How to Upgrade Seat on LOT Polish Airlines

Log in to “Manage My Booking” with the booking reference number and your last name to upgrade seat on LOT Polish Airlines. Passengers can now upgrade seats through an automatic bidding service. LOT Polish Airlines upgrade bid lets passengers experience high comfort and first-class service when flying with LOT Polish Airlines. So, if you are wondering to travel on an upgraded seat at a value price then bid on the automatic auction and get a chance to travel with luxury by enabling the LOT Upgrade Service. The airline is the 18th major airline in Europe and is also considered the world’s oldest operating airline. LOT Polish Airlines offers a variety of flying options to its customers along with LOT Polish Airlines Seat Upgrade. This page will help passengers identify how to upgrade seats on LOT Polish Airlines to business class.

Moreover, the passengers must be aware of the LOT Polish Airlines upgrade policy before enabling the service. Find various options and requirements to upgrade your seat to business class along with attached guidelines.

LOT Polish Airlines Upgrade Policy

LOT Polish Airlines Upgrade Policy

Travel in more comfort and enjoy countless benefits with the help of the LOT Polish Airlines Upgrade Policy. Passengers must have bought either economy or premium economy class for upgradation. LOT Polish Airlines Business Class Upgrade is available only for flights lasting more than seven hours. In addition, passengers can enable LOT Polish Upgrade with Miles as well. Passengers can upgrade seats on LOT Polish Airlines 72 hours before the scheduled departure. In case passengers change their minds, they can change or cancel the offer up to 24 hours before the scheduled trip. The cancellation can be done as long as the airline has not provided its acceptance for the upgrade offer. 

The airline provides multiple options to upgrade seats on LOT Polish Airlines including buying the service at the airport or making an offer through an automatic bidding service. However, the policies for either option may differ so passengers must check the limitations and requirements before selecting the LOT Upgrade option. Similarly, there are many other rules that influence the LOT Polish Airlines upgrade policy. Make sure to go through the listed essential points below: 

  • The ticket has to be issued at least 24 hours before the commencement of the journey to be eligible for the LOT Upgrade Offer.
  • It is to be noted that the upgrade service is available to only selected routes. If the option is not visible then your selected route may not be eligible. 
  • The seats available under this offer are limited thus, passengers have to bid to make an offer. 
  • Automatic LOT Polish Airlines Upgrade Bid is applied to every passenger included in the single reservation. So, the bid you make for one passenger is automatically multiplied by the number of passengers in a reservation. 
  • Upgrading your seat does not change the included baggage allowance on the original fare conditions. 
  • Passengers cannot request a refund after paying for a seat upgrade. The LOT Upgrade Policy includes the price only for the better seat. It does not include the fare price. 
  • Group bookings do not qualify for LOT Polish Airlines seat upgrade.
  • LOT Polish Airlines Automatic Bidding Service lets passengers bid separately, for group booking, or as a family. In case the booking of the ticket is done through a travel agency passengers can submit their offer online through the Manage My Booking option. 
  • If the passenger wishes to Cancel LOT Polish Airlines then the upgrade is no longer refundable. 

Who Can Apply for LOT Polish Airlines Seat Upgrade?

Who Can Apply for LOT Polish Airlines Seat Upgrade

LOT Polish Seat Upgrade is available to the passenger holding the airline flight ticket (ticket number must start with 080..). However, the upgrade is not available on all fares or destinations that LOT Polish Airlines flies to. Check who can apply for seat upgradation.

1. Any traveler who has bought a LOT Economy Class ticket can upgrade their seats to:

  • Short-haul business class flight tickets.
  • Long-haul Premium Economy and Business Class flight tickets.

2. Similarly, a traveler with a LOT Premium Economy flight ticket can request to upgrade their seat to the following class:

  • Long-haul Business Class flight ticket.

3. The following bookings are not included in the LOT Upgrade Policy:

  • Passengers flying with children under 2 years. 
  • Booking of more than nine people in a single reservation.
  • Travelers flying on charter flights operated by PLL LOT.
  • Bookings which are yet to be confirmed. 

