What Terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at PHX

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is a civil-military public airport serving national and international airlines. It is one of the primary airports of Maricopa County, Arizona in the United States. 

People searching for what terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at PHX have landed on the right page. This content offers you well-detailed answers to your query on the terminal and additional facilities. Scroll down to know the Hawaiian Airlines and its ticket counters, baggage, and check-in like services location at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. 

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Details

Airport NamePhoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
Address3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA
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Everything You Need To Know About Hawaiian Airlines PHX Airport 

Everything you need to Know About Hawaiian Airlines PHX Airport 

Hawaiian Airlines uses Terminal 3 at PHX or Sky Harbor International Airport.  The departures and arrivals are also scheduled at this terminal. The passengers must arrive early, up to 2 hours prior to the departure time to finish all necessary formalities and board the flight. 

Hawaiian Airlines PHX terminal is subdivided into four floors or levels. Each offer dedicated services and the airline’s counters are also present on any of these. Scroll down to know what and where are the facilities at each level of  PHX Hawaiian Airlines terminal. 

Level 1 of PHX Hawaiian Airlines Terminal 

At Level 1 of PHX terminal 3, passengers will find the Baggage and the ticketing counters. Hawaiian Airlines passengers can drop off or pick up their bags from the airline-specific baggage counter. Remember to pack things according to Hawaiian Airlines policy as during the screening process, invalid items are asked to remove which leads to unpacking and time wastage. Also, passengers can check in from the ticket counter present at this terminal. 

Sky Harbor Hawaiian Terminal, Level 2 

Security Checkpoint is present at level 2 of terminal 3 which is used by Hawaiian Airlines. The departures and arrivals might also be scheduled from here, anywhere between gates E1-E10. View the details on the boarding pass for final confirmation. The announcement at the airport also informs the passengers where to move ahead in order to board their Hawaiian Airline flight. 

Level 4 of PHX or Phoenix Hawaiian Terminal 

Now, there is a direct level 4 at this Hawaiian Phoenix terminal. Number 3 floor is missing due to unknown reasons. However, the information essential for us is that it is dedicated to shops and food outlets. Use escalators or elevators to reach here. Shop from renowned brands or buy something to munch or calm your hunger at Level 4 of Terminal 3. 

Sky Train at Level 5 of Phoenix Hawaiian Terminal 

SkyTrain is a transportation Facility that drives travelers to various stops within and outside the airport. It is an automated vehicle that operates 24 hours a day and arrives at each stop after every 5-8 minutes. It transports to the following stations. 

  • Valley Metro Rail
  • Anywhere between the terminals
  • 24th PHX Street Train station
  • Rental Car Center
  • 44th Washington Streets
  • East Economy Parking Area

Parking Facility at PHX Airport 

Parking Facility at PHX Airport 

There are a variety of Parking options at PHX Airport

 Some are specific to the terminal, reducing the distance between both. While Valet to Economy parking areas are also available for passengers and those visiting to pick up or drop off someone are also available. The prices also vary as per the total duration of service and the type of parking area used. As each garage has its own features. More facilities lead to higher prices.

Hawaiian Airlines passengers can use the terminal 3 parking which has a connected pathway to it. The current price for it is 4 Dollars for the first hour. Then, an additional $2 per 30 minutes. Whereas, the daily or 24-hour rate for Hawaiian PHX terminal 3 parking is 30 Dollars. 

Overview of PHX Airport Terminal 3


 The location for what terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at PHX Airport is given in the above content. Use it to not just to find the terminal details but the extra services that you will be using during your next visit to the airport. There is a SkyTrain at level 5 of the Hawaiian Airlines PHX terminal that will drop you to the parking area and a few other stops. Check each detail carefully to make your next visit at the airport less time-consuming and much more comfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is Hawaiian Airlines at PHX airport?

Hawaiian Airlines operations are scheduled at Terminal 3 of the PHX Airport. 

How many terminals are at Sky Harbor Airport?

There are two major terminals at Sky Harbor International Airport.

What is Hawaiian Airlines’ flight code?

HAL is Hawaiian Airlines’ flight code.

What is the full form for PHX Airport?

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the full form for PHX Airport.
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