Is Chicago Safe?

Chicago, the city of dreams is popularly known for its thriving nightlife, exotic food, lavish lifestyle, and so much more. And, when it comes to comparing it with other cities, it becomes quite unfair, because what Chicago has, no other place does. You name it, Chi-town has it. But, the bigger question is, despite being an attractive place, Is Chicago Safe? 

Chicago is regarded as a safe destination to travel, as millions of travellers plan to visit the city.  However, the increased crime rates in the most lavish towns aren’t hidden from any of us, crimes follow you everywhere, then no matter if you are in a small town of your city, or just roaming around and exploring the well-known Chicago. 

Is Chicago Safe To Visit?

So, the answer to your question is that Chicago is a pratty safe city to travel, entirely depending upon the activities you indulge in and the locations that you travel to, a trip to Chicago can turn out to be one of the best experiences you will ever have. 

We believe that our travelers do not have to compromise on things, which is why we want you to explore the safety of Chicago city, get you a clear picture of how safe is Chicago? And, what cautions you should practice in order to remain secure in this luxurious city, meanwhile enjoying and exploring every bit of what it has to offer you. 

Is Chicago Safe To Travel?


Yes, Chicago is a safe place to travel and to live as well. The reason being, it’s the third largest city in the United States, which is frequently travelled by the Americans. But, as each coin has two sides, so does Chicago. One side of the town is filled with metropolis, historical museums, adventurous parks, well-crafted fine dines, and whatnot. Whilst, the other side of the town is all about crimes, violence, and hooligans.

So, as a traveller, if you are close to being threatened about the question, is Chicago dangerous? Then, fret not! Because most of the tourist hotspots in Chicago are safe. You don’t have to worry about the crimes happening around the town, as long as you are in the right place, which means you have to avoid visiting the places that are poorly affected by the hooligans, as it may get you under potential dangers. 

What are Some Safe Locations in Chicago?

There are some of the safe and really exotic locations in Chicago, which are worth spending every minute at. We know that as a visitor, you don’t want to end up in a sketchy place, ruining your trip, altogether. So, with the help of our bit of research, we have found some safe places, where you can enjoy, relax, and be safe at the same time. Some safe areas in Chicago are: 

1. Lincoln Park-around 25% lower crime rate

Lincoln Park-around 25% lower crime rate

Lincoln park is a safe and popular location on the north side of Chicago. It is a safe location for tourists and It is known for its beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, and historic architecture. The place is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world. Lincoln park has a vibrant dining and nightlife scene, with a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes, to choose from. There is something for everyone in this vibrant and historic neighbourhood. 

2. Lakeview-around 40% lower crime rate 

Lakeview-around 40% lower crime rate 

Lakeview is also located on the north side of Chicago, which is safe and popular for its diverse population, vibrant nightlife, and numerous shops, and restaurants. There are many attractions at the Lakeview including, Wrigley Field, Belmont Harbor, The Vic Theatre, Boystwon, and Southport Corridor. It offers a unique and eclectic shopping experience as well for our shop-holic visitors. 

3. Streeterville-around 45% lower crime rate

Streeterville-around 45% lower crime rate

On the near Northside of Chicago, Streetsville has a variety of upscale restaurants, as well as high-end residential buildings and hotels. You can find the museum of contemporary art in Streetsville, which is dedicated to showcasing the contemporary art form around the world and features a wide range of exhibits and programs. The place is a thriving location for the visitors from all over the world. 

4. Hyde Park-around 84% lower crime rate

The safe and serene neighborhood is located on the south side of Chicago and is home to the University of Chicago. It has a diverse population and a low crime rate. It is generally considered to be a safe neighborhood with a strong community feel. It has a diverse population, numerous cultural and educational institutions, and a rich history that makes it a popular destination for both visitors and residents of Chicago. 

5. Edison Park-around 77% lower crime rate

Edison Park-around 77% lower crime rate

Edison park is a residential neighborhood located on the far northwest side of the city, and is known for its small-town feel, community-oriented atmosphere, and excellent schools. It is a safe destination for travellers as the crime rates in the area are generally low, with relatively low incidents of violent crimes and property crime compared to other neighborhoods. Overall, it is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood with a strong sense of community.

Chicago Travel Guidance

The Chicago Travel Advisory is currently lenient towards the visitors and doesn’t require them to do Covid-19 related restrictions such as mask, vaccinations, and other requirements. However, in order to avoid any last minute hassle, the visitors are recommended to do the checks beforehand and get updated information about the guidelines by the Chicago government.

In addition to the pandemic-related advisory, Chicago has specific advisories related to safety in certain areas of the city. Visitors are advised to exercise caution when visiting neighbourhoods that have higher crime rates, particularly at night.

