How to Book Emirates with Miles 

Emirates Airlines is one of the renowned airlines for its services. It rewards its passengers with Miles for flying with the airline, its partner airlines, or using services offered by its other collaborators. Emirates customers earn miles by using an  American Express credit card Additionally, they can convert their membership points into miles. There are numerous other ways you can earn miles while spending on some other service by a company that offers miles in return. 

These miles are beneficial for booking flights, hotels, excursions, and many services offered by its partners. The Emirates partners are spread worldwide. You can look at a detailed list of its partners to understand what services you can pay for using the miles. Emirates miles are accepted as a form of payment. It ensures passengers use the airline service more frequently with bookings made via the miles award points, with almost no need to pay using the money stored in bank accounts.

How To Buy An Emirates Ticket Using Skyward Miles? 

How To Buy an Emirates Ticket Using Skyward Miles

Emirates Airlines offers miles award points on all its fare types. The amount of miles earned varies according to the fare type and total distance flown. The same rule applies for its partner airlines that reward its passengers with miles. 

Remember to register as a Skyward member to earn the miles in your account. The miles will keep collecting in your Emirates account. After the miles are enough to buy a flight ticket or any other service, you can use it to book the same. Here we will learn how to book Emirates with miles. 

  • Visit the Emirates Airlines official website or mobile application.
  • Click on the Book tab and go to search flights.
  • On top of the flight search option, there will be Log in to Earn and Spend Emirates miles. 
  • Select the option and log in as a Skyward member.
  • Enter the to and from destinations in the respective boxes. 
  • Also select the dates of arrival, return, or both and the class which you would like to travel in. 
  • Click on ‘Continue’ after filling in all the essential information. 
  • A new page with all the flights available along with the miles required for each flight will reflect on the screen. 
  • Explore available flight options that suit your comfort and miles budget. 
  • Finally, pay using the miles to book your selected flight for the next trip with Emirates. 

Booking Emirates Airlines with miles is not at all difficult. Log in as a Skyward member and enjoy the benefit to spend your miles without paying anything extra from your account. If the price of the flights is costlier than the miles in your account, then you can buy more miles, multiply them or pay using the Cash+Miles option. Read a short brief on both methods in the next segment. 

Tips to Know Before Booking Emirates with Skyward Miles 

Often when you are ready to use your miles, you might find them insufficient in comparison to the price mentioned by the airline to book the ticket. If you relate to this issue, you can use the alternatives suggested.

Cash+Miles: Pay the remaining amount of the original ticket fee via cash. Emirates allows passengers to make a ratio of their payment with the miles first and the rest of the balance with cash. This enables passengers to use their miles and book the flight for a feasible rate with a part of the ticket booked with Skyward miles. 

Buy More Skyward Emirates Miles:  Now you can buy miles at 30 USD rate for 1000 miles. Buy a set of such 1000 miles and finally make a payment using the Emirates miles to book a flight with the airline. 

Multiply Miles: This is the most feasible option when you are looking to book Emirates with miles but you are short of the total miles requirement. It costs 20 USD for 1000 miles to multiply the miles and increase your total balance. You can multiply up to 50,0000 miles. 

Overall Review 

Emirates Airlines offers miles on various services purchased. You can collect the skyward miles as use them to book the flight or other services offered by the airline. The rental property for vacations, American Express cards, and hotels have the best deals for Emirates customers. Always register as a Skyward member to be able to add the miles in your account. Using the miles collected from various sources, you can follow the steps on how to book Emirates with miles for the next flight. Also, you can add the miles directly by buying it for a specified price and using it to book other services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I book a flight with Emirates miles?

Yes, Emirates customers can book the flight using miles as a form of payment. 

How many Emirates miles do you need to book a flight?

The Emirates miles required for booking a flight vary on the ticket type and the membership benefits. Log in to your Skyward account and check the flight prices mentioned in the available list. 

Can I buy my Emirates Skywards miles?

Emirates offers 1000 miles for 30 USD that passengers can buy and increase their total miles balance.

How to Book Emirates with miles when the price is higher than the total miles balance?

Emirates users can pay the remaining balance via cash if the miles are less to pay the amount required to book a flight.
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