What Terminal Is Iberia At JFK?

Iberia Airlines is based out of Spain. Its headquarters are located in Madrid-Barajas. The airline flies destinations across the globe. It operates from various airports to serve its passengers.

When flying to and from New York, it relies on John F. Kennedy Airport. This airport occupies acres of land and is a hub to 90 plus airlines. The same terminals are used by many airlines leading to confusion as to what terminal is Iberia at JFK. That is why this content only focuses on details of locations where Iberia services are situated. Scroll down to keep reading to know about the exact space where the Iberia services are situated. 

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Contact Details

AirportJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
Airport CodeJFK
JFK Airport AddressJohn F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, New York, United States,
Facebook PageURL
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Where Can You Find Iberia Services at JFK Airport?

Iberia Airlines use terminal 8 at John F. Kennedy Airport. The below points guide about what level and gates you should visit to reach the offices or stations of the Iberia Airlines. 

Screenshot these in your mind before the scheduled day of flight to create a mini map in your head and walk through the airport passage like a pro- traveler. 

Iberia Airlines Check-in 

The airline’s check-In is situated at the level 3 of terminal 8 of Iberia JFK Airport. The board indicating the services must be present to help the passengers locate it easily. 

Iberia Airlines Baggage Service 

Iberia Airlines’ Passengers should visit the same terminal to claim their bag. This service is even located at JFK terminal 8 for Iberia. 

Iberia Airlines Lounge 

There are no confirmed specifications about the Iberia Airlines lounge. However, the airline offers lounges for its passengers. That is why it is advised that you should check the level 4  of terminal 8 where the lounges of different airlines are situated at the Iberia JFK Terminal. 

The above few points convey details and locations of where the services offered by Iberia Airlines are situated. The terminal is the same for all the above mentioned services. Only the level at which it is different and has been clearly described accordingly. 

What Services JFK Airport Offers? 

The JFK Airport witnesses huge crowds on a daily basis. This crowd increases at a massive rate during the festive seasons. Moreover, New York is booked with an array of events that keep the airport busy even on regular days. So, to offer a quality experience to its audience, the airport is flooded with high brand quality shops, exclusive restaurants and cafes that are loved worldwide. It ensures that it serves its diverse audience with the best. Take a glimpse at some of the shops and restaurants where you can escape for a while before boarding the plane.

  • DFS Duty Free Retail Mall
  • DFS Duty Free Int’l Shops 
  • iS Style 
  • is Duty Free
  • Brooks Brothers 
  • Bvlgari 
  • Coach 
  • Cartier 
  • 5th & the Sunset 
  • Bijoux Terner 
  • Brighton Collectibles 
  • Corsa Collections 
  • Fresh Flowers (kiosk)
  • Best Buy Automated Retail 
  • Bluwire 
  • Cell Phone Purchase 
  • InMotion Entertainment
  • Internet Cafe/Cell Phone 
  • Harley Davidson 
  • Hermes Center Boutique 

 The list goes on of the shops and stores open at the JFK Airport. Passengers arriving after a long journey can eat at their favorite restaurant/cafe before bidding a farewell to the airport. While those leaving for a journey can use the excess of time before boarding, getting entertained and shopping from these shops. The complete list of the stores is visible on the official portal of the airport in the ‘At the Airport’ section. 

Wishing a Beautiful Journey Ahead 

The passengers can sit back and relax comfortably as now they know what terminal is Iberia at JFK. The content also briefs about which services are located where. So, directly search the space in the Airport map as per the details above and use the directions to quickly visit the spot and finish the check-in and other mandatory facilities. Later you can pick any of the shops or stores to spend time  before boarding the plane. 

Iberia JFK Terminal (FAQs) 

How many airlines operate from Terminal 8 of JFK Airport?

Approximately 18-19 airlines operate from terminal 8 of the JFK airport. The number is not fixed as the airlines keep moving its operations to different terminals. 

What Terminal does Iberia Airlines use at JFK?

The Iberia Airlines operates from terminal 8 of JFK Airport.

Is there an Iberia Lounge at JFK?

The airline does not mention any details about the Iberia lounge at JFK Airport.

How many airlines use the JFK terminal? 

Currently, there are more than 90 airlines operating from JFK Airport. 
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