LOT Polish Airlines Upgrade to Business Procedure

Bidding to upgrade a seat on LOT Polish Airlines calls for following a few simple steps. The below instructions will guide you to a hassle-free seat upgrade:

  • Start the procedure by visiting the official homepage of the airline with this link
  • Scroll through to get to the additional service section on the site and open the “LOT Upgrade” option by clicking the “Read More” button. You can also click on the Manage Booking option for the same.
  • Read the given information and instructions on the page then click on the “Make an Offer” option given at the end.
  • Once you click on the button, you will be asked to provide your booking confirmation number and last name on the new page.
  • You will be able to access the LOT Automatic Bidding if you are eligible for the service. 
  • Now, enter the price amount that you would pay for LOT Polish Airlines upgrade to a class of your choice. The airline allows you to make an offer up to 24 hours before the scheduled takeoff time.
  • Afterward, provide the details of your credit card. Once your offer is accepted the airline will charge you via credit card. 
  • Finally, the airline will notify the passenger regarding the acceptance of the offer through email. 
  • Passengers usually receive a confirmation email up to 23 hours before the commencement of the trip to notify them regarding the seat upgrade. 

Eligible Routes for LOT Upgrade

Eligible Routes for LOT Upgrade

The LOT Polish Airlines offers a LOT Upgrade option to only a selected number of routes. Check the following destination to see if you qualify for a seat upgrade:

Concerned FlightsSelected Routes
Long-haul FlightsFlights between Warsaw and Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Delhi, Colombo, Mumbai, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto.
Nonstop flights between Cracow and, Chicago, New York, and Rzeszow and New York.
Flights between Budapest and New York.
Short-haul FlightsFlights between Warsaw and Beirut, Tel Aviv, Nur-Sultan, and Dubai.
Flights between Tel Aviv and Lublin, Wroclaw, and Cracow.
European routes of up to five hours. 

Cost of Upgrading to Business Class on LOT Polish Airlines

Cost of Upgrading to Business Class on LOT Polish Airlines

The cost of upgrading to Business Class on LOT Polish Airlines is not fixed since the passenger is making an offer. The procedure of making an offer is completely free of cost. Only the cost of upgrading the seat is levied on the passenger. LOT Upgrade Cost depends on how much a passenger is willing to pay for upgrading to the class of their choice through bidding. The price is deducted from the passenger’s credit card once the offer is accepted by the airline. However, passengers are still required to provide their credit card details at the time of making an offer. 

What If a Seat Upgrade Has Been Accepted but LOT Cancels Your Flight?

What If a Seat Upgrade Has Been Accepted but LOT Cancels Your Flight

The airlines will re-book another flight at the originally paid amount while the upgrade offer remains valid. If no seats are available in the upper class to fulfill the seat upgrade then the airline will refund the amount paid for the canceled flight. Passenger will receive the amount on their credit card which was used for paying the LOT Seat Upgrade

However, if flying with LOT Polish Airlines is impossible then the airline will re-book the passenger with another carrier. In that case, the upgrade is no longer valid the passenger will travel in the class selected before the bidding. The amount paid for upgrading is refunded to the passenger. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I upgrade my seat on LOT Airlines?

You can upgrade your seat on LOT Airlines via the manage booking section on the official website or at the airport up to 24 hours before flying. 

Can I upgrade my seat from economy to business on LOT Polish Airlines?

Yes, passengers can upgrade their seats from economy class to business. However, the upgraded business class ticket must be for a long-haul flight.

Does the LOT Upgrade apply to the roundtrip?

Once you choose the option, the page will load a segment of flights eligible for LOT Upgrade. It is the passenger who decides which flight to make an offer for. 

Can Miles & More members receive award miles for LOT Upgrades?

No, Miles & More members cannot receive award miles for upgraded flights. The miles are calculated on the basis of the originally booked flight and not on the upgraded flight.

Does LOT Upgrade change ticket conditions?

LOT upgrade does not change ticket conditions. For example, the baggage allowance stays the same as specified in the original fare conditions. 

What happens if LOT Upgrade is accepted but the passenger cancels the flight?

A passenger who cancels a flight after a seat upgrade is no longer eligible to claim a refund on offer. 

How must does it cost to bid for a LOT Polish Airlines seat upgrade?

The automatic bidding service is free for every passenger however, it is accessible only on selected routes and destinations. 

Can I change or cancel my offer made for the LOT Upgrade?

Passengers can change or cancel the made offer up to 37 hours before the scheduled departure. However, the offer must not be accepted by then. 

Can I upgrade a LOT Polish Airlines ticket using miles?

Yes, passengers have the option to upgrade seats on LOT Polish Airlines using miles. One can complete the procedure by looking into their Miles & More account. 
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