Is Cancun Safe

On the Yucatan Peninsula’s northern east coast in Mexico, Cancun is a thriving metropolis. People across the globe love to travel to Cancun to explore its heart-warming beauty and to celebrate life. So, if you are wondering, is Cancun safe right now? It is, and it’s a well-liked tourist destination as well, all thanks to its beaches, clear oceans, and active nightlife. 

Cancun was originally a small fishing village, which was transformed into a major tourist destination in the 1970s with the hotel zones, in which a long strip of hotels and resorts were built. Currently, the city is home to a thousand people and welcomes millions of tourists every year to discover the scenic landscape of the city and learn about its history. 

Is Cancun Safe

Additionally, the city of Cancun is popularly known for its rich cultural heritage. And, as the city is located near many of the archaeological sites, the visitors can explore the history and learn about the remnants of the ancient Mayan civilization. 

Apart from the fascinating history, Cancun is also a hub to many adventurous activities such as scuba diving, zip-lining, jungle tours, snorkelling, and much more, which makes it an ideal location for all the thrill seekers. The warm and welcoming climate of Cancun is friendly for performing endless activities, because it has got something for each of the visitors.

After giving you a quick introduction to “what you can expect from Cancun” when it comes to exploring its beauty, let’s cut to the chase and learn “How Safe is Cancun?

Is Cancun Safe? Evaluating The Safety!

Cancun is generally considered a safe destination for tourists in Mexico, the city has a large tourist industry, which makes it more appropriate for the authorities to take safety measures and ensure the security of the visitors. Nevertheless, as with any of the tourist destinations, it is crucial to exercise caution and take steps to ensure your safety. 

Unfortunately, not only Cancun, but also the other tourist hotspots are prone to petty crimes such as pickpocketing and theft. While violent crimes in Cancun are less, the visitors should take care of their essentials and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or expensive jewellery along with them. The visitors can use their lodgings or hotel safe to keep their valuables. 

In reality, tourists are never the targets for petty crimes, because the authorities would go above and beyond to ensure the security of the travellers. The tourist areas are heavily patrolled, reason being, the influx of visitors staying at the resorts. Do note that tight security doesn’t give you a pass to walk freely around the city, without worrying about your safety.

Is Cancun Safe? Overall, the wonderful city of Cancun is a safe place to travel and explore, but as informed repeatedly, one must always exercise caution and take important steps to ensure their safety, because only the safety measures can guarantee you a safe and sound trip to the Cancun city.

Is Cancun safe in Terms of “Petty Crimes” 

Is Cancun safe to visit? Cancun is generally safe to visit when it comes to violent crimes. However, the passengers can be a victim of petty crimes in Cancun city, particularly in tourist destinations. Visitors should always be aware of what’s happening around them and protect their belongings to avoid becoming a victim of petty crimes. 

While pickpocketing is one of the petty crimes in Cancun, the thieves may target you in crowded areas such as bus stations, markets, and tourist destinations. It’s suggested that the visitors keep their wallets, phones, and other valuables in a secure location or in the front pocket of their clothing to keep close eye on their belongings. 

Theft is another petty crime in Cancun, which the visitors may encounter. Visitors should be cautious and should never leave their hotel rooms or lodgings unlocked and should avoid keeping their valuables in a plain sight. Using hotel safety is preferable to keep the essentials safe such as passports, cash, jewellery, and other valuables. 

Additionally, the passengers should always be aware of scams such as overcharging for taxi services and other products, offering tours or activities that do not live up to the expectations, or selling fake or low-quality goods. Visitors should research and only book tours and activities with reputable providers.

Top 6 Safety Measures for Visiting Cancun 

Cancun is an absolutely go-to place for tourists wanting to explore the wonderful Mexico. The endless sunshine and beautiful beaches of Cancun are soothing to our sight. Being said, there are a few petty crimes in the city, and it is far away from violent crimes. There are a few top safety measures for travelling to Cancun, which you can follow.