These areas include parts of the South West Sides of the city. Visitors should always be aware of the surroundings and take common-sense safety precautions such as avoiding unlit or isolated areas and keeping valuables out of sight. 

Places to Avoid in Chicago

Chicago is a place of dreams but there are still some locations which are better left avoided. If we particularly talk about violent crimes, then there are some locations in Chicago, which are prone to it. So, even if you wish to travel to these places, ensure that you are taking proper care in order to keep yourself from getting into unforeseen trouble. Some places to avoid in Chicago are:

1. Englewood

Englewood is known for its high crime rates, poverty, and economic struggles. It is important to note that the crime is not unique to the neighbourhood or to Chicago as a whole. It’s also worth noting that the city was, at time, popularly known for its rich culture and history, which is why, if you wish to visit the location, you should take necessary precautions to ensure your safety, as you would take in any urban area. 

2. North Lawndale 

The neighbourhood on the WestSide of Chicago, North Lawndale has faced many challenges in terms of poverty, disinvestment and high crime rates in the past, which are higher than the Chicago average. But, the neighbourhood is also home to many positive aspects that visitors can explore and appreciate. If the visitors wish to explore the area, ensure to use common sense and awareness. 

3. West Garfield Park 

West Garfield Park is another location which has a high violent crime rate. The place goes through more common property crimes than the rest of Chicago. Despite ongoing challenges, the city is home to numerous institutions, such as the Garfield Park Conservatory and the West Side Historical Society, which showcases the area’s art and history. So, if you choose to travel to the location, try to limit yourself with your valuables. 

4. East Garfield Park 

East Garfield Park is one of the crime prone locations in Chicago, with a higher crime rate. It is adjacent to West Garfield Park and shares the same challenges. Visitors should take crucial or necessary precautions to ensure that they are having the best time. Nonetheless, with using sense and awareness, one can enjoy what the city has to offer, in terms of history, culture, etc. 

Overall, It isn’t easy to describe how dangerous is Chicago, because the more you move towards the west, the more you are prone to encounter potential crimes, which is why we have researched some of the places that have a higher crime rate, for you to plan and decide your travelling destination accordingly. 

Is Downtown Chicago Safe?

Is Downtown Chicago Safe?

Downtown Chicago is a well-lit and well-frequented area, making it entirely safe for the tourists. Downtown Chicago has so much to offer to its visitors, starting right from its vibrant parks to its late night bars and restaurants, After the sun goes down, the visitors can enjoy the hustle settling down, and encounter the safe and quiet environment of the city. 

With several policemen patrolling the streets, the Chicago Police Department ensures its presence in the downtown region, to ensure the safety of the residents and visitors, altogether. And, which is why it is futile to question, is downtown Chicago safe, because the city has recently adopted a number of safety measures, such as a network of security cameras and a text-to-tip programme that enables locals and visitors to report suspicious activities. 

It’s best to avoid people who step in your path and take safety measures like locking the doors and windows before leaving the hotel or lodgings. Overall, while visitors to downtown should remain vigilant and take safety precautions, the area is a safe and welcoming place for tourists and business travellers alike.

So, you don’t have to worry about “is Chicago safe for tourists” because it is safe, and allows you to enjoy every positive aspect of Chi-town. So, plan your trip, book your reservation, and be ready to enjoy your trip in this vibrant city. 

Is it safe to Travel to Chicago Right Now?

Yes it’s Pretty safe, Chicago is a safe place to travel right now. The reason being, conditions in Chicago have improved rapidly. It was a time when Chicago had experienced some increases in crime and social unrest, particularly in certain neighborhoods. 

Our visitors who are afraid of visiting Chicago right now, looking upon the crime rates and questioning themselves, is it safe to travel to Chicago right now, should know that the city has made sure to have a strong police presence and community based-initiatives to address these issues.

As of currently, Chicago is a safe place to travel in 2023, but as the visitors would take safety precautions in any of the urban areas, it is important to be aware and particularly conscious of surroundings, while in Chicago. It’s also a good idea to be cautious when using public transportation or hailing a taxi or ride-share service.

Is Chicago Prone to Potential Dangers?

Like any large city, Chicago has some potential dangers that the visitors should be aware of to ensure their safety. These dangers can include: 

  • Crime

Violence-related crimes like robberies and assaults have higher rates of occurrence in some Chicago neighbourhoods than others. When visiting locations in Chicago, visitors should use caution, especially at night. 

  • Weather

Chicago occasionally has severe weather, such as a lot of snowfall, strong winds, and extremely high temperatures. Particularly in the winter, visitors should be prepared for severe conditions and dress appropriately. 

