Does Lufthansa Require Masks

At Lufthansa Airlines, passenger safety is considered as the topmost priority and almost all airline policies are designed to be safety oriented. Stringent hygiene measures are followed post COVID times from the airport till you’re on board. Passengers who are flying from Lufthansa for the very first time don’t know whether masks are required on Lufthansa flights? Let’s know about it.

Lufthansa airlines comply with the COVID-19 norms put up by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). To know about other important COVID19 policies put up by the government such as COVID testing requirements on Lufthansa flights in Europe, passengers must check the updated news from EASA. The EASA suggests that all passengers must put on masks while being on board. However you can still be obliged to put on a face mask at a few airports. As of now Lufthansa doesn’t require masks for passengers to put on. It is totally optional to put it on. However, as various governments have already eased COVID restrictions, Lufthansa also recently relieved some safety measures as it is not compulsory to put on masks on flights to and from Germany. However, passengers can put on a mask whenever they want to ensure maximum safety. Also face mask policies vary according to the airport. Before you begin your flight journey, ensure that you’re familiar with the departure and the arrival policies of the airline and the airports. Make sure to check the journey’s airport regulations. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) also suggests that all the passengers continue putting on masks at the airports on board.

Why Is It Mandatory To Put On Masks?

For Lufthansa to and fro flights from Germany, it is not mandatory in principle to put on a mask. However, passengers are allowed to put on a mask whenever they want to. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) suggests that all passengers must put on masks at all boarding airports.

On boarding Lufthansa flights to various destinations worldwide, it is not compulsory for travellers to put on a mask. However, according to the country specific COVID 19 guidelines passengers boarding planes flying to and from China must necessarily put on masks to ensure necessary COVID19 hygiene protocols are being followed. It is mandatory to put on a mask on your flight while taking personal protection measures to considerably lessen any infection associated risk. Note that masks of FFP2, FFP3, KN95 and N95 standards are only considered as valid on these flights. Additionally, these masks should not have valves, shouldn’t be made of fabric, and also using surgical masks are not permitted on these flights.

Kids under six years old and people who are not able to put on masks for other reasons have been exempted from the obligation of putting on masks. Passengers, who don’t wish to wear a mask, must present a Lufthansa form or medical certificate in full and it must have a doctor’s sign for approval. Passengers can get an exemption to wear a mask only after presenting a completed Lufthansa form or a medical certificate. You must show a face mask exemption certificate after boarding aircraft.

Would It Be Compulsory To Put On Mask Flights To And From China?

It is mandatory to put on masks to and from China. Also note that only N95, KN95, FFP2, FFP3 standards without valves and not made of fabric or surgical masks are also permitted. Kids less than six years old with people who can’t put on masks for medical reasons are exempt from the obligation for putting on masks. An exemption from the obligation to wear a mask is only granted on medical certificate presentation or Lufthansa form filled with a doctor’s signature. The face mask exemption certificate should be shown while boarding aircraft.

Are Masks Required On Lufthansa Flights?

Are Masks Required On Lufthansa Flights

With all the luxury and passenger friendly amenities, Lufthansa Airlines is also very well known for its compliance with the best COVID-19 practices prior to boarding and while boarding flights. Guidelines such as modified security controls, physical distancing, small hand luggage, grouping boarding, etc. are followed while boarding and deboarding. However, with the ease in COVID 19 restrictions, wearing masks is completely optional for Lufthansa passengers as for many passengers it becomes difficult to put on masks while flying at high altitudes. So, we can say that masks are not compulsory on Lufthansa flights, but people travelling to and fro from China have to necessarily put on masks.

Passengers flying to all destinations except cities in China can put on masks at will during the entire journey. Only KN95, N95 or FFP2 standard masks or surgical masks are allowed to use.

Digital Document Check

For many long haul journeys – it becomes mandatory for travellers to have proof of the COVID19 documents (e.g. proof of vaccination) checked even prior to the departure for presenting an entry declaration while entering the country. Passengers can use the free offer for have documents checked and also send the authorities COVID-19 documents needed for the flight no sooner than 72 hours and no later than eight hours prior to the departure. It means that you’re notified in real time whether COVID-19 documents are valid or you would have to urgently act.

What Happens When Someone Is Ill?

There are many processes on board for cases when cabin crew suspects that the passenger has contagious disease. Some main processes have the following measures:

  • Using disinfectant
  • Isolating passengers after moving to various cabin parts
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Quickly informing authorities at the destination for flight
  • Hygiene Measures by Lufthansa Airline

There are many measures that all airline partners have in place, and the ones you need to observe personally at the transfer airport and on the connecting flight.

Hygiene Practices Implemented At Terminal

To follow COVID 19 hygiene protocols, Plexiglass screens are installed at a few airports, in ticket counters and check-in counters as wherever direct contact occurs between you and the employees for the protection of your health and theirs. There are also many available hand sanitizers and dispensers. The airline and airport ground staff ensures that surfaces frequently touched are disinfected and cleaned regularly.

Passengers can also check in at the Lufthansa airport hubs at Munich and Frankfurt, with their appropriate kiosks and smartphones while checking in baggage through “Fast Bag Drop” – all totally contactless.

Why Does Lufthansa Still Require Masks?

Passengers flying to destinations in China must know that Lufthansa still requires masks at airports in many cities in China. While most of the world has eased on COVID 19 restrictions, passengers travelling from Lufthansa flights to particular destinations in China still need to wear masks. The reason for why it is still compulsory to wear masks on Lufthansa flights flying to and from cities in China is that according to Chinese government policies, it is still compulsory to put on medical grade masks in China. This means that it is mandatory to put on masks at all the flights to and from China, irrespective of which airline you’re flying from.


While earlier it was mandatory for passengers to put on masks at the Lufthansa flights, now the flight carrier has changed its policies and made it optional for the passengers on board to wear masks. Customers can wear masks on will. However, passengers flying to and fro from destinations in China need to put on masks and follow all the COVID-19 norms stated by the government. For any other assistance related to masks on flight and to avail information on COVID specific policies you can contact the official Lufthansa customer service helpline number.

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