Is Lufthansa a Good Airline

When talking about German Airline carriers, Lufthansa stands apart from the rest and has earned the reputation of being one of the most valuable luxury airlines to fly with. Deutsche Lufthansa AG, renowned as Lufthansa Airlines, is the leading airline in Germany and its wide variety of services starting from the time of booking till the end of journey make it worth every penny you spend. After combining the airlines with the subsidiaries (Swiss, Austrian, Eurowings, Dolomiti, Cityline, and Brussels), it is considered one of the largest airlines when comparing the carrying capacity. The massive fleet of Lufthansa Group has up to 700 aircrafts, making it among the world’s largest airline carriers. Lufthansa offers a mix of both Boeing and Airbus in its fleet of planes. Medium-to-short range models such as A320 and A321 were the preferred versions. Most Lufthansa Aircrafts are named after little German towns like Sindelfingen, Gummersbach and Langenhagen. 

Basic Information 

Served Airports196
Top RouteBerlin Brandenburg to Munich Franz Josef Strauss
Top Airport Frankfurt am Main

About Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines

The Lufthansa Aviation group has operations worldwide. With up to 105,290 employees, the group had revenue of EUR 16,811m in the financial year 2021. The airline has segments Network Airlines, Aviation Services and Eurowings.

These Aviation Services comprise the segments Logistics, Catering, MRO and other Group and Business functions. The latter also includes Lufthansa Air Plus, Lufthansa Aviation Training with IT companies. The airline has a leading position in the respective markets.

The carrier is among the founding Star Alliance members, the largest alliance in the world since 1997. Lufthansa has gained recognition worldwide for its efficiency and has a robust product on the air and the ground. It is also among the preferred airlines to fly whenever you want.

Lufthansa has a clear vision on passenger comfort and hospitality. In 2017, Lufthansa was the first European airline that reached 5 star accreditation with Skytrax. With quick recognition within the aviation industry, the German airlines joined the list of superior airlines like Singapore Airlines, EVA Air and Qatar Airways. 

With the aim of becoming one of the world’s largest airline groups, Lufthansa also has many subsidiaries, including Air Dolomiti, Brussels Airlines, Swiss International Air lines, Lufthansa Eurowings, and Lufthansa CityLine, focusing on flights flying within Central Europe and up to 80 countries. The Lufthansa Group had a total revenue of up to 16.8 billion Euros in 2021, which is about 24% up to the previous year (it was 13,6 billion Euros in the previous year), and price reductions lead to a major improvement in earnings. The company returns to profit in the third quarter because of the summer traveling months.

Lufthansa Airline Traffic Stats

The following table shows the traffic statistics by Lufthansa with air passenger load, cargo and distance changes from 2020 to 2021. 

  Jan to Dec 2020Jan to Dec 2021% Change
FlightsTotal number390,2634,60,02918
Passenger load factorIn %63.246,949-1.6 pts
Available seat-kilometresmillions109,82889,39732
Revenue seat-kilometresmillions69,46289,39729
Cargo load factor%69.871.41.6 pts
CO2 emissionsgrammes105.2101.6-3
Available cargo tonne-kilometres10,5601211,86712
Revenue cargo tonne-kilometres7,373158,47715

Total Number of Employees

  20202021% Change
Employees as of 31.12.number110.065105.290-4
Average number of employeesnumber125.207107.643-14

Lufthansa Safety Rating

Lufthansa is considered one of the safest airlines to fly across many destinations worldwide. The airline was on the list of top 20 safest airlines in the world. It also secured an attractive safety rating of seven stars on Airline Safety Rating and an above average 4 star rating from Skytrax for the onboard staff and product service, with the airport quality. Product rating also includes, amenities, seats, beverages and food, cleanliness, IFE, etc. Lufthansa service rating is meant for both ground staff and cabin staff.

The Skytrax 4 star rating suggests that Lufthansa cabin/airport product standards and staff service are of good quality for relevant rating topic items. 

Lufthansa has a highly experienced safety crew, it is something that most avid travellers think about, but knowing that you’re in reliable hands while flying from world’s one side to other is a plus point, due to which it’s worth noticing that Lufthansa features in lists of the safest airlines in the world and didn’t suffer fatal accidents since 1993.

Lufthansa has some highly experienced crews in air and on the ground. While up to 10,000 pilots work in Lufthansa Group airlines, with up to 4,000 flying for Lufthansa. All Lufthansa pilots are flying with an average 15 years of professional experience.

