How to Change Date in Emirates Flight

Change the flight date of the Emirates flight by visiting the website and entering the login details. The airline permits free changes if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. In addition, the booking is made at least seven days prior to the scheduled departure. It is advisable to change the flight date through the original mode of booking. In case, the booking is done with the help of a third party then make sure to contact them for flight changes. Passengers can also change flight destinations. Rebook a flight to fly to a different place in the same region. These rules and conditions are well described under the Emirates Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Emirates Airlines Flight Date Change Policy

Emirates Airlines Flight Change

Passengers can rebook the flight to another date under the Emirates Airlines Flight Date Change Policy. The policy states that passengers have to enter their booking details to make the modifications. One can also change the connecting flight or the cabin class by following the procedure. Passengers can check the change fee during the procedure. In addition, the airline informs about the fare difference, if there is any. There may be scenarios where travelers do not have to pay the change fee. However, it is mandatory to pay for the difference between the original booking and the new flight. Once the changes are made to the flight, it is applied to all passengers in a single booking. So, if you want to change for only one passenger then contact the airline directly for instructions. In some cases, it’s possible that a passenger may have to cancel an Emirates flight.  

Emirates Free 24 Hours Flight Change Policy 

Passengers can change the date of Emirates flights for free within 24 hours of booking. The ticket must be bought at least seven days or more before the departure date to enjoy free flight changes.

Any changes after this period are subject to fine. The Emirates date change fee is subject to ticket type, destination and the time of cancellation. Passengers are allowed to change date, time and destination, under given conditions. Read the next section to learn about such rules.

Emirates Airlines Destination Change

The destination change is allowed by Emirates Airlines on a very few flights. It is subject to the cabin type, the date of booking and departure and the destination. Conditions apply for the permitted destination change according to the date of booking.

You can choose any city or state within the region according to Emirates scheduled routes. If your flight does not include Dubai as a connecting or final destination, then for the new location, you can not book a flight that has Dubai as a part of the destination or layover stop.

Similar rules are for other dates and routes, check Your Ticket Options page on Emirates official website to find out rules for your ticket and destination.

How to Change the Flight Date in Emirates Airlines?

Hopefully, now that you understand the criteria and policy for Emirates change flight date. Now follow these easy steps to make online changes in your flight. 

  • Search for or directly visit the Emirates website. 
  • On the very first page, there will be a Manage Your Bookings Section. 
  • Select the option and enter your credentials to log in to your airline account. 
  • The flight details along with options to add, change or cancel services will appear. 
  • Select the change flight option. 
  • Enter a new date or time and rebook a flight. 
  • The fare difference along with Emirates flight change fee will be shown. 
  • Pay the final price and now your new schedule is booked accordingly. 

You can also call customer support or visit their office to get an Emirates flight date change. The airline allows various mediums to make changes to your plan. Keep the Booking reference number and flight details handy to share with the airline representative. They might ask a few other questions in order to confirm your identity and book a new flight with a date changed. 

Emirates Flight Change Fee

The fee for changing Emirates flights may apply according to the fare condition of the ticket. If the changes are made within the grace period then no penalties are applied. However, passengers may have to pay the Emirates Flight Change Fee for changes made after the 24-hour grace period. The payment of the fee is necessary to complete the flight change procedure. The amount of Emirates Flight Change Fee can vary from USD 75–200 for Economy Class, USD 300–400 for Business Class, and USD 250–400 for First Class.

Emirates Airlines COVID Flight Date Change

Emirates Airlines COVID Flight Date Change

Flights canceled during or because of COVID are eligible for a free flight change. Bookings from 12 October 2021 to 30 April 2022 with departure on or before 31 August 2022 are permitted to book a new flight to the same destination and within the original amount paid. Excess fare charges shall apply but change fees are removed for such special scenarios. The expiry duration for such tickets has been extended to 36 months. 

Emirates Change Flight Date (FAQs)

How to change the Emirates Flight date?

Emirates flight date and time can be change by visiting the Manage Bookings tab or their local offices.

How much does Emirates change flight date cost?

Change fees for Emirate flights can vary according to the destination and time of change. It can range from USD 75 to USD 400.

How can I change My Emirates Flight Without A Change Fee?

Emirates Passengers can change their flights through online and offline mediums offered by the airline.

What is Emirates’ same-day flight change policy?

Emirates Airlines charges the flight changes on the same day according to the fare types.
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