How to Change LOT Polish Airlines

Passengers can change LOT Polish Airlines in the “Manage Booking” section with the help of the Ticket Change Form. In case the option is not available then reach out to the customer centre. The rebooking service may incur additional fee for LOT Polish Airlines change flight date. Hence, if your plans have changed then there is a possibility of modifying the itinerary details. The airline adheres strictly to the rules defined under LOT Polish Airlines Schedule Change Policy. 

LOT Polish Airline is one of the oldest airlines in the world with a rich history. The airline values the comfort and convenience of its customers. It understands that sometimes travel plans can undergo unforeseen changes which leads to rebooking the ticket to a new date, or destination. Thus, the airlines established a comprehensive LOT Airlines flight change policy. We will deep dive into how the policy is designed and eventually How to Change LOT Polish Airlines online. Keep on reading to know more. 

LOT Polish Airlines Schedule Change Policy

LOT Polish Airlines Schedule Change Policy

LOT Polish Airlines Schedule Change Policy is designed to meet customer requirements in unforeseen events. The policy lets passengers make necessary changes without stressing over the situation. LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Date is possible with the help of “Booking Reference Number” and “Passenger’s Last Name”. The change can be done online and by contacting the customer center. There may be some places where online flight change might not be available due to tariff restrictions. Such passengers can easily seek help from customer care representatives. The following are the important points stated under LOT Polish Airlines Schedule Change Policy:

  • In case you bought the ticket from a travel agency then change the LOT Polish Airlines Date through the concerned agency. 
  • If you are traveling with your pet or bought pet transportation services then personally contact the airline regarding the flight change. The airline will then check the possibility of this service for the new flight.
  • Passengers can change selected routes only for international to international flights or domestic to domestic flights.  
  • The airline gives special attention if your reason to change flight is due to medical conditions or circumstances like the death of a family member.
  • Passengers will pay applicable charges to change LOT Polish Airlines flight details. In some cases, one may also have to pay the fare difference between the old and new flights.  
  • However, there is a way to change flight details free of cost if initiated under 24 hours after booking the flight.
  • Although LOT Polish Airlines is famously known for operating its flight on time, uncontrollable situations can sometimes lead to flight changes. In such cases, the airline provides full compensation to the passengers.
  • The LOT Polish Schedule Change Policy is designed considering various situations that include flight delays, emergencies, personal preference, etc. Passengers must note that the airline strives to provide solutions in every situation but changes are subject to flight availability and applicable penalties. 
  • Passengers can also enquire about the flight change eligibility via a chat process available on the official website. One can choose either to connect through Facebook Messenger or whatsapp. The link on the website will lead you to the selected channel where you can easily gather details on flight change possibilities. 

LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Process

Steps for LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight

The process to change flight with LOT Polish Airlines is very straightforward and less confusing to the users. Refer to the following steps for a successful LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight:

  • Begin by opening the official website of the airline on your device. Find the “Manage Booking” tab given at the topmost section of the homepage. 
  • On the next page, you will be prompted to enter reservation details like “booking reference” and “last name” Then click on the concerned button to continue. 
  • Now you can access your booking details. You can now choose the option to modify the flight details. 
  • Afterward, you will be presented with the available flight options LOT Polish Airlines fly to. Select the one that fits your requirements. 
  • Check the itinerary details before confirming the new flight. 
  • If there is an increased fare difference between the original flight and the new flight then pay the amount online. The system will lead you to the payment page. 
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the updated new flight. Make sure to keep this email for future reference.

Fill Out LOT Polish Ticket Change Form

Please note, if the flight change option is not accessible through the manage booking section then you can submit a reservations change form. Search for the LOT Polish Ticket Change Form. Once you reach the concerned page, you will be asked to tick certain answers according to the ongoing situation. Select “flight was not canceled” then choose “date change”. Now, you will have access to the ticket change form. The form will ask for basic travel information. Once you thoroughly fill in all the blanks, submit the form by clicking on the “send” button. You will receive flight update confirmation either through an email or text.