List Of Features For Passengers By Lufthansa

The endless range of features offered by Lufthansa airlines is among the main reasons making it one of the best airlines to fly with. Without any second thoughts people think of luxury and elegance when thinking about Lufthansa airlines. The airline is ranked as a leading airline on many platforms due to the following range of features.

Lufthansa HON Circle

Top-tier elites in Lufthansa’s Miles & More frequent flyer program, known as HON Circle members, can select their seats in economy in advance for free, as any travellers flying on the ticket booked through miles. Mostly everyone else would have to wait until the check-in begins (23 hours prior to the departure) or also pay for seat selection in advance. Based on the flown distance, you can select the standard seat up to 23 hours costing between $14 and $42 each way (12 to 35 euros). 

Ensure Better Space For Long-Haul Flights

Ensure better comfort while enjoying ample space on flight. The Sleeper Row at Lufthansa provides an entire row of three or four economy class seats on your long-haul journey. After passengers pre-board once, after boarding you’ll be offered Sleeper’s Row set, which comprises a thin mattress with a business class-quality pillow and blanket. You can lie, stretch out and also enjoy the available space for the whole duration of your long haul air journey.

On flights with a duration of up to eleven hours, you can book the Sleeper’s Row directly on check-in or shortly prior to the flight departure at the terminal gate, which is subject to its availability. Passengers are levied an additional charge of around EUR 159 and EUR 229/179 USD and 249 USD for each leg. For sleepers row, passengers are charged an additional charge of around EUR 159 and EUR 229 USD with 249 USD for a leg. There isn’t any advance booking facility.

Lufthansa Premium Economy

Premium Economy

Lufthansa is among the major European airlines with premium economy (a perfect balance between economy and business- on about all the intercontinental German routes. Lufthansa was an early premium economy adopter and its products are a comfortable middle. With exception of only a little A340 aircraft subfleet, all the widebody Lufthansa aircrafts serve on long haul German routes with Premium Economy.

While the ground services are somewhat same like Economy, Lufthansa makes premium economy experience in air an upgrade over the economy in various ways – a comfortable, and larger seat with comfier pillows, larger recline with amenity kit, blankets and comfier pillows, with upgraded meals all comprise of the elegant premium economy experience.

Comfortable Seating Options

List Of Features For Passengers By Lufthansa

Whether you’re flying on a short route or are taking a long haul flight – Lufthansa Airlines seating plan ensures you a comfortable in-flight seating experience from the beginning to the end of the journey.

  • For long-haul flights, travellers have wider seat cushions to ensure optimum comfort and they arrive at the destination while feeling refreshed. 
  • On a 747-8 Intercontinental aircraft that Lufthansa flies from Chicago to Frankfurt, you’ll get a seat width of around 17.1 inches with a 31 inch decent seat pitch – the distance from the seat to the back seat in front. 
  • The seat backs are available with “slim” construction, so you get a small seat up to 31 inches for stretching legs. 

There are some unconventional ways of making your Lufthansa flights comfortable: You can pay to keep the middle seat empty. For around $42 (35 euros), you can – in certain cases such as continental routes – block a middle seat next to yours, providing passengers even more room for stretching out and breathing. 

Book Award Flights With Miles And More Frequent Flyer Program

The Lufthansa’s Miles and More frequent flyer program ensures passengers get a chance of earning miles that you can convert to award flight tickets. After completing each journey by Lufthansa or its partner flights, or after booking holidays, rental cars and hotels from the website Miles and More, you quickly earn more miles to claim rewards.

Lufthansa Economy class can be a perfect way of getting to Europe or beyond under a specific budget. You get a smidge more legroom than you would on various other airlines in addition to a free checked bag, snacks and meals, but both paid and free options to choose the seat in advance.

Lufthansa Economy 

Even when you’re flying in the basic economy of Lufthansa, you’ll feel like you’re flying premium as you’re offered too many in-flight food and entertainment options. Some highlights of Lufthansa economy class are comfortable seating, the entertainment programme, internet access with beverage and food in Lufthansa Economy Class.

Whether passengers want to fly short distances or have boarded for long journeys – the Lufthansa economy class seats are designed for ensuring maximum comfort. There is too much room for medium haul flights. Due to the slim backrest construction, the seating offers better legroom, to help you comfortably stretch the legs out while you fly in Economy Class. For long-haul flights, the wider seat cushions measure up to 40 cm with the individually adjustable headrests on seating ensuring that you feel maximum comfort.

