How To Book Eva Air With Miles

To book a flight with miles a passenger need to register on the official website of eva airlines.

If you want to travel through Eva Airlines which is the 9th safest airline in the world but you don’t have enough cash in your wallet to spend on the ticket then do not worry, there is a way through which you can book your tickets without any deduction of money. You can use miles as an option to book your flight tickets. Today in this article we will discuss how to book eva air with miles to purchase flight tickets and in how many ways with some bunch of benefits that are available with it.  

How To Use Miles For Booking Eva Airline Flights?

How To Use Miles For Booking Eva Airline Flights

If you are looking to book Eva Airlines fights then you can go through the steps mentioned below that can help in booking your flight tickets

1. To book your tickets with Eva Airlines you need to first sign in to the official website of Eva Airlines and then have to sign in through your payment id

2. After signing in select the miles as a payment option and select the highest amount of mileage you want to be deducted

3. At last, click the confirm option and book your flight.

How to Earn Miles for Eva Airlines?

How to Earn Miles for Eva Airlines

In order to earn miles one of the important steps that need to be done is the registration in the mileage lands. It is a loyalty program of eva air airlines that helps the passenger in earning miles. You have to register or sign in to the program and can become a member of it. There are some steps mentioned below that can help you to earn miles for Eva Airlines:-

  • All the passengers who will book their flights that are operated by Eva or UNI can earn miles.
  • You can transfer your Citi thankyou points to Eva Airlines to earn miles. The process of transferring the point is a 1:1 ratio which will take 2 business days. 
  • Another way of earning miles is transferring capital one mile to Eva Air. The transferring ratio of capital one mile is 2:15
  • The passenger can also earn miles if he/she travels more from Eva Airlines.
  • If a passenger is traveling on paid revenue tickets can easily earn the miles. It is one of the most direct and reliable ways of earning miles. 

How to Redeem Miles For Eva Airlines?

How To Redeem Miles For Eva Airlines

Before understanding the ways of booking flights with the help of miles you need to first understand how to redeem it to solve your doubt regarding how to book Eva Air with miles.

To proceed further let’s have an overview of the steps given below that can guide you

1. Visit the official website of Eva airlines and log in to your account. 

2. Now go through the prize account that you have earned. 

3. Fill in the excursion details and valid information related to you and go through the excursion list properly before filing the details. 

4. Now proceed with the payment method by choosing the option.  

5. Now click on the number of miles that you want to be redeemed, if in case you have selected any incentive for the number of miles that are going to be redeemed then it will be a part of the deduction process for the ticket. After booking the ticket with miles if you forget or missed paying any number amount for the ticket then you can pay it at the airport with your visa 

Miles And Cash 

Miles And Cash 

The Passengers who want to book their flights through miles but do not have enough to spend on a particular ticket and looking for ways then they can purchase tickets from Eva Airlines’ official website that has some awards on them by either paying through cash or a mix of miles and cash. Still, there is a minimum limit of mileage that needs to be met by the ticket buyer while using miles.  

There are some important points regarding the miles and cash that must be noticed in order to book eva air with miles which are mentioned below

1. If you are booking tickets for BR international flights such as BR/B7 then only you can pay in miles and cash. It is not applicable to others for example codeshare flights and airlines, shuttle bus or train fares.

2. The earned mileage by a passenger will be totally based on the class of the ticket and will be credited to the holder’s “infinity mileage-lands” account.

3. Eva Airlines has a reserved right to change the prices and ticketing terms at any point in time. 

4. A class seat can not enjoy the benefit of miles and cash and eva airlines can bring changes to the applicable seating class. 

5. The passengers who will purchase tickets through online mode can only enjoy the benefits of miles and cash. It can not be used for corporate internet bookings, stopovers, promo codes, happy hours, holiday tickets for students and working people, bank discounts, and multi-city. 

6. Miles and cash can only be used for ticket prices and not for others such as additional service charges, fuel surcharges, tickets, etc. 

7. If there are any unused tickets then a refund will be provided for them. The cash portion will be provided in the form of cash and miles will be provided back to the account from where it has been deducted if the refund will be valid on the date of applying for it. 

FAQs on How to Book Eva air with Miles

How to book flights from Eva airline with miles?

To book a flight with miles, visit the official website of Eva and sign in through your payment id. Then select miles as a payment option and the highest mileage you want to be deducted. At last click on confirm option and book your ticket. 

What is miles and cash?

Miles and cash is a ticket booking option in which either you can pay through miles or you can pay both miles and cash. While booking a ticket the passenger needs to be careful regarding the standard amount of mileage. 

What is the validity of miles?

The validity of miles is 36 months from the day of activity. If you use the miles then it can not be used again. You have to apply again to gain miles. 

How much is 5000 Airmiles worth?

The worth of 5000 Airmiles is equal to 525 dollars. 

Can miles be used to book regional route flights?

No, miles can not be used for regional route flights as they are not applicable to them. 
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