Frontier Baggage Allowance & Fees

Frontier Airlines allow passengers to carry only 1 personal item without paying any additional cost. It is well known for its exceptional air travel facilities under a budget friendly fare including the seat, baggage fare, and cheap meals. Under its baggage fare policies passengers are allowed to board the flight with a personal item for free but Frontier airlines charges for carry-on bags. The baggage fare doesn’t include a carry-on baggage while booking. For information on other baggage fares you can also visit the section “Bag Options” on the official Frontier Airlines website.

Guide for Carry on Luggage Size | Personal Items | Checked Bags

Carry on Luggage Size Personal Items Checked Bags

Every airline specifically defined the baggage sizes so that there will be no confusion while carrying the luggage when flying. Frontier airlines has some specified size and weight limits for free cabin baggage including checked baggage, Frontier personal item size and carry-ons:

Frontier Personal Item Size: Personal items can’t be larger than 14 x 18 x 8 inches (height x width x depth). Personal items must completely fit within the personal item portion of the bag size. A few things that would qualify as personal items are purses, briefcases, kids backpacks, etc!

Carry on Luggage Size: The size restrictions for carry-on bags are 24 x 10 x 16 inches (considering wheels, straps and handles) and they shouldn’t weigh heavier than 35 pounds. Passengers can place Carry-on Bags in the overhead compartment or below the seats. You can think of large backpacks, little duffel bags and wheeled/suitcase bags!

Checked Baggage Allowance: Checked bags shouldn’t measure larger than 62 inches (L x B x H) and its weight shouldn’t be more than 40 pounds. Baggage that is 41 to 59 pounds and 51 to 99 pounds and will incur additional charges. Bags exceeding such limits will have additional charges for overweight bags with separate charges for oversized bags, and bags with weight of up to 100 don’t qualify as free baggage. Also, bags in excess of 110 linear inches are not accepted. Some acceptable items would be large suitcases, sporting equipment and duffel bags.

Make sure that you buy the baggage fares much in advance – Prices are higher at the airport! When you buy any of the Bundles, like WORKS, a checked bag and a carry-on is also included in the same. On buying Frontier Airlines bundle WORKS, or PERKS, passengers become eligible for a carry-on.The pricing for carry-on can vary. For any further information on the Frontier Airlines baggage policy you can visit “Baggage page” on their official website.

Note: These size restrictions are not applicable for Bulkhead seats, therefore, all the carry on luggage size must be checked and need to be kept in the overhead bin while flight take off and landing.

Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Frontier Airlines offer flexible baggage policies to the passengers so that there will be no confusion while travelling. The airline introduced some baggage fees for all baggage categories, weight and size. Check the table below to know Frontier Airlines baggage fees:

Baggage categoryFeeMax WeightMax Size (L x W x H)
Pre-booked carry-on$30-$5535lbs10″ x 16″ x 24″
Gate checked carry-on$6035lbs10″ x 16″ x 24″
First checked bag$30-$5050lbs62″
LugLess carry-on$14-$3925lbsNA
Second checked bag$45-$5550lbs62″
Third(+) checked bag$85-$9550lbs62″
LugLess checked bag$20-$4550lbsNA
Overweight bag+$7551-99lbs62″
Oversized bag+$7550lbs63″-109″
LugLess oversized bag$28-$5575lbsNA

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines released some guidelines to resolve all the doubts in travelers mind. By following these policies, passenger can decide easily about the baggage they want to carry. With Frontier Airlines, passengers can make their travel easy, but they must be careful to avoid paying higher baggage fees at the airport. Additionally, higher than average checked baggage fees, Frontier might charge you for bringing carry-on! Here are some ways for minimising what you’re paying at the airport:

  • According to Frontier Airlines baggage policy, the airline charges up to $60 for bringing a carry-on unless it fits under the seat right at your front. 
  • You can carry a large purse, backpack or a compact rolling suitcase specifically designed for fitting under your seat as a free personal item.
  • When you can’t fit the stuff beneath the seat, you will increase the value of your bags by checking a bag with Frontier rather than paying for overhead carry-on, even though it would be less convenient. 
  • When you check a bag, you know its value much ahead of time. You can use a handheld digital luggage scale for ensuring it weighs below 50 lbs.
  • With the Frontier Airlines (F9), you get a personal item (briefcase, purse, laptop bag) per passenger fee without paying anything extra.
  • Frontier Airlines baggage policy says that carry on baggage doesn’t qualify as a free item.
  • You would need to pay for the carry-on baggage fee while booking.
  • When you automatically bought the ticket, you would have to pay for a carry-on on or while checking-in online within 24-hours of the scheduled flight departure.