Frankfurt First Class Terminal

Among the best perks about First Class flying with Lufthansa is that it offers access to an uber-exclusive First Class terminal in Frankfurt. The terminal is generally considered as the world’s best airport lounges and also Mecca of frequent flyers. Things in the lounge (housed in separate terminals) are geared to personal well-being while you spend pre-flight hours. The space also has quiet rooms, relaxing chairs, day beds, shower rooms and spacious baths, fine dining and wining, with cuisine by Michelin-starred chefs, cigar lounge, a bar with drinks of up to 130 whisky varieties, a space and offices.

Ground Service For First Class Flyers 

A great area where the Lufthansa shines well is the ground service for the First Class passengers in Frankfurt. A personal assistant also cares about the travel formalities, while accompanying the passengers through First Class Terminal’s security check-points (where no wait is there) and checking them for the flight. After the flight gets ready for boarding, the personal assistant also escorts passengers downstairs to the lower level of the terminal with passport control (while departing on non-Schengen flight). Next, due to the remote location of the Terminal, passengers drive limousines (BMW, Mercedes S-Class, or Porsche Cayenne) from First Class Terminal to the plane. 

Lufthansa In-flight Entertainment 

Lufthansa In-flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment is something that passengers can enjoy with great options on board. With availability of the best TV programmes, blockbusters, audiobooks, music, games and podcasts passengers can choose from plenty of options on their flight. They only need to sit back and enjoy the entertainment options available on the flight.

On board entertainment also involves a library of broad music selection, you can also learn about the travel destination while listening to various audiobooks in English or German. You only need to relax and sit back, while enjoying a relaxed flight.

Passengers can look forward to watching their favorite film on board while you’re at home. For the new online guide in-flight entertainment you get exciting articles, trailers with information about the entertainment programmed. 

Lufthansa Extras 

Lufthansa international is very well known for its airport journeys to local destination extras – with the additional services you can make the trip more personal and comfortable. For example, you’ll be allowed to conveniently book the seat from the comfort of your house or get a travel class upgrade. You also get the benefit of selecting added services while in your flight or after arrival.

On Board Comfort

So you’ll be able to get comfort on board with ample distance between you and other passengers. It would also fulfil your personal requirements and it also becomes possible to free adjacent seats. You need to add this to your booking on the continental flights or get a business class upgrade benefit. 

In-Flight Meals

When flying on long-haul flights in Lufthansa Airlines’ economy class, passengers can expect a three-course meal, with free soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and snacks for buying. Based on the long-haul flight journey duration, passengers even get additional meals. 

Seat Reservation In Advance

Passengers can book their seats before beginning the journey in accordance with their preferences – from window seats to seats with more space, there are many booking options for the same. 

Seat Upgrade

Passengers can treat themselves to a class upgrade and also enjoy facilities of Premium Economy Class, Business Class or First Class luxury ensuring that they reach their destination in a fresh and relaxed state. You can find out about booking directly with various options. 

Check-in Upgrade

Lufthansa ensures passengers get a large legroom, better services, higher comfort: They can treat themselves to a higher travel class upgrade even shortly prior to departure. Based on the current route and the flight class, they can get overall benefits of upgrade at great online check-in prices. 

More Space n Long-haul Flights 

You can comfort yourself and also enjoy more room on the flight. Sleeper’s row at Lufthansa provides you an entire row of three or four Economy Class seats for long-haul flights. 

Travel Insurance

Add a small additional cost, passengers get the facility to cover their trip with individual insurance packages and be relaxed and carefree while travelling to different countries. 

Car Rentals

You can choose a car rental when you’re booking the flight or afterwards separately and also earn 500 Miles & More miles per rental.

Hotels, Activities and Tours

Book accommodation through the hotel partner and also secure one Miles & More to all each euro you’re spending. Book activities and tours, tailored according to personal interests from experts before beginning the trip. 

In Flight Wifi

Lufthansa on-board Wifi internet facility FlyNet you get ample connectivity possibilities. Regardless of whether you’re in the mood to work on that important project or use social media, you’ll have top notch connectivity. All you need to do is to connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the FlyNet network and begin. Lufthansa plans on expanding its FlyNet facilities to more flights soon.

