Does Frontier Airlines Have Wifi?

The popular and affordable U.S.-based budget airline Frontier has established itself as a major player in the aviation industry. With its offered variety of on-demand inflight services, many customers also expect a free Wifi facility. However, in the present day, Frontier Airlines doesn’t offer in-flight Wifi services to its customers. The reason for excluding Wifi from their list of amenities is simple lack of such services and less number of power outlets on the flights ensures better cost savings and the end outcome is that customers can enjoy lengthy air journeys at affordable costs. 

Thus currently Frontier Airlines doesn’t have Wifi on Board. Airline Wifi is a paid service in most airlines. However, on Frontier airlines, customers don’t have the option of availing Wifi either for free or after paying. Thus, irrespective of whether you’re traveling on the economy or premium seats, Frontier airlines doesn’t extend a free Wifi facility. To know more about the list of services offered on Frontier airlines you can check the “special services” section under the travel info drop-down list on the official Frontier Airlines website.

How To Get Wifi On Frontier Airlines? (Complete Guide)

As of now, there are no ways to avail in-flight Wi-Fi on Frontier airlines as the service is not there in the first place. However, to access Wi-Fi internet, passengers can use their cellular networks before takeoff and after landing. While other airlines are promoting comfortable seats, reliable flight times, and services, Frontier solely focuses on one thing i.e. its low flight pricing. The popular ultra-low budget airlines fly with a mission of offering customers affordable flights, but for this purpose, they compromised on the  Wi-Fi service. 

Frontier Airlines states: “Excluding such services (Wi-Fi) and electrical outlets on the flights equals saving more costs, with the customers getting the lowest possible airfares. “Although day by day the expenses to add in-flight Wifi connectivity is getting reduced and more flights are including it, Frontier isn’t planning on including the feature anytime in the near future. 

How to Purchase Wifi On Frontier Airlines?

Does Frontier Airlines Have Wifi

Currently, customers can’t buy inflight Wifi on Frontier airlines as the facility is not available on its flights. However, maybe in the future with the changing needs of air travelers Frontier airlines might introduce Wifi accessibility. Thus, there is no free or paid way to get Wifi on Frontier airlines. 

How Much is Wifi On Frontier Airlines?

As Frontier Airlines don’t have WiFi onboard. Unfortunately, Frontier Airlines doesn’t have in-flight WiFi for their flight paths or planes. Frontier Airline focuses on low pricing for passengers and it does it only when they don’t add any additional in-flight services such as TV, Wifi, and other forms of in-flight entertainment. To be clear about how much is wifi on frontier airlines, we will simply say that there is no Wifi service on Frontier airlines as of now and we don’t know whether they’re going to change that or not. You can check the official Frontier Airlines website to know about all the available in-flight entertainment options. 


With the above info, passengers know how to get wifi on Frontier Airlines. There are many passengers who prefer Wifi and others who won’t mind the absence of in-flight internet and entertainment. However, for short flights, such services can be skipped as customers save on their fares and will reach their destinations right after finishing their short nap. Currently, passengers are guaranteed the cheapest airfares with Frontier flights but for such a low price they would need to compromise on in-flight entertainment options. 

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