities like birding, cycling, running, walking etc. This is a 3.5-mile long trail set on a former railway. 

Frisco Greenway Trail is popularly known as the “rails to trails” project, which is under the supervision of the Joplin Trails Coalition.

Even if you are in the city for business purposes, make sure to take time out of your busy schedule and rejoice in the composed atmosphere of this trail.

Surrounded by trees on both sides, this trail is flat and wide. There is also one bridge over a shallow water stream. Most of its areas look shaded and walking here means spending peaceful moments amid a natural scenic spot. 

Well, for some quick munching, you may enjoy at a coffee shop or other restaurants located adjacent to the trail. So, it definitely makes for one of the free things to do in Joplin MO.

8. Rangeline Antique Mall

Rangeline Antique Mall

Doesn’t it feel good to take home something special from your holiday destination? If you have the desire to keep such exclusive products as a memory or even you wish to give them as a present to your friends, relatives, or colleagues, this mall is a nice option.

Rangeline Antique Mall offers a great shopping experience. From antique items to furniture, you may explore couches, cabinets, chair table sets, armchairs, chests with drawers, vanity with mirrors and chairs, dining tables, and a lot more from the home décor or collectibles section. 

9. McClelland Park

McClelland Park

How about spending a day at this recreation zone? Well, this is one of the best things to do in Joplin MO. Especially, it will be a great location for your children and they will want to visit here often. 

McClelland Park features a picnic pavilion, disc golf, grills, shelters, picnic tables, a playground, horseshoe pits, and restrooms. One shelter is set on the north side of the park, close to the playground. The other is on the south side, which is near the disc golf course. Both shelters have the capacity to house 75 people at a time. Besides, restrooms are also available near them. 

10. Joplin 44 Truckstop 

 Joplin 44 Truckstop

This truck stop is a perfect stopover when you are on road trips or long journeys. It features a gas station, fuel center, convenience stores, driver den, salon, a custom vinyl and embroidery shop, super truck showroom with semi-trucks, a light wall, an elevator, and chrome accessories. 

Moreover, there is a range of restaurants and cafes for visitors to enjoy some scrumptious snacking or dining. Laundry facilities, private shower rooms, and night stays make it easy for travelers to stay here for some long hours. 

Joplin 44 Truckstop also hosts festivities and events whenever there are new launches. Some live entertainment shows are held during the same.  

11. George Washington Carver National Monument

George Washington Carver National Monument

This is a historical gem nestled in a separate corner in Newton County of Missouri. It lies around 10 miles southeast of Joplin. Managed by the National Park Service, this attraction was founded in 1943 and it covers an area of 240 acres. 

Interestingly, this is the place where George Washington Carver, a popular scientist, and educator took birth and grew up. It features a 1.2 km nature trail, a museum, and an interactive exhibit section for students. The authority maintaining the monument conducts educational programs and activities for students.  

So, don’t miss visiting this one of the historical Joplin Missouri attractions

12. Candy House Gourmet Chocolates Store

Candy House Gourmet Chocolates Store

Do you have a sweet tooth? No worries, even if you don’t have one. This place will let you develop a liking for sweet products. 

Well, Candy House Gourmet is one of the cheap things to do in Joplin MO. This cute candy shop will let you please your taste buds with a great variety, including caramel pecan treats, brittles, pecan logs, toffees, fudges, and sea salt caramels. 

Also, have some delicious chocolaty strawberries in spring, while the fall brings chocolaty caramel apples for you. Undoubtedly, your children will be the ones demanding a lot from the menu. In fact, it would be a good option to get some toffees or candies home for your dear ones and have some sweet memories. 

13. Route 66 Mural Park 

Route 66 Mural Park

This is another attraction from the cultural history of Joplin. Route 66 Mural Park is a public spot, which opened in 2013. Interestingly, it serves as a landmark for travelers along US Route 66 and Missouri residents. It features two iconic tile murals, designed by the artists Chris Auckerman and Jon White. There is also a red sports car where travelers like to click photographs. 

So, isn’t it among the free things to do in Joplin MO?

14. Leonard Park

Leonard Park

Leonard Park is another amusement area to spend a great day with family. You can plan picnics and play games at the tennis court and softball backstop. Else, just go for a walk on the walking trail while sharing a nice conversation with your dear ones.

Full of green surroundings, the park features a shelter, grills, a picnic pavilion, picnic tables, and a playground. The shelter has the capacity to accommodate 150 people at a time. It provides easy accessibility to restrooms.


We all get used to spending our days in a usual way in our personal and professional lives. Nevertheless, it’s always good to take out some time, plan a vacation, and experience bliss away from the humdrum of routine life. 

If you also feel the same, don’t forget to consider this city on your list. Local art of the city, natural attractions, food culture, entertainment activities, historical places, and great visual and performing arts are all a delight for travelers. You will be astonished to enjoy so many fun things to do in Joplin MO, and go back home with a first-of-its-kind experience.  

FAQs On What are the Best Things To Do in Joplin Missouri

What to do in Joplin MO?

Plan a visit to NorthPark Mall, Grand Falls, Downtown Joplin, George A. Spiva Center for the Arts, and more.

What are the things to do in Joplin MO for couples?

Couples can have a nice time at Grand Falls, Frisco Greenway Trail, Downtown Joplin, Cunningham Park, and more such locations.

What are some great Joplin MO Activities?

You can enjoy activities at McClelland Park, Frisco Greenway Trail, Grand Falls, and more places.

What are the things to do in Joplin MO this weekend?

You can visit Rangeline Antique Mall, Joplin History & Mineral Museum, Grand Falls, or Cunningham Park, on a weekend.

What are some of the amazing Joplin Missouri Attractions?

NorthPark Mall, George A. Spiva Center for the Arts, and Joplin 44 Truckstop are some amazing places in Joplin.

Are there any exciting things to see in Joplin?

You can visit George A. Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin History & Mineral Museum, Cunningham Park, and more.
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