How to Cancel Emirates Flight

Emirates cancel flight through the ‘manage booking’ option for passengers facing unforeseen conditions. The airline provides flexible and hassle-free options to passengers in critical situations through the Emirates Flight Cancellation Policy. Travelers must know the attached rules & guidelines since flight cancellation is the most common aspect of planning a trip. It can happen to anyone thus, one must know the steps on how to cancel Emirates flight online. The passengers are instructed to follow the rules and instructions described on this page to cancel Emirate Flight.

Booking a journey with Emirates is itself a memorable experience as the airline is ranked the 4th largest in the UAE. The airline connects passengers to more than 150 destinations across 83 countries and six continents. With flying over 3000 flights every seven days, there are multiple scenarios when passengers request to cancel Emirates flight. So, if you are booking your next ticket with the Middle East’s renowned airline then you must check its various policies, especially Emirates 24 hour Cancellation Policy. Scroll further to know more. 

Emirates Cancellation Policy

Emirates Cancellation Policy

Emirates Cancellation Policy lays out rules to be followed when a passenger decides to drop off their itinerary. The policy is highly influenced by the nature of the purchased ticket, booked destination, and the Emirates Flight Cancellation request time window. The cancellation of a ticket is proceeded depending upon the aforementioned factors. Initially, the passengers are allowed to cancel their ticket for free as defined in Emirates 24-hour Cancellation Policy. However, depending on the situation the passenger may have to face a cancellation penalty. The Emirates Cancellation Charges vary according to the chosen destination and fare type. Whether a ticket is refundable or canceled before/after 24 hours booking window, decides the Emirates Cancellation Fee. Check the following important points on the cancellation policy of Emirates. 

Emirates 24-Hour Cancellation Policy 

Emirates 24-Hour Cancellation Policy States that passengers can cancel Emirates flights for free within 24 hours after reservation. Mind you, this policy applies to flights originating from the United States only. In addition, to take advantage of  Emirates 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, the booking should be done at least seven days or more prior to the scheduled departure. Afterward, the ticket amount is fully refunded to the original source of payment. The refund will then be initiated within seven days of submitting the refund form. The airline is not liable to refund for purchased inflight services or hotel/car reservations. Under this risk-free policy, passengers can cancel Emirates flights without stressing. After the 24-hour booking window, the airline levies Emirates Cancellation Charges on the passengers.

Emirates Flight Cancellation of Refundable Fares

Emirates Flight Cancellation of Refundable Fares

A passenger cancels Emirates refundable ticket and requests a full refund by filling out the refund form. The form can be accessed from the official website. In case the Emirates Cancellation Fee is applicable then the amount will be deducted from the total cost and the remaining is transferred to the passengers. 

Emirates Ticket Cancellation Policy for Non-refundable Fares

Emirates Ticket Cancellation Policy for Non-refundable Fares is rather different. Such fares are not entitled to request for refund on ticket cancellations. Passengers are advised to take advantage of Emirates 24 Hour Cancellation Policy in case of emergencies. The amount is not refunded in cash, rather it is converted into points that can be used for future travel. Passengers can also modify itinerary details if minute changes are required, read How to Change Date in Emirates Flight.

How to Cancel Emirates Flight Online?

Travelers can cancel Emirates flight online by visiting the official website. Make sure to follow these steps once you are on the homepage

  • Navigate the homepage and click on the Manage Booking option.
  • Enter the last name and booking reference number then click on the “Manage Booking” button.
  • Now, select the flight you want to cancel. 
  • Submit the refund form by providing all the required information.
  • Complete the Emirates Flight Cancellation procedure. 
  • The refund will be initiated within seven days of submitting the refund form, if eligible.

Cancel Emirates Flight Over the Phone

Cancel Emirates Flight Over the Phone

Emirates is a good airline that offers its customers flexible choices for every condition. Passengers also have the option to cancel Emirates Flight over the phone by contacting customer care service. Keep your booking reference number ready before connecting with the customer care agent. Afterward, put forward your request for Emirates Flight Cancellation. You will be informed regarding the cancellation charges, if applicable. Finally, a confirmation email will be sent to you regarding the flight. Travelers can find the contact number on the official website by clicking on the “Help and Contact” option.

Emirates Cancellation Fee

Emirates Cancellation Fee

Emirates Cancellation Charges are applied on flights canceled after the 24-hour reservation requirement. The fee varies according to the nature of the purchased ticket and the selected destination. In addition, the Emirates Cancellation Fee is levied on each booking. So, the charges are applied per head of the traveling group. 

Flex Plus is the most expensive and flexible ticket on the airline. According to the Emirates Cancellation Policy, the Flex Plus fare can be canceled free of cost with a full refund. On the other hand, special fares are non-refundable, non-upgradable, and may levy heft cancellation charges. The airline has not specified the Emirates Cancellation Fee, but you can take an idea from the table below:

Fare TypeEconomyBusinessFirst
Saver FareUSD 300USD 400
Flex FareUSD 200Canceled before departure – USD 400

After departure – USD 1000
USD 400

What if Cancel Emirates Flight?

If Emirates Cancel Flight then passengers are entitled to certain benefits but it is required that the passenger is eligible. The following are the points that make you eligible for available assistance and benefits in case Emirates Cancel Flight:

  • The canceled flight was to be operated by the Emirates
  • Scheduled to be departed from EU airport.
  • Passengers have the confirmed reservation of the canceled ticket
  • The passenger is not traveling free nor has access to reduced fare that is not generally available to the public
  • The passenger is not precluded from boarding the concerned flight.
  • Completed the check-in deadlines.

Emirates Compensation Policy for Canceled Flights

Emirates Compensation Policy for Canceled Flights

The passenger will be entitled to the following benefits and compensation if flights are canceled by the Emirates. 

  • The airline will re-route the passenger at the earliest opportunity or at a later date.
  • Reimbursement of the fare paid.
  • Meals and refreshments in waiting time and accommodation facility. 
  • The following is the level of compensation
FlightsCompensation Amount
1500 km or lessEUR 250
More than 1500 km & flights within EuropeEUR 400
Remaining FlightsEUR 600
  • The compensation amount is dropped 50% if the passenger is allotted re-routing and the arrival time of the re-routed flight does not exceed the arrival time of the canceled time by
FlightArrival Time Difference
1500 km or lessTwo Hours
More than 1500 km & flights within EuropeThree Hours
Remaining FlightsFour Hours

Emirates Cancellation Policy (FAQs)

Is Emirates giving refund for canceled flights?

Yes, Emirates provides refunds for canceled flights if it aligns with the Emirates Cancellation Policy.

How long will Emirates refund take after canceling a flight?

Once you submit the refund form, Emirates will take 7 to 10 business days to initiate the refund amount. 

Does Emirates have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Yes, Emirates 24 Hour Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel their ticket for free with a full refund. 
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