Change Polish LOT Flight via Customer Centre

Change Polish LOT Flight via Customer Centre

Customers may change Polish LOT Flight by contacting the Customer Centre. The online facility is not available to every region thus, contacting the customer care representatives is the right choice. In addition, passengers flying with their pets or with a pet transportation service may also reach out to the customer center for flight medication concerns. The procedure is almost the same, only the representative is changing the flight on behalf of the customer. Provide your booking information and new date for rescheduling the flight. Use the below-mentioned contact details to connect with the customer care representatives:

  • The service is available 24/7 for Polish and English speakers at +48225777755 and +48224917755.
  • Other language speakers may reach the “Contact Us” page on the website and retrieve the phone number by providing their country and city name.

Change LOT Airlines Flight at the Airport 

Change LOT Airlines Flight at the Airport 

Passengers who prefer face-to-face interactions can also visit the concerned airport to change LOT Airlines Flight Ticket. Travelers can communicate with the dedicated staff at the airline’s ticket counter and put forward their reasons for changing flights. The representative will put a solution on the table considering the time limits, situation, reason for change, and other factors. According to the passenger’s eligibility,  the flight will be changed according to the given preference. Flight information is required for successful modifications. Please note, that the service may not be available if the time limitations have passed.

LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Fee

LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Fee

The LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Fee generally begins at $90. However, the amount may vary given certain factors. Passengers must be aware of applicable charges before making changes to any flight details. For example, flights date, select routes, destinations, purchase fares, and change requests timeframe, all affect the LOT Polish Flight Change Fee. Some of the important points considered while charging a fee are as follows:

  • Flights changed as per the LOT Polish Cancellation Policy then there will be no penalties. The passenger has to change the ticket within a day after booking the original ticket and it should be booked at least 168 hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • Airlines may provide additional assistance in case the flight change is due to death of a family member or exceptional circumstances. Only the proof of the document has to be provided with. 
  • Customers can also use a credit card to change the ticket, it may result in additional offers as well.
  • The fee is deducted from the fare price and the remaining us refunded to the passenger according to the purchased fare rule.

Compensation Policy of LOT Airlines for Changed Flights

Compensation Policy of LOT Airlines for Changed Flights

European passengers benefit from Europe Air Passengers Legislation in case the airline delays or change the time of their flights. If your flight is delayed for more than three hours than the original time then you are entitled to claim compensation of up to €600 per traveler. In no circumstances the airline can avoid or neglect such a situation. However, no compensation is provided if the reason for the delay was uncontrollable and beyond the airline’s control. 

Although over 87% of LOT Polish flights are operated on time and considered as the most punctual airline in Europe. Thus, it is safe to invest in LOT Polish Airlines as it has remarkable and flexible policies that cater to the passenger’s travel requirements. 

Note: Passengers are not allowed to change names but spelling corrections are possible according to the LOT Polish Name Change Policy. The name can be changed up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Still, this matter must be forwarded to the Customer Service Department of the airline for a seamless procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change my flight on a LOT Airlines?

You can change your flight details with the “Manage Booking” section and provide reservation details like booking reference and passenger’s last name. 

Can I change my flight date on LOT Polish Airlines?

Yes, you can change flight dates with the flexible LOT Polish Airlines Schedule Change Policy. You may have to pay change fee and fare difference, if applicable. 

Can I change my flight for free with LOT Airlines?

Changing flight dates for free is possible with LOT Airlines if modified within 24 hours of the original booking and seven days or more before the scheduled departure. 

How do I contact the LOT Polish Airlines customer center?

You may contact LOT Polish Airlines at +48225777755 and +48224917755 for English and Polish speakers. 

How much does it cost to change a ticket on LOT Airlines?

It generally begins with $90 and changes according to the LOT Polish Airlines Schedule Change Policy. Passengers may have to pay the fare difference as well.

Why can’t I change my reservation with LOT?

Online change is not accessible to some regions or countries which is why passengers are requested to contact the customer center for changing LOT Airlines Reservation. 

Can I change my name on LOT Airlines?

The LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy does not permit complete name change. However, spelling mistakes of the initial name can be corrected.

When can I change my name on LOT Polish Flight?

You can change your name on a LOT Polish flight up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

How much is for changing names on LOT reservations?

Passengers can make corrections to their name data on LOT reservations for between zł 454 to zł 1135.
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