Yes, Lufthansa Airlines offer Wi-Fi. Now you will be able to enjoy the internet on board and stay connected with the world outside. In the digital era, it is fairly difficult to remain isolated from the internet, the medium to stay updated with work, family or merely for entertainment purposes. 

Indeed, your query about does Lufthansa have Wi-Fi on board makes absolute sense. The answer is yes to your query. But, the Wi-Fi is not free for the passengers. The next passage will detail you about the cost of Lufthansa airlines. 

How Much Does Wi-Fi Cost on Lufthansa? 

As mentioned earlier, Lufthansa Airlines does not offer free WiFi. Yet, it can be purchased for a minimum price starting from 3 EUROS. There are three categories of Internet speed formed by the airline, according to which it charges from the passengers. Depending on the purpose, the passengers can choose the internet plan and pay accordingly. Also, the Wi-Fi can be purchased via the Miles that you earn while flying with the airline. Check the section below to know the internet speed offered along with their prices or miles for different time durations. 

Lufthansa Internet on Board for Chat

Lufthansa internet on board for Chat

Lufthansa Airlines offers an internet speed of 150 kbit/s for chatting and other mailing purpose. This is an ideal speed that will enable you to chat, mail or use the internet for social media or any other purpose that doesn’t require much data with a higher speed connectivity. 

90 minutes or less flight: 3 Euros or 1000 miles 

90 minutes or over flight duration: 3 Euros or 1000 Miles 

Lufthansa Internet Speed for Surfing

 An internet speed of 600 kbit/s is offered to Lufthansa passengers who wish to access the Wi-Fi service for surfing or a much higher purpose rather than communicating using the social media platforms. 

90 minutes or less flight: 5 Euros or 1700 miles 

90 minutes or over flight duration: 7 Euros or 2300 Miles 

Internet Speed for Streaming

 If you are planning to stream a series, watch news 

or any other streaming related activity on a Lufthansa plane, then this is the right internet plan for you. Lufthansa Airlines offers 15 Mbit/s for streaming purposes. 

90 minutes or less flight: 10 Euros or 3300 Miles 

90 minutes or over flight duration: 12 Euros or 4000 Miles 

Lufthansa Airlines claims to offer a higher connectivity to its passengers. You can match your requirement with the internet plans available. After making the final decision which plan to purchase, you can buy the Lufthansa Wi-Fi service from FlyNet app. With this it must be clear that the internet service is not free. If still you are doubtful and want to know does Lufthansa business class have free Wi-Fi. Then, it is a no, the airlines Wi-Fi is not free for any travel class flown by the airline. Nevertheless, if you find the prices feasible and have decided to purchase the Wi-Fi. Then check out how can you get Wi-Fi on Lufthansa Airlines in the following section.

 How Can You Get Wi-Fi on Lufthansa Flights?

Download the FlyNet app to purchase the Lufthansa Wi-Fi. The app is available for download for all android and iOS versions. The Wi-Fi plans based on the usage are available for purchase. Login with your flight details and select the preferred plan to buy the Lufthansa Wi-Fi. 

You can also visit the official website and find the Internet on board section and use the link available to purchase the Wi-Fi. The internet is also available for purchase via offline ticket  counters. As per the convenience, you can choose any of the following mediums to buy the internet service for your journey with the airline. 

How to Connect to Wi-Fi on Lufthansa?

How to Connect to Wi-Fi on Lufthansa

Finally, if you have purchased the Lufthansa Wi-Fi and are ready to use the service. Then look out for a step by step guide to know how to connect Wi-Fi on Lufthansa airlines. 

  • Enable Wi-Fi mode in your personal device.
  • Select Telekom FlyNet from the available Wi-Fi lists.
  • Further, open FlyNet portal in your internet browser.
  • Choose Telekom hotspot and confirm the security check as per the instructions.
  • Finally, you will be able to connect with Lufthansa Wi-Fi.

If you have not yet purchased the Wi-Fi, then you can buy it after boarding the flight following the same steps. Only the payment part is an additional step for you as you will have not bought the Wi-Fi before. 

Key Takeaways 

Finally after reading the content, you must be aware that Lufthansa Airlines does offer Wi-Fi. However it is not free. Irrespective of the ticket type, the passengers will have to separately buy the Wi-Fi for their upcoming trip. The price of the internet service begins from 3 Euros. Also, the payment can be made using the Miles earned by the passengers. Follow the above stated steps to buy and connect to the Wi-Fi after boarding the flight. FlyNet app is the best medium to buy the Lufthansa Wi-Fi beforehand to ensure that you have the internet access when flying with the airline.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does Lufthansa have free Wi-Fi on International Flights?

 Lufthansa Airlines does not have free Wi-Fi. But it can be bought for a minimal cost of 3 EUROS. 

How much does Wi-Fi cost on Lufthansa?

The Lufthansa Wi-Fi costs range from 3 Euros to 12 Euros. It is segregated on the basis of internet speed required for different purposes.

Does Lufthansa A380 have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Lufthansa A380 aircrafts are equipped with Wi-Fi. Yet, the chances of Wi-Fi availability depends on the destination and the route type. 

How can you get Wi-Fi on Lufthansa Flights?

You can buy the Lufthansa Wi-Fi from the FlyNet app for android and istore versions. 

Does Lufthansa business class have free Wi-Fi?

No, Lufthansa Airlines does not offer free Wi-Fi for business class or any travel class. The passengers can buy the internet services as per the requirement.
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11 months ago

Does AIRBUS A321NEO lufthansa have wifi?

11 months ago
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The A321neo is delivered without WiFi.