Free Inflight Internet Service

Yes, Emirates Airlines offers unlimited WiFi connection to Skywards members for free. Other cabins can have onboard facility in exchange for a fee. Inflight WiFi was initially introduced by the Emirates Airlines worldwide with a $1 plan. Now, the fee begins from 2.99 U.S. Dollars to have an onboard internet connection. Majority of the Emirates flights are equipped with Internet access. The quality and availability is subject to the route and aircraft type. Passengers can use the text-only wifi service or buy the plan for the entire flight. In case you’re a Skyward member then you can enjoy free internet irrespective of the class. 

Now Get Free WiFi for Emirates Skywards Members

Free WiFi for Emirates Skywards Members

There are few passengers who don’t need to buy WiFi at all. The Emirates Skywards members get to use it for free irrespective to the seating classes. There are Silver, Gold and Platinum categories in the membership. The Platinum Skyward members get free Emirates WiFi service in all cabins. Whereas, the others can enjoy the benefits of free internet access in specific cabins only. If you were thinking: Does Emirates Business class have free WiFi?, then the answer is yes but for only limited passengers. Not every passenger of business class is subject to free wifi access. You will have to purchase the wifi for an additional fee. 

Emirates Inflight Wi-Fi Development 

Emirates Airlines is always leading when it comes to inflight Wi-Fi developments. When it first introduced the inflight WiFi service, the high number of users impacted the internet speed. Ever since, the airline modernized the service to offer good quality internet connection. At present, there are three basic plans offered to the passengers which are based on different use purposes. You can buy the access just to chat on whatsapp and other social media platforms. Whereas, for other purposes you can buy an entire journey plan. Check how much Emirates WiFi will cost and then buy accordingly. Emirates WiFi speed is fairly good. However, the limited bandwidth of the airline does not offer fast streaming Internet access. You can only have WiFi access for browsing and chatting. But for streaming the internet plan is not available.

How to Buy Emirates Onboard Wi-Fi Plan?

Emirates Passengers can enjoy WiFi access while flying with the airline. It offers internet connection for different uses. Once you board the plane, simply login in with your booking code to enable the internet service.

  • After takeoff, turn on the WiFi and connect to the OnAir Wi-Fi.
  • Login with your booking code
  • Select the plan according to the usage. 
  • Make online payment.

Cost of Emirates Inflight WiFi Service

The cost of Emirates Inflight WiFi service is subjected to total distance and the internet speed. Check the benefits of each internet plan offered by airline then choose to pay for the one you prefer. Nowadays, you can buy the onboard internet plan after boarding the flight. Follow a bunch of easy steps to connect to Emirates  WiFi in the flight. Use credit cards, digital wallets, or cash as a form of payment for the service. The following are Emirates Airlines WiFi Plans:

Cost of PlanWi-Fi Plan Description
USD 2.99 ‑ USD 5.99
(changes according to flight duration)
Passengers can only text using this plan. Chat via WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line or Viber.
USD 9.99‑ USD 19.99Internet connection for the entire flight duration.
USD 9.99Usable for only 30 minutes. 

Emirates Airlines Contact Information

Working Hours24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Emirates Business Class have free WiFi? 

Free WiFi on Emirates Business Class is for Skywards members.

Does Emirates Economy Class have WiFi?

Emirates is available in all cabins on the majority of the flights. You can check the flight details for final confirmation.

Does Emirates have wifi on international flights?

Yes, Emirates has WiFi on almost all flights including national and international.

Is there WiFi on Emirates flights?

Emirates offers WiFi on board for passengers to stay connected with the digital world.

Does Emirates A380 have WiFi? 

Yes, Emirates Passengers can access internet wifi on its A380 aircraft.

Does Emirates Business Class have WiFi?

Yes, Emirates offers wifi in all travel classes including Economic to higher cabins like Business.

Do I need the Emirates App to use WiFi?

No, there is no need to open the Emirates App to access the internet connection.

How fast is Emirates WiFi?

The speed of Emirates WiFi is quite good for light browsing.

Does Emirates WiFi work during the whole flight?

Emirates WiFi is active during most of the flight but can be inaccessible due to various factors.

 Does Emirates have free Wifi?

Yes, the Wifi connection is free for Emirates Skywards Members.

Which Emirates flights have WiFi?

The entire fleet of Emirates Airlines is equipped with inflight internet connection.
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