How to Check In LOT Polish Airlines

LOT Polish Airlines Check In are available through various online and offline methods. Passengers just have to follow instructions to successfully check-in for their flights. Online check-in is the hassle-free option for travelers to print the boarding pass. However, there are certain rules and regulations that one must know before flying with LOT Polish Airlines. Like, some airports do not provide the facility for LOT Polish Airlines Web Check In due to some restrictions. Such travelers are instructed to check-in at the airport which is completely free of charge. 

Here you can find steps on How to Check In LOT Polish Airlines online and at the airport. Passengers are requested to go through the complete information before catching a flight with the airline. 

LOT Polish Airlines Check in Policy

LOT Polish Airlines Check in Policy

Passengers can complete the LOT Polish Airlines Check-in procedure from the official website and at the airport. In addition, there are further various options for travelers in the above-mentioned categories. On this page, we aim to breakdown each method to check in LOT Polish Airlines. Once the passenger successfully checks-in, they can obtain the boarding pass to further complete other formalities. 

In case the passenger has bought a combined ticket with another airline then he/she must check-in on the website of both airlines. Passengers can check online at only for flights managed by LOT Polish Airlines. Hence, the passenger has to check-in online separately at the concerned website. If it is a codeshare flight then the passenger must check-in online on the website of the airline that is operating the flight. 

By considering the rules and regulations, passengers can choose the best method available to them for catching a flight seamlessly. The following are several methods for LOT Polish Airlines Check In:

  • Online Check-in
  • Automated Check-in Online
  • Check-in at the concerned Airport 
  • LOT Polish Airlines Check-in via Kiosk
  • Through Airport Check-in Counter

LOT Polish Airlines Online Check In

LOT Polish Airlines Web Check In is available 36 hours prior to the scheduled flight take off time. Passengers can check-in online up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. Moreover, passengers need their ticket reference number and last name for a successful LOT Polish Airlines Online Check In.

Online check-in is the best solution for saving time at the airport and a convenient way to get the boarding pass. Passengers who are checking online with only carryon bags can direct head to security check-in, saving ample time. This implies, passengers can invest their free time on shopping and having meals at the airport. Thus, choose online LOT Polish Airlines Check In for a convenient travel. Refer to the following steps to complete your online check-in with ease:

  1. Visit the airline’s official webpage to access the check-in option.
  2. Click on the “Check-in” option right beside the manage booking section.
  3. Enter “Booking Reference Number” and “Surname” in the pop-up section. Click on the “Next” button.
  4. After that you can follow the on-screen instruction to complete the online check-in for LOT Polish Airlines.

How to Obtain a Boarding Pass Online?

On the last step of online checking the passenger will be able to get the boarding pass. The page will show multiple options to deliver the boarding pass. Such options are as follows:

  • Print boarding pass at the end of online checking
  • Select to receive a text message along with the boarding pass on the registration phone number.
  • Request to receive boarding pass online through an email. 
  • Saving boarding pass on your mobile phone.

Please note that you will receive a web link if you choose to get a boarding pass on a text message. The certain link will redirect you to a page from where you can easily download the pass. Afterwards, you are requested to save it on your device and show it to the concerned party before flight departure. 

LOT Polish Airline Automated Check-in

LOT Polish Airline Automated Check-in 

Travelers can use the LOT Polish Airline Automated Check-in option 24 hours before departure time. The airline sent the boarding pass along with seat number to the passengers via email or sometimes through SMS. This service is available to all the customers who tick the automated check-in option while buying the ticket online. One can also register a before departure to enable this service via LOT Contact Center. If you meet any of the following conditions then you do not have to register for this service:

  • Passenger holding Business Class ticket or Premium Economy Class
  • Have Star Alliance Gold or Star Alliance Silver Card.
  • In case you are traveling with children under 12yrs of age. Given that the ticket is bought under a single booking record. The same condition applies to travelers flying with children under the age of 2yrs.

How Does it Work?

The system enables automatic check-in of the passenger and sends notification of the boarding pass. Passengers can also change seat number by accessing web check or mobile check-in application, the link will be provided with the same text msg or email. Simply visit the airport and show the electronic boarding pass when asked during the security check. Keep in mind that e-boarding pass is obtainable only when the device has online access. In addition, LOT Polish Airline Automated Check-in is not valid when traveling to a country which asks for passport data during check-in procedure. This condition applies to the following countries:

  • Romania
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • United States
  • Canada
  • China
  • Japan

LOT Polish Check-in at the Airport 

Passengers can also complete check-in at the airport for LOT Polish operated flights. There are two available options for LOT Polish Check-in at the Airport; at an airport kiosk and check-in counter. We have breakdown the following methods below, check what’s the most convenient option for you:

Guideline for LOT Polish Check-in Counter

LOT Polish Check-in Counter

The airline has set different opening hours for check-in for various countries. Travelers must check the closing time and waiting time for security checks beforehand. 

  • The check-in counter opens two hours at Polish airports(excluding Warsaw) and other airports for Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.
  • Open three hours before departure for flights from the USA, Canada, and other long-haul flights.
  • It is accessible a day before the scheduled takeoff for flights departing from Warsaw to other destinations and from the below-mentioned airports:
    • Stockholm 
    • Copenhagen 
    • Düsseldorf 
    • Munich 
    • Geneva 
    • Vienna 
Destinations Ticket & Baggae Check-in Closing Time
National Flight within Poland boundaries 30 minutes
Non-stop flights to Schengen40 minutes
Non-stop flights to destinations other than Schengen50 minutes
Flights operating from the Middle East 1 hour
Long-haul flights70 minutes

LOT Polish Airlines Check In Baggage Service

LOT Polish Airlines Check In Baggage Service

Passengers flying from Warsaw Chopin Airport can have access to a LOT self check-in kiosks. The service is available to only direct flights. It is very easy to operate the LOT Polish Airlines Check In Baggage kiosk. Passengers have to enter their data or scan a printed boarding pass to get a self-adhesive luggage tag. Later, attach the tag to your bag and drop it at the concerned counter. So, if you opt for Self Check-in for LOT Polish Flights then you can also check-in your bag as well. 

LOT Polish Airlines Check in (FAQs)

How do I check-in on LOT?

Passengers can check through the official website which is the most convenient and quick way to access the boarding pass. One can also check-in at the airport as well.

How soon can I check-in with LOT Airlines?

Passengers can check-in online 36 hours before the scheduled departure time. The online check-in closes 120 minutes before takeoff.

At what time LOT check-in counter open for flights from the USA?

LOT check-in counter opens three hours before the scheduled takeoff for flights operating from the USA, Canada, & other long-haul flights. 

When can I check-in at the Airport for LOT Polish flights?

Passengers can check-in at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure. However it varies according to the destinations or countries. 
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