Premium Economy On Lufthansa

Lufthansa has a distinct spot of its own among the list of unparalleled world-class luxury-centric airlines and most people straight away associate it with lavishness and top-of-the-line luxury onboard services. However, Lufthansa still has a solution for budget luxury travelers, i.e. its cost-friendly premium economy class, which is full of amenities and seating plans at par with its business class cabins.

Lufthansa is among the various European airlines that offer premium economy – which can be said as half economy and half business class.  Its premium economy class flights operate on almost all the intercontinental air routes from Germany. Lufthansa is an early adopter of premium economy and its products are somehow in the middle comfortable range.

Lufthansa Premium Economy is all about more free baggage, more space, more meals, and more service – Premium Economy Class long-haul flights are renowned for their top-notch comfort and endless features that ensure you’re never out of options for entertainment. Consequently, passengers get rewarded with a comfortable journey to the destination and they’ll head off for sightseeing or begin the meeting right after your arrival. 

Some Vital Info About The Lufthansa Premium Economy

With a few exceptions of a few subfleet of the A340 aircrafts, all the wide body Lufthansa aircrafts serve on long haul routes across Germany and they’re outfitted with Premium Economy.

While the ground level services are almost the same as Economy, Lufthansa also aims to include Premium Economy experience in its air upgrade over the economy in different ways. A comfortable and larger seating with better recline, comfortable blankets, and pillows, amenity kits, and upgraded meals all also sum up for the overall pleasing experience of the Premium Economy.

Here are a few examples for what price expectations should customers have while booking a seat on the Lufthansa premium economy:

  • Switzerland for around $1,119 roundtrip
  • Frankfurt for around $1099 roundtrip
  • Croatia for around $1,086 for the roundtrip
  • Lufthansa Premium Economy Airport Experience

Lufthansa Premium Economy Benefits

A few basic benefits of Premium Economy are: up to 50% more personal space, two baggage free items, each of up to 23 kg, and a welcome drink. Thus, Lufthasna premium economy is a total comfort package you get on board.


Premium Economy on Lufthansa is your guarantee to a restful on board stay. The practical Premium Economy seat travel kit lets you arrive at the destination with an overall refreshed feeling post sound relaxation on your long haul flights.

Personal Space

You must look forward to comfortable and spacious seats with over 50% higher room on all sides. Most of all: not only you’ll have a comfortable seating experience, but your drink will also perfectly rest while being comfortably adjusted on the armrest cocktail table. 

In Flight Enjoyment

As a greeting form in Premium Economy Class passengers get a welcome non-alcoholic drink. Additionally, a water bottle is also available at all seats. Customers can take out some time while selecting from the menu and also enjoying the served meals. 

On Board Entertainment Options

Passengers can enjoy an in-flight comprehensive entertainment programme on the 11 or 12-inch monitors as they’re relaxing within the line of spacious seats. 

Lounge Access For Lufthansa Premium Economy

Lufthansa provides Premium Economy access for passengers (for any additional fee) to the business lounges at most airports, with Welcome Lounge (arrivals lounge for the locally-arriving passengers) in Frankfurt. Passengers must buy access at the ticket counter or the Lufthansa service desk for most towns; at Munich and Frankfurt, they can buy direct lounge access.

Lufthansa Check in For Premium Economy

Passengers in the Premium Economy can use the areas with economy check-in areas, unless the Lufthansa Miles and More on the Star Alliance status is able to afford various benefits.

Lufthansa Baggage Allowance

Premium Economy passengers also get double the checked baggage economy allowance and also check two free bags that weigh up to 50 pounds/23 kilos each.

However, unlike the Premium Economy on a few airlines, the carry-on baggage allowance for the Premium Economy on Lufthansa is the same as the Economy (it is higher for first and business-class passengers).

Detailed Info About The Lufthansa Premium Economy Seats

The Lufthansa flying experience involves the Premium Economy seating, with significant recline, an adjustable headrest, with large touch screen entertainment screens and optional remote control on the armrest. Tray tables are present in arm rests.