1. Thoroughly Research about your Destination 

Thoroughly Research about your Destination

The first step for having a safe trip to Cacun is thoroughly researching your destination, to know the safety and security situation of the city. When you put in some work, you will definitely get a clear picture of what areas are safe and what areas are dangerous, you can plan accordingly, and avoid visiting areas that may be harmful to your existence.

2. Stay in a Safe and Secure Area, Hotel, or a Resort

Stay in a safe and secure Area, Hotel, or a Resort

Whenever you are looking for accommodations, make sure they are frequently visited and aren’t located in isolated areas, opt for hotels or resorts that are in safe areas. You can also choose the hotel zone in Cancun to stay during your trip, as they are generally considered to be the safest place to stay in the exotic city. 

3. Use your instincts and be Aware of Your Surroundings

If, at all, you are exploring places that are less travelled, isolated, or prone to petty crimes such as theft, pickpocketing, etc. ensure to be aware of your surroundings. Use your instincts and if you feel uncomfortable or insecure around, leave as soon as you can, inform the authorities, or contact the people nearby to seek immediate help. 

4. Use Only Licensed Transportation and not Otherwise

Use only licensed Transportation and not otherwise

If you don’t choose to drive yourself, make sure to only use licensed transportation and not otherwise. Agree on the fare price before getting into the vehicle and avoid unmarked or unofficial taxis. You are more vulnerable to crimes like theft and kidnapping, if you choose unofficial transportation to explore the city of Cancun. 

5. Keep your Essentials in a Safe and Sound Place

This is one of the crucial safety measures to follow when you are exploring Cancun, as theft is one of the most common crimes in the city, carrying large sums of cash, wearing expensive jewellery, and taking your essentials with you makes you vulnerable to theft. So, whenever you are leaving your hotel or resort, use the hotel safe to keep your valuables safe.

6. Learn Basic Spanish, if required 

The locals of Cancun speak Spanish, which means if you want to get more information from the people residing in the city, you can learn a bit of Spanish to communicate with them. It will help you navigate the city properly and will help you learn the do’s and don’ts for the same. So, if you can, try to be as friendly as you can with the locals but do not indicate anything. 

Mistakes To Avoid in Cancun

Every coin has two sides, considering the phrase, Cancun too has two sides. Some of the areas in Cancun are worth a visit, while the others are worth avoiding at all costs. So, clearly depending on how safe our visitors want to be in their trip to the exotic paradise, we are providing you with a list of some mistakes which you need to avoid, at all costs.

  • Do not exchange money right after you arrive at Cancun airport, as the price offered for your currency is relatively less than favourable. 
  • Avoid booking your reservation far away from the action in Cancun, you can also use the map feature to book nearby the centre.
  • Don’t fall for the enormous crowd of taxis present at the Cancun Airport, to avoid starting your exploration with a hefty taxi bill.
  • Don’t buy everything at a listed price, always negotiate to avoid giving away more money than it is required. 
  • Avoid drinking unfiltered water which may end up upsetting your stomach. It’s always a good idea to stick with bottled water.
  • Don’t get scammed when booking a day trip to explore Cancun, avoid booking from the representatives who try hard to get you a deal.
  • Avoid visiting during national holidays, such as Christmas or New Year’s, visit during the spring break to make a huge difference on your budget. 
  • Pack for both daytime and nighttime activities, it’s always a good idea to pack a light jumper or a sweater for night visits to locations.
  • Don’t ever think that all of Cancun’s surroundings are safe, they are not. Several areas in Cancun city are troublesome to the visitors.

Safe Locations in Cancun

Cancun is a relatively safe tourist destination and millions of visitors choose to travel to Cancun, Mexico to experience its overwhelming beauty and outstanding activities. Here are some of the safe locations in Cancun that are popular among the tourists. 

1. Zona Hotelera – A home to Exclusive Resorts

Zona Hotelera- A home to exclusive resorts

Undoubtedly, Cancun’s Zona Hotelera is renowned for its upscale resorts, hotels, and eateries. Some of Cancun’s most opulent and premium lodgings can be found in this region, which is a lengthy strip of land that runs down the shore. The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriot, Hyatt Zilara, and many other well-known resorts can be found in the Zona Hotelera.

