Hawaiian Airlines at JFK

Hawaiian Airlines has shifted to Terminal 4 at JFK Airport. Up till 2020, the airlines used to operate from terminal 5. With the new transfer to terminal 4, Hawaiian airlines passengers will be able to enjoy the maximum number of services located at the largest terminal of JFK Airport. 

Probably, the airlines shifted to terminal 4 to offer a much wider variety of services. Whereas, the essential services like the Hawaiian Airlines check-in and the ground transportation  are also present at the terminal 4 of JFK Airport

Hawaiian Passengers enjoy non- stop flights from New York to Hawaii and vice- versa. The airline has been serving in the United States for the last 19 years. New York being the land of festivals and occasions is fully occupied with tourists throughout the year. Hawaiian Airlines offers its flights to and from New York, contributing to the heavy traffic of the JFK Airport. While, the major query of what terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at JFK has been covered in the first passage.  Moving further, let’s read in detail about terminal 4 and the services offered by Hawaiian Airlines. 

Overview of Hawaiian Airlines JFK Airport 

Hawaiian Airlines JFK Airport

The Hawaiian Airlines use Terminal 4 of JFK Airport. There are four levels at this terminal. In terms of size, Hawaiian Airlines Terminal 4 is the biggest that is equipped with more than 21 food and beverages options. There are other shops and stores situated at JFK Airport. Before discussing the shops and amenities in detail, let us look forward to the check-in and facilities offered by Hawaiian Airlines. 

There is no predetermined space specified for services offered by Hawaiian Airlines. Yet, at the JFK airport, the sign boards are installed to guide where the services are located. After clearing the security, Hawaiian Passengers can move ahead to the check-in, and further to the baggage drop, finally finishing all the formalities to board the plane.  Apart from connecting flights with jetBlue Airlines, all departures and arrivals of Hawaiian Airlines are reserved to take place at Terminal 4 of JFK Airport.

Hawaiian Passengers will have to travel from terminal 4 to 5 for boarding the connecting flights with jetBlue Airlines. You can catch an Air Train or Airport bus to move to terminal 5 of JFK. Re – clearing the TSA or security line is required to enter terminal 5. Remember, this is only for the code-share flight passengers. Whereas, for direct flights with Hawaiian Airlines, move straight ahead to Terminal 4,JFK. 

Hawaiian Airlines Terminal JFK Services and Amenities 

Hawaiian Airlines Terminal JFK Services and Amenities 

Terminal JFK Hawaiian Airlines uses the most number of shops, facilities and amenities available. The travelers soon visiting terminal 4 will  encounter a wide variety of services and in much higher quantity as compared to the other terminals. Refer to the list below for the services present at Hawaiian Terminal JFK. 

Facilities Location 
5th & Sunset Gate 27
Air India Lounge Gate  A5
Bag Storage by Smart Carte  Terminal 4, 718-916-8963
Baggage Storage Arrivals Hall – Accommodations Plus International – (718) 751-4020
Bento Sushi Gate B 26 
Bijoux Terner Retail Hall East 
Blue Point Brewery Close to Gate 33
Blue Smoke on the Road B 37 
Bluwire Gate  A2 and B24 
Brooks Brothers Retail Hall west 
Buffalo Wild Wings Gate B 26 
DFS Duty Free Watches and Accessories Near Main Store 
DFS Beauty Retail Main Hall Store 
Swarovski Retail Hall West 
The Metropolitan Museum of Art StoreRetail Hall East 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Which terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at JFK? 

Hawaiian Airlines has transferred its services from terminal 5 to terminal 4 at JFK Airport. 

What is the flight code for Hawaiian Airlines? 

HA is the flight code for Hawaiian Airlines.

How many airlines use Terminal 4 of JFK Airport? 

There are more than 24 airlines operating from Terminal 4, JFK Airport. The airlines keep changing the terminal due to operational concerns or the need to expand services. So, the number of airlines using terminal 4 is never fixed.

Is there a Hawaiian Airline lounge at John F. Kennedy Airport? 

There is no lounge service offered by Hawaiian Airlines at JFK Airport, New York
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