Does Lufthansa Require Covid Test

During the harsh COVID-19 phase, Lufthansa Airlines compiled an extensive checklist to help passengers arrange their flight itineraries and plan their journeys in a well-organised manner. Thus, to ensure all travel plans of air passengers are met at par with their expectations, they would need to keep an eye out for the latest destination-specific policies and guidelines specified by the airlines and the official authorities at the destination.

Frequent flyers know that COVID-19 disrupted the entire aviation industry as many people have gone through various difficulties in flying such as schedule changes, cancelled flights, boarding and arrival issues, etc. However, travellers can save themselves from any travel associated problems by having handy information available at their fingertips. With the right knowledge about COVID policies and measures laid out by different airlines and countries, air travellers can save themselves from unnecessary hassles and get all travel associated issues fixed beforehand. Air passengers travelling to and from German cities from Lufthansa airlines can save themselves from redundant worries and troubles beforehand.

Also, Lufthansa provides many options to check the policies, available for plenty of routes, to have COVID-19 travel documents digitally checked through the Health Entry Support Centre. Having a successful check offers an assurance that you’ve got the right COVID-19 documents and you’ll be able to travel to the airport with peace of mind. Sometimes, you might need local regulations for checking the documents once more at the departure airport, so it’s best to carry COVID-19 documents. However, at Munich and Frankfurt airports, it is still possible to use self-service machines for baggage check-ins and drop offs. Lufthansa also suggests using Mobile/online check-ins for any upcoming flights while you’re at home so you keep all your worries aside on the day of departure.  

COVID-19 Tests For Destinations Out of Germany

COVID-19 Tests For Destinations Out of Germany

A negative COVID-19 test is needed for most destinations before you start travelling. You might have the exact need for a test certificate for the destination out of Germany as well as COVID-19 location test centres after entering destination and departure airports.

For more accurate info about the policies and regulations customers can visit the official page of Lufthansa website and enter the departure and the arrival airports at the international entry requirements page. Additionally they check the most recently published information for the same.  As different countries have different policies you’ll have to bring the document and its copies accordingly. Make sure to match information on the airline’s website with the ones on the country’s official website, and the destination airport’s website.

Requirements For COVID-19 Test Within Germany

It is mandatory for customers to get precise test needs for a test certificate while entering German destinations and the COVID19 test centres after you enter the destination and departure airports on the “international entry requirements” page of Lufthansa Airlines. 

Vital Info About COVID-19 Tests

Travellers must have the most up to date COVID-19 entry documents to travel to many destinations on Lufthansa. Lufthansa can check the documents even before the flight departure. Passengers should ensure that they’re able to furnish all the documents in valid form otherwise they might face certain difficulties while travelling with Lufthansa.

COVID-19 Verified Self-Tests To Gain Entry To Austria, Germany, USA And Canada

While you enter Austria, Canada, USA and Canada, you’ll also get the choice to use test kits with a verified and video accompanied self-test, which is available as a substitute in place of trusted partner labs. It is possible to conveniently use these tests at home or in the hotel and afterwards you’ll get the results on your provided email id.

Any information about the entry specific needs for the destination country and test centre locations are present on the entry websites after you enter the destination and departure airports. The airlines mark providers with verified self tests as “verified self-test”. To get further information about entry specific requirements you can check the official tourism and airport websites of the destination you’re flying to. 

For Travelling To USA

U.S.A authorities must have printed versions of “Combined Passenger Disclosure and Attention Form”. Also ensure that you show certificate time when needed. All passengers travelling to the US carry a printed version of “Combined Attestation Form and Disclosure”. Also ensure that you can show a certification request.

COVID-19 Testing Centers At Munich and Frankfurt Airports

COVID-19 Testing Centers At Munich and Frankfurt Airports

Passengers can get their tests done at the test centres in Munich, Frankfurt, and other major airports in Germany. Before testing starts, passengers must allow enough time for testing.

Information about Federal Ministry of Health about Entering into Germany during COVID-19 Pandemic

Passengers can get more information about traveller specific regulations entering Germany with coronavirus COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 in communications from the Federal Ministry of Health. To avail list of regulations in different languages, passengers can look for info published by Robert Koch Institute.

Note: With Lufthansa airlines passengers get third-party information without any legal obligation or guarantee. Although the airline would update all information regularly and also publish the same accurately, because of rapidly changing travel conditions, it is suggested to frequently check and also verify entry and travel needs after making independent enquiries prior to the trip.

Note: Information about COVID19 test policies and centres are available without any legal obligations and guarantees. However, at the official website customers receive all the information regularly and also publish the same with utmost care, because of the uncertainty in travel policies and conditions. Travellers are suggested to make frequent checks and also verify entry requirements that are travel specific after making independent enquiries.

Digital Documentation Check

For most journeys – mainly for long-haul flights it would be mandatory to carry your COVID-19 documents and get them checked even before the departure and for presenting entry declaration while you enter the country.

Lufthansa also offers free checks on your documents and you can send COVID-19 documents for the flight making at least after 72 hours and no later than eight hours prior to departure. It means that you’ll get notified in good time whether the COVID-19 documents are valid or whether you’ll have to urgently act.

Documents Needed For Travelling To The USA

All the passengers who need to travel to the USA must have the “Combined Passenger Disclosure and Attestation Form” in printed hard copy. Also ensure that you’ll be able to present the certificate at any time when needed. 

In case of many journeys to international destinations it would be necessary to present COVID-19 document proof (e.g. proof of vaccination) checked before the departure and for presenting an entry declaration while entering the country. 

