Korean Air at JFK

John F. Kennedy is home to several International and national airlines. The Korean Air passengers who are searching for what terminal is Korean Air at JFK have landed on the right page. 

This  research is written specifically for Korean Air Passengers. The Airline offers flights to a number of destinations from New York, JFK Airport. It also flies many tourists all over the world to this city of events. It is the events and festivals that keep the John F. Kennedy Airport is busy throughout the year. Coming back to the topic, read the details below to finish the check-in and rest at Korean Air Lounge. 

Details of Korean Air JFK Terminal

Korean Air is the national carrier of South Korea that is also the largest airline of the country in terms of fleet size. Currently, it serves in 44 countries covering more than 126 cities. 

When Flying to New York, its operations are reserved at Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy Airport. The Travelers who will soon be flying with the airlines to or from New York, should refer to the details below for using the services offered at terminal Korean Air JFK Airport

Korean Air Arrivals 

The Korean Air Arrivals are reserved at Level 1 of Terminal 1, JFK Airport. Passengers who will arrive on this level will witness a bunch of other facilities to relax and buy some essentials before leaving the airport.

Korean Air Departures at JFK Airport 

Departing passengers of Korean Air can visit level 3 to board the plane. After completing the check-in on the same level, move to the departure gateway for the scheduled flight. While the travelers who have ample time left in their departure can go to the lounge offered by the Korean Air to rest for a while.

Korean Air Check-In

Korean Air Check-In 

The kiosks and counters are present for the check-in process. Korean Air passengers should visit Level 3 of the airport. On this level, you will also find stores like Duty Free, Chanel, Victoria’s Secret, Burbery to make some great purchases before starting the journey.  

Korean Air Lounge Service at JFK Airport 

The Korean Air Lounge is present at Level 3 of Terminal 1 JFK Airport. The access to the lounge is subject to the eligibility criteria set by the airlines. Passengers who qualify the criteria can rest and use the other services provided in the lounge before boarding the plane. The Wi-Fi is available in the lounge for passengers to continue their work with zero disturbances. 

Korean Air Lounge Service at JFK Airport 

All these are the services that Korean Air offers at JFK Airport. Other than this, there are a bunch of other facilities and amenities that a traveler will find at this terminal which are offered by the airport. Few of them are clothing, gifts and eateries stores creating a comfortable and convenient experience for the guests of John F. Kennedy airport. Here is a list of facilities that you will find at Terminal Korean Air, JFK. 


  • Hudson News 
  • Duty Free International Shops 
  • Duty Free (Kiosk) 
  • Internet Cafe or Cell Phone Area 
  • YesTelo Rental Phone
  • Bvlgari 
  • Cartier 
  • Clinique/Estee Lauder 
  • Coach 
  • Harley Davidson 
  • Hermes Center Boutique 
  • Juicy Couture 
  • Michael Kors 
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • TUMI 
  • Victoria’s Secret 
  • Yes All
  • Fresh Flowers

The shops and stores are hard to count on this terminal. Yet, the current lists of all the stores have been covered above. Passengers can use the airport escalators to move from one level to another using these services. Essential services like ATM, Currency Exchange, worship areas, nursing and medical counters are present at the JFK considering the requirements of Travelers ensuring a satisfactory experience for them. Plan your visit at the airport and carry some extra cash for the unplanned purchases after the short visits at the shops offering the irresistible products and services.  

Key Takeaways

Passengers can refer to the content to know what terminal is Korean Air at JFK. The terminal changes because of various reasons and hence it is advised to always verify the terminal of departure or arrival on the boarding pass. The flight tracker on the official website also updates about the current status and terminal that the airline will be using for the current scheduled flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Which Terminal is Korean Air at JFK?

Korean Air uses terminal 1 of JFK Airport. 

Is There a Korean Lounge at JFK airport?

Korean Air Lounge is available for the passengers to rest, work or  entertain before boarding the flight. 

Is There a bus Facility on John F. Kennedy Airport?

Airport bus or Air Train drives the passengers to and from one terminal to another. 

Does Korean Air offer non-stop Flights From New York Airport? 

Korean Air offers non-stop flights from New York to Seoul and vice versa.
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