Lufthansa FlyNet offers great work and entertainment conditions:

  • Be linked with family, colleagues and friends
  • Send file attachments and mails
  • Surf in a quick and secure manner
  • Access the Virtual Private Network of the company (VPN)
  • FlyNet On Medium, Short and Long Haul Flights
  • Lufthansa also offers FlyNet and more flights within Europe and from the Middle East and North Africa.

Passengers can purchase their FlyNet access in advance. They need to Board, take off and begin surfing without facing any delay issues. Choose the internet access that suits well with your needs for the upcoming flights prior to the flight. 

Buy the Internet access in advance directly on the FlyNet application, choose the preferred package and also enjoy secure and quick on board internet. Right after passengers are in their flight, they can connect their mobile device and enjoy their flight time. 

Medical Assistance

As long-haul flights can be tiresome and sensitive groups can be vulnerable to medical troubles, Lufthansa has tie-ups with the best medical travel companions to ensure medical travel is possible to offer you with the medical escort services throughout the journey against a specific fee. 

Buy From Home or Inflight

Passengers can avail in flight shopping offers. Have a relaxed shopping spree in the highest shop. Do you want something for the trip or want gifts for the loved ones? You can easily find what you want on board. You would only have to ask the flight attendants after searching for attractive offers. 

Lufthansa’s Worldshop has products from more than 3,500 available for purchase at the airport or online and convenient delivery at your house. Additionally to the huge travel accessories and luggage, you get a variety of useful and great products for all life areas, with exclusive Lufthansa livery. Members of Miles and More also have the benefit of earning and redeeming their award miles on buying. 

Additional Services Prior To Departure

You have a relaxed airport journey and you can also enjoy your time.

You’re well prepared:

  • First baggage piece no light fare
  • Services for unaccompanied kids
  • Moving to and fro airport
  • Guide Service
  • Additional baggage service
  • Extra On-board services

With availability of comfortable extras, passengers can comfortably spend their time. Better on board comfort:

  • Advance seat booking
  • Upgrade


  • Wi-Fi on board
  • eJournals
  • Preflight shopping 
  • Additional destination services
  • Enjoy carefree destination stay with such services

More destination comfort:

  • Rental car
  • Hotel

Carefree travel:

  • Travel insurance

Free Baggage Policies

Free Baggage Policies

Unless you’ve booked a light Economy fare, you can check a bag for free, additionally to the free personal item and carry on. Check the baggage calculator of Lufthansa to get an approximate fare estimate. 

Lufthansa has a special set criteria for the weight, size and quantity of carry-on and free baggage on Lufthansa flights. You can choose the free baggage allowance in only a few steps with a baggage calculator depending on the route, fare and travel class. You also get dimensions and prices for optional baggage carriage. 

Lufthansa allows customers to check their free baggage allowance in only a few steps with the baggage estimator – depending on the travel class, fare, and route. You can also find dimensions, and prices for optional carriage baggage. The allowed allowance for free baggage is present on the passenger/ticket receipt. 

Estimated Baggage For Free

Economy Light1 item of carry-on baggage of up to 8 kg
Economy Classic and Flex1 carry-on item 23 kg
Business Class2 carry-on items of each up to 8 kg2 baggage items, of each more than 32 kg

Economy passengers, premium economy, business and first class travellers can book additional baggage items for free at the Lufthansa airport service counter. Passengers travelling on Economy Light fare also have options of booking a baggage item, weighing more than 23 kg, online for only a fee. 

Book More Online Baggage

On flights among USA/Canada Europe on Economy Light fare, a second baggage item is also added to booking for a Lufthansa service fee counter at the airport. 

For checking in a heavier, larger or additional baggage item, the flat rates for additional baggage items also apply for the Economy Class Light fare. 

While travelling on Light fare economy, you can book a baggage item per route, that weighs up to 23 kg, online for a fee. The return and outbound flights count as a route, even when a connection is present. After making the payment, the baggage charges can’t be offset or refunded. 

It is possible to check the free baggage allowance in only a few steps with the help of an online baggage fare calculator on the official Lufthansa Airlines. You can also find their prices and maximum allowed weight and dimensions of excess baggage, additional and sports baggage. 

Status Customers Free Baggage Allowances

Members of the HON circle, Star Alliance Gold customers and Senators on intercontinental flights, the first baggage item on Economy Light fare is free of any charges and it can only be declared at the check-in counter. When you book the first baggage item on Economy Light fare online, at a Service Center or through a travel agency, corresponding charges will be there. 