  • Also have certainty about the good time that you’ve in compliance with all requirements to enter the country.
  • Prompt and quick notifications of the COVID-19 documents are incorrect, incomplete or when documents are not complete. 
  • You’ll be issued a digital boarding pass after successful completion of the document check process. 
  • After bringing the right COVID-19 documentation you make the boarding more stress free as you know you’ve got everything that the authorities need.

Needed Document Entry

COVID-19 documents that you generally must upload also include:

  • Declaration of digital entry, based on the destination country requirements. 
  • A vaccination proof (generally with printed QR code) shows that you’re vaccinated fully (according to all regulations laid by Robert Koch Institute)
  • When applicable, official negative test outcome (test type according to the needs of the destination country).
  • When you don’t wish to get the benefit of the free offer, you’ll also be presented with the COVID19 documents at the check-in desk.

Process To Upload COVID Documents For Entry

Make sure to check the entry specific needs for the destinations as you’ll know about the documents to upload and you’ll also know whether masks are required on Lufthansa flights before boarding or not. Also you must put everything together digitally for the COVID specific documents that you need to present. Always use the right file format and check expiry dates to check the validity of the documents. Additionally the flight staff follows a step by step process to keep all your worries aside:

  • Upload

Customers upload the total encrypted entry documents with the form (around eight hours prior to the flight departure).

  • Checking

The COVID-19 documents are encrypted forms and they’re checked for their validity and originality. 

  • Confirmation

You’ll get confirmation that the documents are genuine or you’ll get feedback that the COVID-19 documents are invalid, incomplete or submitted.

  • Check-in

The airlines will issue the digital boarding pass after they complete full verification of the COVID-19 documents.

What Considerations Should I Take While Uploading COVID19 Documents?

Don’t begin uploading until you’ve made all the COVID-19-specific documents ready. Also make sure that the COVID-19 documents you’re uploading are clear enough to read and high resolution soft copies. While taking pictures of the docs click from above, while avoiding shadows present by creases, lay documents on a flat surface while ensuring that the flash doesn’t lead to reflections. 

Also upload all COVID19 documents as a file (e.g. back and front page of test certificates mixed in a file).

The data in booking must also match the uploaded document data, e.g. the personal details should correspond. Also make sure that the first name, last name or other names with name changes are with correct spellings. Also avoid uploading encrypted data. The airlines also encrypt the data for security. 

Don’t begin uploading until you’ve got all COVID-19 documents.

Also ensure that the COVID19 documents you upload are legible with high resolution. Alos take pictures from above while avoiding the shadows due to creases. Keep your documents on top of a flat surface and ensure that your phone flash doesn’t lead to reflections while clicking pictures.

  • Also upload all COVID-19 documents as a file (e.g. the back and front page of the test certificate mixed in file).
  • The booking should match clearly with the data on the uploaded documents e.g. personal details should correspond. Also ensure that the last name, first name and other name changes and names are spelled in the correct way. 
  • Avoid uploading any encrypted data as the airlines encrypt all the data as a part of their security measures. 
  • Would I need to go through the encryption desk after uploading COVID-19 entry documents. While flying to certain destinations, local regulations need documents checked before departing the airport. 
  • However, at Munich and Frankfurt Airports it is still possible to use-self service machines for checking in and dropping off baggage. 
  • Why sometimes the boarding pass isn’t issued even after the COVID 19 document checks are complete.
  • A few countries need manual checks for travel documents. In such cases, having a boarding pass is issued only at the check-in desk after documents are manually checked. 

With a successful check you’ll be certain about having the right COVID19 documents and they’re complete. Make sure to carry appropriate COVID19 documents at all times so that you can present them whenever you’re asked for.  

Does Lufthansa Accept Rapid COVID Tests?

As of now Lufthansa airlines accepts rapid COVID test as verified and video accompanied test, which are available as an alternative for the trusted partner laboratories. It is possible to conveniently use these tests at our home or hotel and later the test outcomes are sent to passengers on their email. Additionally, the rapid test kits are also available for purchase on the Lufthansa airlines. 

In simple words, Lufthansa Airlines does accept rapid COVID tests but the passengers must have proof that they conducted these tests in their home. 

What Process Must I Follow When I Book A Connecting Lufthansa Flight?

When the trip has connecting flights, you’ll have to consider entry rules of the transfer country with the final destination regulations as you’ll have to leave from the airport at the final arrival destination. Thus you must also consider uploading all COVID-19 documents for the whole digital document check journey. 

Note: Different countries have different COVID-19 testing and documentation policies and verified self tests won’t be acceptable for all countries and/or will be applicable for people of certain categories. Up until the flight day, the legal/regulatory needs pertaining to the flight (including the ones about test regulations), particularly those with the respective destination country, might change. Also find independently and in good time about the chances in regulatory/legal requirements (including the ones about test regulations) for entry into the destination country. Also, according to Art. 13.1, Lufthansa’s General Conditions of Carriage. Lufthansa is not allowed to bear any responsibility for such cases. 


The above information makes it clear does Lufthansa require COVID test for transit or not. With all the different government policies countrywise, it’s best for international air travellers to check the latest information notices posted by the government on the official tourism website of the country or else they can check the official website of the destination airport and look at the latest notifications about COVID policies. Thereby we can assume that it is that it is mandatory for travellers to furnish their latest documents for COVID-19 checking and ensure that 

Most recent COVID-19 entry documents are necessary as travel requirements for most destinations. These documents are also checked before departure. Also ensure that the documents are valid and complete otherwise it won’t be possible to travel.

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