Frontier Airlines does not fly to Hawaii at present. The airline only flies to destinations within United States, Central America, and the Caribbean. However, the airline is planning to expand its services to Hawaiian destinations by 2026. With its new Airbus a321 XLR, it plans to expand operations in Hawaii and parts of Europe. The CEO of Frontier also spoke about the airline potential in this region and hinted about route expansion to Honolulu Airport. Does Frontier airlines fly to Hawaii is a frequently asked question by passengers who like the services and want to fly with the airline. If you are also searching answers for the same, then you are at the right page. Since Frontier Airlines does not offer flights to Hawaii, passengers can look out for similar fare alternative airlines.  

Why Doesn’t Frontier Airlines Fly To Hawaii?

Frontier Airlines does not fly to Hawaii because it does not have aircraft that land to the destination without refueling. In addition, there are no feuling station in between continental USA and Hawaii. For this purpose, the airline will first need to add larger aircraft to its fleet which have sufficient fuel efficiency to make it to the destination without refueling. Only then the airline can connect its passengers to Hawaiian destinations. In fact, the airline has made the first step to accomplish this by introducing the new Airbus A321 XLR to its fleet for expanding its operation to Hawaii. The aircraft is known for its long range performance without burning too much fuel. The airline is said to start operating flights to Hawaii by 2024 or in the beginning ot 2026.

Why Doesn’t Frontier Airlines Fly To Hawaii

If you are also looking forward to a budget friendly trip and are searching for Does Frontier Fly to Hawaii, then the answer is No. The details for why and what are the possible alternatives are defined in this content. There are many other popular low cost airlines that you can rely upon to fly to Hawaii. These offer a similar or better set of services with comfortable seating options. If there is another destination in your mind which Frontier Airlines does not cover, you must first look at the route map of its codeshare airline partner to get almost similar fares and services. If the flight is not available for the desired location, then you can look out for alternative options.

How Can I Fly to Hawaii with Frontier Airlines?

How Can I Fly to Hawaii

Currently, Frontier Airlines does not offer any scheduled routes for Hawaii. Hawaiian Airlines is a popular alternative for flying to this region. After acquiring the Airbus A321 XLR, Frontier has given subtle hints about its future plans to add Hawaii to its scheduled routes. 

However, until then, you can fly with various popular airlines who offer flights to many regions of Hawaii, including the Honolulu International Airport. Hawaiian Airlines is the national carrier of the country and offers connectivity between the other states of the U.S. and Hawaii.  It is one of the most favored airlines to fly to this region. The prices might be slightly high as compared to the low cost fares, but it does offer Economy fare options which are affordable and also has a bunch of complimentary facilities to balance the expenses. Still, if you have no additional requirements and are searching for Frontier Airlines alternatives to Hawaii, then you can consider booking other low cost airlines. 

Frontier Airlines Codeshare and Alternative Flights to Hawaii 

Frontier Airlines has an agreement for codeshare flights with Volaris Airlines to offer and cover those destinations which are not part of its routes or network. Unfortunately, Hawaii is not flown by its partner airline also. But there might be other locations that are offered by it, so cross check before searching for alternative flights. 

Moving further, these are the following are the airlines that offer flights to Hawaii. All of these are based out of the United Airlines and offer route connectivity via international and domestic destinations. Depending on the country or departure city, fare prices, facilities required, you can select any of these airline tickets.  Generally, flights are offered to Honolulu Airport which is also known as the main entrance in the state. While other regions are also covered. The list of each airline and the places it flies to in Hawaii are mentioned in the table below. 

AirlineHawaiian Regions and Airports 
Hawaiian AirlinesKAUA’I
HAWAI’I Island
AeromexicoHonolulu ( HI HNL)
Delta AirlinesITO
Hilo, HI
Honolulu, HI
Kahului, HI
Kapalua, HI
Kona, HI
Lihue, HI
United AirlinesHonolulu, HI, US (HNL)
Kahului, HI, US (OGG)
Kona, HI, US (KOA)
Lihue, HI, US (LIH)
Hilo, HI, US (ITO
Alaska AirlinesHonolulu, HI (HNL-Honolulu Intl.)
Kahului, HI (OGG-Kahului/Maui)
Kailua, HI (KOA-Keahole)
Kona, HI (KOA-Keahole)
Lihue, HI (LIH-Lihue/Kauai)
Maui, HI (OGG-Kahului/Maui)
Hana, HI (HNM-Hana)
Hilo, HI (ITO-Hilo Intl.)
Hoolehua, HI (MKK-Molokai)
Kalaupapa, HI (LUP-Kalaupapa)

Gentle Reminder, the destinations might slightly change according to the location of departure and arrival. However, these are the places of Hawaii flown by various alternatives of Frontier Airlines.

FAQs on Does Frontier Fly to Hawaii?

Does Frontier airline go to Hawaii?

Currently, Frontier Airlines does not fly to Hawaii as of now.

How can I fly to Hawaii with Frontier Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines is one good alternative to fly to Hawaii. There are no current schedules available by Frontier Airlines. 

Where does Frontier Airlines fly in Hawaii?

Frontier Airlines has no scheduled flights to Hawaii through any route. You can book other low cost airlines. 

Does Frontier Airlines fly to Hawaii via a specific route?

In 2023, Frontier Airlines does not offer any direct flights to Hawaii but it is in the planning to fly here in the near future via its Airbus A321XLR.
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