How Much Does Frontier Charge for Bags?

Passengers with carry-on bags need to pay some charges and they’ve got no idea about how much does frontier charge for bags. Carry-on prices at Frontier Airlines often fluctuate based on two factors, i.e. your travel date and when you booked the tickets. To maximise your savings, you’ll have to be direct about your needs. 

To get a carry-on baggage at Frontier you need to spend around 30 USD if you bought it from the official Frontier’s website 24 hours prior to the departure. Right after you add bags to the day’s itinerary, prices start hiking invariably. A 30 USD carry-on changes to a $45 carry-on after waiting at the airport kiosk, and it can again increase to 60 USD when you’re checking at the departure gate. 

For adding a checked baggage to your trip itinerary, you’ll need to pay only $25 while booking from Frontier’s official website. It’s best to weigh your bags in advance to make sure that you won’t have to pay heavy penalties per offence. Bags that don’t qualify with the specified size restrictions should check at the gate at a $60 cost. Checking flights with excess baggage means that three or more bags per passenger on Frontier costs around $85 to $95 for a bag. The fee for checking with excess baggage on Frontier is additionally charged to the standard oversized excess Frontier Airlines baggage fees. Bags with weight of up to 99 lbs won’t be acceptable as Frontier checked luggage.


Frontier Airlines charges for carry-on baggage. However, the airline allow passenger to carry a personal item with them inside the cabin without paying any additional cost. Carrying free, if Frontier personal item size will not exceed 14 inches x 18 inches x 8 inches (height x width x depth) bag size and must fit under the seat in front of travelers seat. Passenger can pay the charges for carry-on and checked baggage after which the airline will provide the access to both up to a limit. Carry-on is chargeable on Frontier, but it can be availed for free under the preferential fare “WORKS” bundle. 

For the least possible charges you must measure and weigh your bags correctly. This page helps you know does Frontier Airlines charge for carry on bags or not. Additionally, it will give you all the related information about the charges, baggage allowance, and baggage fees as well. Read the complete details before planning your next trip with Frontier Airlines to avoid any stress or losses. Happy Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are carry on bags free with Frontier?

Frontier Airlines fares only include 1 free personal item to carry. Carry-on bags are not included in the ticket fare. Passenger can add carry-on baggage while booking or after booking by directly visiting the official website’s baggage page or ticket counter at the airport.

Does Frontier really charge for a backpack?

Frontier Airlines allow passengers to carry 1 personal item without any additional cost. This include ladies purse, briefcase, or a backpack that can fit under the seat in front of you. The personal item size must not exceed 14 inches x 18 inches x 8 inches (height x width x depth). 

What is Frontiers carry-on bag policy?

Travelers having carry-on baggage make sure that it must be under 24 x 10 x 16 in size and under 35 pounds in weight. Carry-on bag must be placed under the overhead compartment inside the plane.

What size bag is free on Frontier?

1 Personal item of size 14 inches x 18 inches x 8 inches (height x width x depth) is free on Frontier Airlines. This includes purse, backpack, briefcase, etc. that must fit under the seat in front of passengers.

Does a backpack count as a personal item?

Yes, a backpack is considered as a personal item but it must follow the baggage policy. Backpack must be of 14 inches x 18 inches x 8 inches (height x width x depth) size.

How much is a checked bag on frontier?

Passenger will have to pay between $30 to $55 to book checked baggage through Frontier Airlines official website. The weight and size must not exceed 50 lbs and 62″ (L+W+H) respectively.
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