Is Iberia Airlines Safe

Iberia Airlines is a safe airline. It has improved its protocols and operations to a large extent ensuring passengers’ safety. It’s last recorded major accident was in 2007. While most discussed and debated incident in Iberia’s history was the Flight 610 crash in 1985 which caused the death of 148 people.

It is completely true that the Iberia accident and safety record is not the best. It has witnessed one of the most severe accidents leading to fatalities. However, the airline has equally worked to rectify the problem and plan a much safer landing. The results are also significant in a way that the customer flight experience in terms of safety has increased in a positive sense. 

While this statement is merely a silver line. In order to justify is Iberia Airlines safe, let’s review its past records, present performance,  International certifications, and many essential safety criteria. 

In-Depth Analysis and Key Indicators of Iberia Airlines Safety

In-Depth Analysis and Key Indicators of Iberia Airlines Safety

In recent times, it can be stated that it is safe to fly with Iberia Airlines. It has overcome the past of repeated accidents. It was the time of early mid and late 90s. As discussed, the last major accident was recorded in 2007. But your doubts considering the history of Iberia are completely valid. 

Now, not only Iberia but overall aviation safety standards have been revised, updated and improved for a better cause. Iberia Airlines is now one of the oldest and most experienced airlines in the industry. Safe landings and departures are an assurance as per the customer feedback and ratings. Other points that are essential to evaluate the safety standards and overall performance are discussed below. 

IATA Certification

Iberia Airlines is an IATA-certified airline. The International Air Transportation Association audits an airline’s performance to certify it as a safe airline. It matters a lot as the organization is internationally recognized and has strict judging criteria. ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) prepared guidelines are used as a base to evaluate the airline’s safety commitment. 

Fortunately, Iberia Airlines successfully qualifies for the IATA standards and hence can be termed as safe to fly. This audit and membership is valid for two years. Re-evaluation occurs after this duration in order to offer the concerned passengers real-time analysis of airline safety status. 

Follows EASA Regulations and Guidelines 

EASA or European Union Aviation Safety Agency in Spain regulates and guides Iberia Airlines on how to assure a safe air journey. The organization not only sets the protocols but also evaluates, certifies, and analyses the regional airline’s safety standards.

 As a national carrier of Spain, Iberia Airlines’ performance is controlled and maintained by the organization in many ways. 

One of the many reasons why Iberia has an unstable history of safety with a high number of accidents is due to the lack of guidance and regulation. The airline has been operating for almost 96 years. While EASA came into action in 2003. Apparently, the airline’s last major accident was also witnessed in 2007. A correlation between the two is clearly visible somewhere. However, there are tons of other factors that led to those fatalities and were later tried to rectify with better training and implication. 

Iberia Airlines Fleet and Performance

Iberia Airlines fleet includes a long list of Airbus series and a few Boeing aircrafts. One of the latest and modern aircrafts like Airbus A330-200 that are efficient and offer more leg space and convenience. Also, these minimize air journey issues like jet lag, noise disturbance, and others. 

Since, the airline is IATA certified and the organization uses the aircraft built, assembling as 

a factor to judge the airline performance. It is clear that the Iberia Airlines fleet is well-equipped to ensure a safe landing for its passengers. 

Iberia COVID and Safe Hygiene Policy

Iberia COVID and Safe Hygiene Policy

Iberia Airlines is a 4-star rated airline. It has followed EASA guidelines during COVID to maintain appropriate behavior for reducing the chances of the virus spreading and passengers falling sick. From compulsory wearing masks, regular testing, aircraft cleaning, and sanitization to using HEPA filters for clear and safe air in the cabin. 

Iberia Aircrafts has installed a HEPA filter that enables renewed air after every 3 minutes. This was a measure to ensure a safe onboard atmosphere during the COVID. 

Iberia Airlines Crew and Staff Performance

Iberia Airlines has an experienced crew that is skilled to handle unpredictable risks during the journey. Various factors occur that are the root cause of major accidents. However, if the pilots are efficient to take the best and fastest steps and take hold of the situation, then the accident can be easily ignored. 

For this, not just the aircraft’s in-built quality but the crew alone should be trained to ensure proper handling of such situations without the presence of advanced technology. This is again an important IATA criterion that airlines must qualify for before being termed as safe.

Overview of Iberia Airlines

AddressMadrid, Spain


Iberia Airlines implies a set of practices to ensure a safe flight for its passengers and crew. Its past accidents raise questions if or not is Iberia airlines safe. After years of flying, it has gained the experience to ensure lesser accidents and fatalities. While this would be purely a lie if someone can guarantee 100% safety on any airline or even any type of journey. But overall, with current ratings, improved safety records, IATA certification, and better performance, Iberia can be justified as a safe and trustworthy airline. 

FAQs on is Iberia a Safe Airline?

Is it safe to fly with Iberia? 

Iberia Airlines is surely a safe airline to fly which follows EASA regulations and is IATA certified. 

What is Iberia Airlines’ fleet size? 

Iberia Airlines has 82 aircrafts. The majority of which is the Airbus series. 

Which is the most fatal accident of Iberia Airlines? 

As of now, the Flight 610 crash that led to 148 deaths is known as the most fatal accident of Iberia Airlines. 
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