Is Jersey City Safe in 2023-Separating Fact from Fiction ?

In terms of violent crimes, Jersey City is a relatively safe city. Throughout the past few decades, the city has made considerable strides towards lowering the crimes. Jersey City’s police force has undertaken a number of tactics to combat crime and enhance public safety, and as a result, the city’s crime rate has consistently fallen.

Visitors and locals should use caution and be aware of their surroundings, particularly at night, if they are wondering, is Jersey city safe at night? There are some regions of the city that may have greater crime rates. Basic safety measures, such as concealing valuables, securing windows and doors, and being alert of your surroundings, is always a good idea.

Jersey City is a bustling, dynamic and a safe city with a lot to offer and the visitors can enjoy its amenities, while exploring the scenic landscape of the city. Although, by following the safety precautions and common sense, the visitors to Jersey City can take advantage of everything the city has.

Are there any Safe Locations Near Jersey City? 

Jersey City is easily accessible from New York City via public transportation. It is located near major highways, making it an attractive location. So, if you are planning to live in Jersey City, but wondering “is Jersey City Safe to live” then you are at the right place, as we are going to list some of the safest locations near Jersey City, where you can spend your time at.

In addition to Jersey City, there are other places as well, which are worth seeing, such as the travellers can plan to visit Cancun City,  because Cancun City is also the safest place to travel. Nevertheless, it’s clearly upon the visitor to decide where they want to go and spend their next vacation. So, let’s get on with some of the safe and popular locations near Jersey City which are as follows:

1. Downtown Jersey City-The Historic Downtown

Downtown Jersey City-The Historic Downtown

The bustling district of Downtown Jersey City, commonly referred to as Historic Downtown, is situated in the city’s centre. The area is renowned for its quaint streets lined with old brownstones, hip eateries, specialty stores, and cultural attractions. It is one of the thriving port towns during the colonial era, with a long and illustrious history. 

Newark Avenue, one of the busiest streets in Historic Downtown is home to pubs and regular farmer’s markets. The historic Loew’s Jersey Theatre, Liberty Science Center, and Hudson River waterfront Promenade are just a few other well-loved attractions by people. Young professionals, tourists, and residents enjoy visiting the area, as it is typically regarded as safe. 

2. The Heights-A Home to multicultural Eateries 

The Heights-A Home to multicultural Eateries 

The Heights is a neighbourhood city of New Jersey, known for its diverse community and multicultural cuisines. The area is home to an endless number of restaurants and cafes which showcases numerous cultures including French-inspired meals, Italian-inspired meals, Chinese-inspired meals, and Mexican-inspired meals as well. 

You can try out a variety of restaurants in The Heights such as Coltivare, La Guadalupana, Squabble, Mala Sichuan, Fages BBQ, Ka Sushi, Pinkerton’s Barbecue, etc. These restaurants are vividly known for fantastically perfect and delicious meals they offer. And, as this is not an isolated place, the visitors can enjoy freely in this city. 

3. Journal Square-The place with Amenities

Journal Square is yet another neighbouring city near New Jersey, which is a bustling commercial centre and has an abundance of amenities. The area is a transportation hub with easy access to New York City, and is home to a wide mixture of residents from different cultures. Additionally, it is littered with a variety of dining options, ranging from ethnic cuisines to upscale eateries.

The visitors can find a diverse array of several shopping destinations, including the Jersey city market, journal square shopping centre, and numerous retailers. Overall, the city is a mix of every amenity one requires to live with, which is why it is one of the desirable destinations to live or visit in Jersey city NJ

4. Paulus Hook-The Charming Historic Neighbourhood

Paulus Hook-The Charming Historic Neighbourhood

Just 1.5 kilometres away from the Manhattan city, Paulus Hook is described as one of the elevated areas in the country. It was originally known as Arressick Island by the earliest settlers, and today the price of Paulus Hook’s real estate is relatively higher than other cities in the country, making it a standard place to reside or to visit. 

The neighbourhood city is located on the waterfront, making it an especially attractive city for people, it is known to people not only because of its historical architecture but also because of its waterfront parks and cobblestone streets. The city has a low crime rate and is considered to be a safe and family-friendly neighbourhood. 