The Zona Hotelera is renowned for having a thriving nightlife with a wide variety of bars and clubs that welcome both locals and visitors. Many activities are available in the region, such as golfing, shopping, and visiting cultural sites like the Maya Cancun Museum. 

2. El Centro- The Largest City in Imperial Valley 

The downtown area of Cancun, El Centro, is the largest imperial valley, considered to be a safe location. It is a bustling area with plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants, as well as cultural attractions like the Cancun Museum of art. The visitors can enjoy everything El Centro has to offer. 

The modern city is a popular destination for exploring the dunes and driving buggies. Apart from that, the visitors can experience recreational activities and enjoy the calm and serene environment of the area. Also, if you are not planning to leave the city lifestyle, it is a good place to reside. 

3. La Isla Shopping Village- Souvenir shops and Boutiques Hub 

 La Isla Shopping Village- Souvenir shops and boutiques hub

La Isla Shopping Village is an outdoor mall which is located in the Zona Hotelera, being located in a popular destination, it has become a popular spot for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The mall is vividly sized for the shoppers alike, and is a great place to walk around at night or on a cloudy day. 

So, if you want to enjoy the top-notch food and beverages, buy from world-famous brands, stop at famous boutiques and shops, La Isla Shopping Village is a great place to spend your time at. Once you are inside the mall, all you will be confused with is, what to buy and what not, so choose wisely. 

4. Puerto Cancun- The sleek outdoor mall

Puerto Cancun is the newer area of Cancun that’s becoming rapidly popular among the tourists and locals as well, all thanks to its stunning views of the Caribbean sea. Whether you want to experience the city like a tourist or just follow the locals, you can check out this place for a heart-warming experience. 

The sleek outdoor mall is popularly known amongst the visitors for its marinas, luxury homes, and golf course. Apart from that the shopping hub also features some famous international brands such as Zara and Sephora, along with an upscale food court featuring its own bars and restaurants. 

5. Playa Delfines- The Dolphin Beach 

The less-trafficked beach, Delfines is a hidden gem located 10 miles south of Cancun, which offers a wide expanse of clear turquoise waters and soft sands. The visitors can spot dolphins diving in the water at this unspoiled beach which is much quieter than other famous beaches in Cancun city. 

Not only will you get to experience the dolphins diving and playing in the water, but if you keep a close eye, you can also spot some majestic creatures, which you could never imagine. You’re also likely to see native iguanas lounging and exploring on the shores of Delfines and wild birds at the Delfines beach. 

Is Cancun safe to Travel for Women?

Cancun is a safe place to visit. Amidst rumors, figures suggest otherwise, approximately 2.40 million passengers visit this town of Mexico. The co-existence of the vibrant culture and the hospitability of the local is an assurance to the safety. However, basic cautions should never be ignored by travelers as some threats shall always remain at every destination.

However, like any other city, Cancun has its drawbacks. So, here are a few precautions which you can take into account, in order to ensure your safety. Whether you are a travel savvy mom or a single woman, who loves to explore numerous destinations, collect unforgettable memories, and never stop travelling the world, Cancun is the place for you.

1. Avoid walking alone at nights, particularly in less-crowded or isolated areas. 

2. Stick to well-lit cities, busy streets, and choose frequented accommodations.

3. Use officially registered taxis to avoid scams, and other petty crimes in the area.

4. Dress as modestly as you can, keeping in mind the culture you are surrounded with. 

5. Don’t leave your drinks unattended and don’t accept drinks from strangers at all costs.

6. Avoid flashing expensive items like jewellery, large sums of cash, and other valuables. 

7. Be aware when interacting with strangers, especially the ones who try to be over friendly. 

Overall, Cancun is a relatively safe city of tourists, wanting to see some part of Mexico. The welcoming city is humble to its female visitors, but it’s your utmost responsibility to take care of yourself, while you are away. 

