Does Korean Air Have Wi-Fi

Korean Air offers an in-flight Wi-Fi facility for all its international flights. The airline is a national carrier of South Korea and is providing top-notch services to all passengers traveling with them. Initially, the airline was offering wifi on its selective flights. But now, Korean Air is providing Wi-Fi service to 100% of its International flights including A321neo aircraft. However, the in-flight Wi-Fi service is not free and passengers will have to purchase it separately. Then, the traveler will be able to use the wifi service while flying. This page will help you know does Korean Air have Wi-Fi or not, charges for inflight Wi-Fi, and other related information. 

Korean Air In-Flight Wi-Fi & Eligibility

Korean Air In-Flight Wi-Fi & Eligibility

Korean Air provides a high-speed Wi-Fi facility for all its international flights. This helps passengers enjoy their favorite online stuff while traveling without getting bored. Passengers can experience one of the best in-flight wi-fi entertainment services with Korean Air which is compatible with most of the devices. 

Korean Air recently started serving wifi facilities to its brand-new Boeing 737-8 and Airbus A321-neo airplanes. Passengers who are traveling with Korean Airlines can check whether they are eligible to use the Wi-Fi service or not by checking their Itineraries. The airline mentions everything in the itinerary, and travelers can check if the service is available. If yes, then passengers can purchase the Wi-Fi package to use inside the flight. 

Korean Air Wi-Fi Plans 

Korean Air Wi-Fi Plans 

Korean Airlines offers many Wi-Fi plans that are suitable for all passengers depending on their needs. Passengers traveling to different destinations often look for a specific plan that suits them during the flight. Korean Air clearly says that passengers need to purchase a Wi-Fi plan, and for connecting flights, they again have to purchase a different Wi-Fi plan for connecting flights. The airline is currently providing 2 types of services in its Wi-Fi plan:

1. Internet: web surfing, email, streaming music and videos (480p).

2. Messaging: Text messaging through third-party apps such as Line, WhatsApp, etc.

Korean Air Wi-Fi Prices By Routes

Korean Airlines offers many different plans even for the different routes as well. These plans are much more flexible to passengers as compared to other airlines and travelers feel comfortable with these prices. This is because the passengers have the authority to select any of the plans depending on their needs. Here is a table given below that shows the charges for Wi-Fi by route:

PlanLong haulMedium haulShort haul
InternetFull FlightUSD 20.95USD 13.95USD 11.95
2 HoursUSD 10.95USD 10.95
MessagingFull FlightUSD 5.95USD 4.95USD 4.95


  • Long Haul Flights: America, Oceania, Europe, the Middle East, Africa (including MLE, NRT-HNL).
  • Medium Haul Flights: Southeast Asia (including DEL, BOM, CMB, GUM), Central Asia (TAS).
  • Short Haul Flights: Japan, China and Northeast Asia (including HKG, TPE, VVO, IKT, UBN, CMB-MLE).

How to Connect with Korean Air Wi-Fi?

How To Connect with Korean Air Wi-Fi?

The Korean Air Wi-Fi service is available on 100% of its flights as per the airline, and a maximum number of passengers are probably using the service. But, how to connect to Korean Air Wi-Fi is another concern for most of the passengers. Here are some of the released guidelines by Korean Airlines to avoid any confusion while connecting with the wi-fi and anyone can connect with it without any hassle. Follow the steps below to connect to Wi-Fi without any confusion:

  • First, turn the flight mode and Wi-Fi on your preferred device.
  • Choose the “Korean Air In-Flight” network.
  • Then, enter the link “” on your browser.
  • Select the Internet or Messaging plan.
  • Pay the plan charges and enjoy.

Travelers can only connect with the Korean Air In-flight Wi-Fi once they reach 10,000 feet or above. There are many restrictions to use the Wi-Fi service as there are many airspaces where the service is prohibited. This includes Syria, Cuba, India, Israel, and polar routes. Also, Wi-Fi service may be temporarily unavailable due to unforeseen issues like bad weather, etc.

Korean Air provides a high-speed In-Flight Wi-Fi service to the passengers on all the international flights they operate. This Wi-Fi facility is not free of cost and will be chargeable depending on the plan selected. The airline is providing different Wi-Fi plans to purchase according to the traveler’s needs. 

Also, Korean Airlines introduced some specific Wi-Fi plans by route so that passengers can select accordingly. This page includes all the relevant information and answers. Does Korean Air have Wi-Fi or not, wi-fi packages, and other related details? Read the complete information before planning your next trip with Korean Air to avoid any confusion and travel hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use your phone on Korean Air?

Yes, you can use your mobile phone on Korean Air to connect it to the in-flight Wi-Fi. After connecting, you’ll be able to enjoy various movies, web series, TV Shows, music, videos, etc. 

Does Korean Air provide earphones?

Korean Air provides earphones to its international flights but passengers will have to carry a Bluetooth transmitter to connect it with the phone or passengers can even use it with a wire connection. 

How to get Wi-Fi on Korean Air?

To connect the Korean Air Wi-Fi with the phone, turn on the flight mode and Wi-Fi. Select the “Korean Air In-flight wifi” network, and enter the link “” on your browser. Then, select the Internet or Messaging plan, pay, and enjoy the service without any hassle. 
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