5. Newport-An Entertainment Hub 

Last but not least is the infamous Newport town, which is an ultimate entertainment hub for us people, the newer developments in the town makes it quite an embarrassing place to reside or to visit for vacations. Located near the Hudson river waterfront, the visitors can enjoy all the facilities Newport has to offer to them. 

It has a mix of residential and commercial properties, including luxury apartments, shopping centres, and office buildings as well. It has a relatively lower crime rate than other major developments around Jersey City, which is why it is considered to be a safe and sound place to live, work, vacay, etc. 

Note: As always, we advise our readers to exercise caution and use common sense when travelling or living in any neighborhood, even in areas considered as safe. Be aware of your surroundings, ensure to keep your valuables out of sight, and report any suspicious activity to the authorities, immediately. 

What are the Common crimes in Jersey City?

Like many other major cities, Jersey City, New Jersey, experiences numerous sorts of crime, and it is the utmost responsibility of the authorities to provide local security at the tourist places in their city as a safety precaution. Also, the visitors should be careful and aware while exploring the city to avoid danger. 

Few of the common crimes that you may encounter at the Jersey City are: 


Visitors have a high risk of getting stolen at Jersey city, theft includes both minor and major and more serious offences like robbery and burglary. Opportunity crimes like package theft and automobile break-ins are also frequent. 

Violent Crimes

Visitors are at low risk of getting trapped in crimes such as rape, robbery, and murder are the kind of violent crimes reported in Jersey City. Although these crimes are less frequent than property crimes which include burglary and motor vehicle theft. 

Drug-related crimes

Visitors have a medium risk of getting into drug related crimes such as possession, sale, and distribution of controlled substances, which are also common in Jersey city, which is why we advise you to not drink publicly. 

White-collar crimes

visitors are at medium risk of getting troubled with white-collar crimes related to fraud and embezzlement, along with which cybercrime is rising rapidly in Jersey city. 

Lastly, if you are aware of the potential crimes that may happen in your surroundings, you are well-prepared for the situations, which is why we gave you the list of all the potential crimes, which you may get encountered with. Ensure, you are fully prepared for anything that comes your way while exploring your destinations. 

Is Jersey City Safe for Tourists (Tips to Avoid Potential Dangers) 

Is Jersey City Safe for Tourists (Tips to Avoid potential Dangers) 

Jersey City is generally safe for people to visit. However, it is always crucial to take safety precautions in the urban area to avoid potential dangers. Here are some tips that can help you stay safe in Jersey City: 

  • Stay alert of your surroundings and avoid distractions such as listening to music while walking around the city, or texting a friend. 
  • Avoid walking alone at night, particularly in isolated areas. If you wish to walk alone, choose streets that are well-lit and well-travelled.
  • Avoid displaying expensive jewels, large sums of cash, and other valuables, as it might indicate that you are rich and can be stolen from.
  • Use common sense whenever you are out in public, if you must choose transportation, be cautious while using them to avoid being a victim of kidnapping.
  • Be extra careful when entering unknown buildings or apartments, always lock the doors behind you properly.
  • If you chose to drive downtown Jersey, make sure to pay attention to road signs and signals, avoid leaving your essentials in your car.
  • If you are visiting Jersey during the Hurricane season, be aware of the weather conditions to avoid last minute disappointments. 
  • If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in a certain area, trust your guts, leave the place, and seek help from people nearby.
  • Stay informed about crime trends and safety alerts in Jersey city by following local news sources on social media. 

Is West side Jersey City Safe?

Visits to West Jersey City are safe. Apart from the popular tourist attractions Jersey City’s residential districts on the east and south sides are where the majority of crimes occur. Despite the geographic disparity in crime, statistics show that Jersey City is relatively more dangerous than most of the cities with the same area. 

Due to high rates of property crime, Jersey city has a high crime ranking. In Jersey City, robberies, burglaries, and thefts often happen; according to certain figures, residents of Greenville have a one in five risk of becoming a victim of property crime. 

It’s always a good idea to research crime rates, read local news reports, and talk to residents in that area to get a sense of the safety level of a particular neighbourhood. Additionally, you can consult with local law enforcement agencies or visit websites that track crime stats to get a clearer understanding of the safety level of Westside Jersey City. 

