Does JetBlue Have Cancellation Fees

JetBlue majority of the flights can be canceled without any penalty except the Blue Basic fares. 100 Dollar is charged for routes between the Caribbean, North, and Central America. While, for other routes, Blue Basic tickets cancellation is subject to a 200 Dollars fine. These fines are applied for flights canceled before departure. While for the same time duration cancellations all non-refundable tickets are allowed cancellations for free. Implying no additional charges are levied on the higher fares. 

JetBlue Airlines’ refundable fares consist of Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint. These all are eligible for a penalty-free refund if the cancellation is before the scheduled departure.  However, flights canceled after the limited time frame are fined as per the norm valid for the ticket type and the route. Calculate the fine you will be paying for late cancellations. 

Evaluate How Much is the JetBlue Cancellation Fee?

Evaluate How Much is the JetBlue Cancellation Fee?

JetBlue only charges its Blue Basic fares for cancellations before departure. There is no fine applied on refundable tickets for canceling after the scheduled departure. Instead, the refundable fee is saved as travel credit that can be used to fly with the airline in the future. Whereas, the non-refundable ticket cancellation fee is nullified after the departure time. 

Indeed, the above information concludes that jetBlue does not charge a penalty for majority tickets and events. Rather it provides a refundable amount in the form of a credit that can only be used later to book a flight with jetBlue. The travel credit validity is up to a year. It is advised that you cancel your plans prior to the departure to either get a refund after deduction on the Blue Basic fare or get a no penalty applied fare amount back in your accounts. Also,passengers can cancel the tickets for free under jetBlue 24 hours cancellation policy.

JetBlue does not charge any fee on cancellation of tickets due to reasons like health, illness, death of a family member or the ticket owner, and the military personnel and their immediate family members. However, the fee is not refunded to the bank accounts. Instead, it can be saved as ‘OPEN’ for future years with an expiration of 1 year. 

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JetBlue allows flexible cancellations even to its non-refundable tickets before the departure period. Passengers can check and calculate the refundable amount on Blue Basic fares and other by reading a detailed answer on does jetBlue have Cancellation fees. Read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid paying any additional penalty. Also, this is a must to remember that jetBlue charges a $25 service fee for changes or cancellations made using the airline phone call or chat. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the JetBlue cancellation fee?

JetBlue cancellation fee is subject to the route type and the fare. Only Blue Basic fare canceled tickets are charged for 100 and 200 dollars on routes in the Caribbean, North, and Central America, and the rest of the others, respectively.

Can I cancel my JetBlue Basic ticket for free?

JetBlue Airlines allow passengers to cancel the refundable ticket for free before departure. After the deadline, the amount is returned and saved as ‘OPEN’ for later use.

How do I avoid cancellation fees on JetBlue?

Cancel your JetBlue ticket before departure to avoid the cancellation fee. The non-refundable tickets (Blue Basic) can not avoid the penalty even before.

What does JetBlue charge for COVID cancellation or flight change?

As a protocol for illness, JetBlue Airlines allow cancellation for free flight change or cancellation on tickets with COVID patients or their family members.
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