Customers can easily check the free baggage allowance in only a few steps with the help of a baggage calculator – depending on the travel class, route, fare, and frequent flyer status. You also get maximum dimensions and weight for carrying optional baggage. 

Lufthansa Airport Lounge

The Lufthansa “Airport Lounge” is currently available to HON Circle Members at the Stuttgart Airport. The Airport Lounge is in Terminal 3 beyond security The lounge has spacious 42 seats in a widespread 150 sq mts area. 

Specialities and regional products are the general available culinary options. Changing cold and hot lunches, intercontinental breakfast, coffee, cakes, soft drinks, tea varieties, and wine, sparkling wine, and beer are also available. 

Lufthansa Lounge Types

In Lufthansa group lounges you’re welcomed like a valued guest: The staff greets you at the reception area for dealing with special requests that you might need and offers you with important information about the onward flight and lounge stay. Daily newspapers and magazines are available for reading and the lounge buffet also provides fresh snacks and buffet with fresh snacks around the clock. You can also put some food down while enjoying it at the bar. When you want to freshen up while waiting: you’ll also find spacious cubicles, hair dryers and hand towels. In your comfort zone, it is possible to select a seat matching the mood and the time you’ve got: quick sit-down benches you’ve got. Almost all Lufthansa lounge seats are known for offering great runway views and from the armchairs facing the window, you also get a great view of jets landing and taking off. 

Senator Lounge

In the Senator lounge, you’ll instantly feel at ease, for example which is situated at the lounge rear away from busy areas, you can relax on comfortable leather loungers, pleasantly shielded from the view. Or why not exceptionally stretch out on comfortable recliners in panoramic front windows. For people who would like a meal – with a partner or in a group – Lufthansa offers you an appropriate table. And when you’ve got work to do, that’s not a problem. You can set the temporary office in the Work Area – they offer pleasant light for working in, a comfortable chair with all necessary data connections. You can also use the personal service. Lufthansa staff are also available at the reception desk. They are willing to answer questions that you might have about the Lufthansa lounges or the journey. 

For lighting a cigarette or cigar, it is possible to do so in the comfort of a separate lobby at the Senator Lounge entrance. 

Private Suite At Frankfurt Airport

Based on how many people you’re travelling with additionally to your lounges, some suites with exclusive fittings and fixtures are present for an additional charge through the VIP services of Frankfurt Airport. In the 30 sq metre Superior Suite, ideal for one to two guests, you get a lounge, a work and dining area also include a TV with SAT reception, and bathroom with shower and separate toilet. The 40 square metre Grande Suite, for three to four people, also offers a bathroom with a foot bath and shower, or alternatively, a bathroom with a tub. The Blue or Red Royal suits also offer 55 sq metre space for around five or more people and they’re also equipped with a standard tub.

Stay online on all Lufthansa lounges with Wifi Connectivity with Wireless Internet offered through Telekom HotSpot at the Lufthansa lounges. Due to the higher transmission speeds, it is possible to use HotSpot for going online in a reliable and easy way – from various areas in the lounge. 

Additional Facilities 

On the long-haul flights, you would think of sleeping all night and begin the day feeling well-rested and refreshed. It wouldn’t be a problem with Lufthansa Welcome Lounge. First and Business Class passengers and status customers and United Airlines Global Services Card members can simply enjoy using such lounge services offered that they’ve arrived in Frankfurt on a selected flight. A breakfast buffet, bistro area, providing a varied selection, comfortable armchairs, smokers room, and a quiet zone, washrooms and many showers ensures you’re relaxing post flight and are beginning the day in a refreshed way. For the first class passengers. 


With the premium services offered by the Lufthansa airlines to its customers, Flying on the airlines ensures that passengers travel Europe and beyond in an overall satisfied manner without spending a lot. Thus with the availability of world-class features, Lufthansa is considered a premium luxury airline and Flyers also get a wide selection of exclusive features with slightly higher legroom than on other airlines with free meals, snacks, and checked bags, and both paid and free options to select the seats in advance. With transfer partners and the frequent flyer program of the airline, Miles & More passengers can opt for great features such as class upgrades, meals, shopping, changing flights, etc. The German airline career has made a prominent name in the world of luxury air travel and extends a world class service to its passengers flying at different classes. All this and much more awaits at Lufthansa at great prices. 

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