Is Jersey City safe for Solo Travellers?

Like any other metropolis city, Jersey City has both safe and dangerous regions, depending on a variety of variables like crime rates, the state of the economy, and the time of the day. Overall nevertheless, Jersey City is regarded as a safe place for lone travellers, but the same safety precautions you would take in any other city are advised for solo travellers. 

It will be better if the solo travellers do a little research about the areas they are visiting, beforehand, in order to avoid mishaps. Try to choose a place that is well-lit and frequented, also, choosing lodging with positive evaluations and in secure places will guarantee a relaxing and secure stay. 

Is Jersey City safe for Female Travellers?

If you are a travel-savvy female who loves to explore new destinations and have fun all around the town, then you must be wondering is downtown Jersey City safe for me to travel, stay, or vacay at. Well-well, Jersey City is considered a relatively safe city for all the female travellers, wanting to explore the beauty of the area. 

However, as a female, it’s always better to take safety precautions to keep ourselves from potential crimes that can come your way. You can follow some of the safety tips mentioned in the article to get a clear picture of Jersey City and how you can avoid being a victim of dangerously violent crimes. 

Is Jersey City NJ Safe when it comes to Food and Water?

The city of Jersey has a public water supply system that meets all federal and state drinking water standards, and it is routinely monitored and tested for quality. The state uses top-notch treatment technologies to ensure that the water is safe to drink and free from harmful substances, viruses, and other bacterias. 

Nevertheless, we always recommend the visitors to take safety precautions and not drink or eat anywhere and everywhere. You can use some safety precautions such as washing hands before eating, washing vegetables before cooking, drinking bottled water if you have a sensitive stomach, and avoiding street food, as it is not healthy. 

The city has several supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, and cafes which are safe and of good quality, which offers a wide range of food and beverage options, including international cuisines. So, make sure you are eating at the right places, where high-quality food is being served.

Is Jersey City safe from Natural Disasters?

Jersey City is located on the east coast, which makes it vulnerable to hurricanes, tropical storms, winter storms, and floods. Further, causing damage to its infrastructure and risking people’s lives. Additionally, the city is situated on the Hudson River which is at risk of coastal flooding during storms. 

How safe is Jersey City NJ in terms of Natural Disasters?

While the risk of natural disasters in Jersey City can not be eliminated properly, the city has taken steps to prepare for and mitigate the impact of these events. These include developing emergency response plans, improving infrastructure to withstand flooding, and providing public education. 

The authorities are also making sure to outreach people and provide them information about how to stay safe during natural disasters. Residents and visitors to the area should also take personal precautions to keep themselves safe, you can follow weather alerts, news reports, etc to keep track of the condition of the Jersey city. 

Bottom Line

While Jersey City has seen a decrease in Crime rates over the past few years, residents and visitors should still take safety precautions and be aware of everything that may happen in their surroundings. The visitors, if they fall under unfortunate scenarios, can always contact the local police to seek immediate help. 

Additionally, if you have any concerns about food or water in a particular area, you can contact the local healthcare provider for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jersey City NJ safe?

Yes, Jersey City has seen decreased crime rates over the past few years, which makes it a safe place to travel and vacay for a while, but with considering all the safety precautions. 

Is visiting Jersey City worth it?

Yes, visiting Jersey City is worth every penny. It has a lot to offer to its visitors, either enjoy the multicultural cuisines at the standard restaurants and cafes or look for historical features downtown the city, Jersey got it all. 

What are some interesting facts about Jersey City?

One of the most interesting facts about Jersey city is that the Statue of Liberty is completely surrounded by this beautiful city. And yes, it is home to Liberty Island National Park and Ellis Island immigration station. 

Is Jersey city friendly?

Yes, Jersey City is friendly to its residents and visitors as well. If you plan to visit Jersey city, you will be able to experience multicultural restaurants, cafes, and so much more. 

Where is the safest place in Jersey City?

Grove Street, Newport, and Exchange Place are some of the safest destinations in Jersey City, which you can visit to have more fun and adventure. These places are also family-friendly, so feel free to take your kids along, to spend some quality time together. 
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