How safe is Cancun for Solo Travellers?

For our solo travellers, wondering is it safe to go to Cancun solo? Know that Cancun is considered to be one of the safe cities in Mexico, with zero to no violent crime rate. However, as any other city is prone to petty crimes, so is Cancun. You must exercise caution and be aware of what’s happening around, to keep yourself from theft and pickpocketing. 

Solo travellers should be especially careful when walking alone at night and try to stick to areas which are well-lit and frequented by other people. You can avoid walking in isolated areas and avoid wearing flashy jewels while you are exploring Cancun, as this makes you vulnerable to theft, being cautious while interacting with strangers is another thing to note. 

Choosing safe and secure accommodations, booking transportation from official and registered sites can also save you from scams, and other petty crimes. 

How Safe is the Food of Cancun?

How safe is the Food of Cancun?

The city of Cancun is littered with numerous safe and popular restaurants, which offer multicultural cuisines to its visitors. The food in Cancun is generally safe, and there are many great restaurants and street food vendors to try out. Nevertheless, whenever you are eating out, it becomes important for you to be cautious and practise good food safety habits to avoid any of the potential health issues. 

So, here are some tips and tricks which you can follow to ensure a safe and healthy eating experience in Cancun: 

  • Go with the reputed street food vendors and restaurants, if you are eating out. 
  • Wash off the fruits and vegetables properly before directly jumping to eat them.
  • Avoid eating uncooked, half-cooked, or raw dishes that might upset your stomach.
  • Drink only bottled water, as it’s purified, and can save you from getting severe illness.
  • Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching everywhere and use sanitizers, if needed.

By following these extremely simple tips and tricks, you can ensure a safe experience with the restaurants, bars, and cafes in Cancun. 

How Safe is the Water of Cancun?

It’s generally recommended by the locals and healthcare authorities at Cancun, that the visitors stick to bottled water or purified water and avoid drinking unfiltered water to avoid any health related issues. The tap water in Cancun is not considered as safe because of the bacteria, viruses, and contaminants it consists of. 

The visitors can see that many of the reputed restaurants and eateries have their own water purification systems, so ensure that you question the water source before consuming it. It’s a good idea to avoid adding ice to your drinks, as you are uncertain of the source. 

By following these precautions, you can ensure that you stay healthy and happy during your trip to Cancun. Apart from that, there is nothing as serious as in Cancun, you have to be just a little precautious of petty crimes. 

Bottom Line

In summary, while Cancun is considered to be a safe city for having one of the best travel experiences, it’s always better to practise caution, and be aware of your surroundings, taking necessary steps to keep yourself safe during the trip, Additionally, it is suggested that the tourists drink only filtered water and not consume tap water to avoid health issues. 

On the contrary, Cancun City has got something for everybody, which means you are going to enjoy every second spent at Cancun City, you can explore nearby destinations, try different cuisines, click pictures, and create unforgettable memories. Just be sure to follow the tips to be safe, while you are at Cancun. 

is Cancun Safe? – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is so unique about Cancun City?

Cancun City in Mexico is best known for its snorkelling and diving opportunities, which is why most of the travel enthusiasts who are adventure seekers, love to plan a trip to Cancun, adding more fun to their travelling plans. 

What is the culture of Cancun?

Cancun is just more than sandy beaches, trendy night clubs, and exotic restaurants. The visitors can find some real information about the Mayan Culture and archaeological artefacts at the Museo INAH, which showcases some of the jewellery, skulls, masks, and other things dating back to the 6th century. 

Is the Hotel Zone in Cancun Safe?

Yes, the hotel zone in Cancun is considered to be one of the safest places to visit or plan a stay at. It’s best in the interests of families to be safe and secure.

Is staying in downtown Cancun safe?

Downtown Cancun is a safe area, if you are planning to stay there for a while. However, you will need to be a little more vigilant with your belongings in the area, as it’s more prone to petty crimes such as theft and burglary. 
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