  • Traffic
Chicago Traffic

Chicago has a lot of traffic, especially during rush hour, which can pose risks to cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. When navigating the city’s streets, visitors should use authorised crosswalks and bike lanes wherever possible. 

  • Crowds 

Chicago is a well-loved vacation spot for many of the visitors, especially during the busiest travel times. Visitors should be attentive and aware of their surroundings at all times in order to avoid potential safety threats brought on by big crowds, such as pickpocketing. 

  • Public Transportation

While Chicago has a good system of public transportation, tourists should be mindful of any potential security issues, especially while riding trains or buses late at night. Also, it’s crucial to watch on your possessions because theft and pickpocketing are both possible. 

Let’s share some safety tips which you can follow on your trip to Chicago, to remain safe during your trip, and to get the best out of it. 

Measures to Ensure a Safe Trip

Although Chicago is a bustling city with lots to see and do, it is always necessary to take necessary safety precautions when visiting any metropolis location. The following actions will help you stay safe while visiting Chicago:

Research your accommodations thoroughly

The first and foremost precaution you need to follow is, research your accommodation thoroughly, this way you can get information of the surroundings and how the neighbourhood is like. Before directly booking your activities or accommodations, it’s important that you research them to know whether the area is safe or not. 

Stay aware and cautious of your surroundings

While exploring the city, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Avoid using your phone or other distractions that could make you an easy target for thieves or other criminals. Make sure you are not visiting isolated areas alone, if you are a solo traveller, you can try to be with other groups should any mishap incur. 

Don’t use unregistered or unofficial transport

Don’t fall for people who try hard to sell you a cheaper route, because this might get you trapped into unfortunate circumstances. And, if you plan to use registered or public transport, make sure you know your route and schedule in advance. Avoid riding alone late at night, and keep an eye on your belongings at all times. 

Stay in a well-lit, well-frequented and reputed hotel.

When walking around the city to enjoy its scenic beauty, don’t forget to stay in well-lit areas, which are populated as much as possible. Avoid isolated areas such as side streets. Ensure that your hotel is frequented by other guests as well. Choose a hotel with good reviews and amenities such as attached bathrooms, swimming pools, and areas with surveillance cameras. 

Don’t be Flashy with your Jewels and other Essentials

It’s better that you keep your valuables such as cash, passports, jewels, and other essentials in a safe place, such as your hotel locker or lodging. Avoid carrying large sums of cash with you or wearing any flashy jewellery, as it makes you vulnerable to pickpocketing and theft. Although the safe areas in Chicago are not prone to such petty crimes, it’s still better to take precautions. 

How Safe is Chicago’s Food and Water?

How safe is Chicago’s Food and Water?

The food and water sources in Chicago are usually regarded as secure. The water used in the city is obtained from Lake Michigan and is periodically tested to ensure its safety. To get rid of any impurities, the city’s water treatment facilities employ a number of techniques, such as filtration and disinfection. 

The authorities inspect restaurants and other food outlets to make sure that the restaurant owners are adhering to the correct food safety regulations. Food safety infractions are taken seriously, and businesses who don’t adhere to the rules risk being shut down or being punished.

Yet, there is always a chance of contracting a foodborne illness by consuming tainted food or drink, just like in any metropolis. It’s crucial to maintain proper hygiene, which includes washing your hands regularly and thoroughly, especially before handling or consuming food, to lower the chance of contracting a foodborne disease. 

If you have any doubts about the safety of the tap water, it is also recommended that you eat at reputable, well-kept restaurants and drink bottled water.

Bottom Line

Generally, Chicago is a safe city to visit, with over hundreds of popular attractions to see and activities to do. If you are planning to visit Chicago, ensure that you take into consideration the important safety measures to remain safe during your visit. 

It is crucial to adhere to the rules and regulations of the city, practise good hygiene, and consume food and water from reputable establishments to reduce the risk of illness. 

Is Chicago Safe? (FAQs)

What is the safest place in Chicago?

Edison Park, Norwood Park, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Hyde Park are some of the safest destinations in Chicago, which offers the visitors a welcoming environment to stay and enjoy. 

Is it safe to walk downtown-Chicago at night?

Downtown Chicago is generally safe to walk at any time of the day. However, as safety isn’t guaranteed anywhere, it’s important that travellers avoid walking down the street at night. 

Is Chicago dangerous for Solo travellers?

Chicago can be a safe destination for solo travellers, but it is important to be precautious and avoid visiting isolated areas or areas that are prone to violent crimes. By following the safety measures, Solo travellers can have a great time in Chicago. 

Is Chicago safe to visit for Female Travellers?

Yes, Chicago is a safe city for female travellers, as the authorities have taken a variety of measures to improve safety, including increasing the police presence in high-crime areas. 
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