Premium Economy cabin is at the economy cabin front – with a few exceptions. On 747-8 and a few 747-400 versions, the economy cabin is there between a Premium Economy and Business Class Cabin. A little ceiling divider is present between the Premium Economy and Economy class; otherwise there isn’t any separation between the cabins.

Meals on Lufthansa Premium Economy

Premium economy meals on Lufthansa offer a highly enhanced effect on the taste buds compared to the food menu served in the regular economy class. The main course meals are inspired from Central European meals (on a few flights departing from Germany they might take inspiration from destination cuisine).

  • Dishes for serving are sourced from China instead of disposable ones served in basic economy, and the portions are also larger and of better quality (although the economy meals on Lufthansa are also good ones).
  • On the flights that take up to 6.5 hours, the person gets the snack before arrival. Cold meals are provided on flights that take longer than 6.5 hours and for flights taking up to 9 hours, they serve hot meals. For economy class, the second meal is a cold one. Unlike the other competitors, Lufthansa also enhances both meals served in Premium Economy rather than the main service.
  • The commonly served starters are generally a single meat portion or cheese pasta, with salad and a dessert meal.  On some routes Lufthansa also serves warm bread rolls right from the basket.


Passengers find amenity kits at their seats, which are mostly paired versions of Business Class amenity kits. Headphones get distributed after takeoff, and are the same earbuds as the ones offered in economy.

Alcohol On Premium Economy

Travellers on the intercontinental flights on Lufthansa are offered a full bar without the need to pay any extra charges. The bar served on the premium economy is the same one as served for economy passengers.

Overview of Lufthansa Premium Economy

Upgrade To Premium Economy

Passengers get the choice of booking an upgrade from the economy class to a premium economy on Lufthansa flights. However, under their policies Lufthansa doesn’t allow passengers to upgrade their seats to premium economy for free except under rare circumstances of functional inevitability, like ticket oversale.

Cost Of Upgrading To Lufthansa Premium Economy

Lufthansa sells upgrades to the premium economy through both flat fee and auctions that range from many days before the departure at the ticket counter on departure day. Fee-based upgrades begin around $400 and also vary by route, flight and length of the journey.

Miles Involved In Upgrading Lufthansa Premium Economy

Award charts were used in the past while the airlines were moving towards dynamic fare pricing with upgrades and awards. Lufthansa generally provides upgrades from the economy to Premium Economy from 20,000 to 45,000 miles with more miles for each segment on the original paid fare. Star Alliance member airline programs can also utilise miles for upgrading from full fare unrestricted categories.

Benefits Of Lufthansa Premium Economy

Besides all the additional checked baggage allowance, no significant benefits are there for economy and premium economy on Lufthansa flights. The Premium economy passengers use the same check in areas and also board with the same priority like the economy passenger unless they are separately entitled to frequent flyer benefits. Passengers will get a water bottle at their seats on departure and they also get non-alcoholic welcome drinks before the takeoff while being seated in the premium economy cabin.

Basic Amenities For Lufthansa Premium Economy

While flying on Lufthansa premium economy, you’re eligible for the following basic amenities. 

Luggage Allowance: A great benefit passengers get while flying with Lufthansa Premium Economy is the luggage allowance they get. Under the luggage allowance policies for Premium Economy, Lufthansa Premium Economy as you’re able to check in 2 pieces each up to 23 kgs and also take a carry-on up to 8 kg versus the economy class where you’re allowed to check in only a single piece and also take carry-on. 

Travel Kit: All passengers flying on Lufthansa Premium Economy get a travel kit with toothpaste and toothbrush, socks, an eye mask and a refreshing towel. While availability of such kits are quite handy it is still a standard in economy class for many airlines so it isn’t an outstanding premium feature mainly as there is less availability of such products.

In-flight Entertainment: You also get an 11” to 12” screen with many series, movies and also live TV. Additionally, you also get the possibility of downloading current magazines and newspapers on the phone/iPad prior to the trip. 

A Short Tour Of Lufthansa Premium Economy

The Airbus A330 fleet with the premium economy cabin has 21 seats with the 2-3-2 configuration. Comparing cabins of other classes on the aircraft, passengers get eight seats for first class and around 42 in the business class cabin. The feature was made available by Lufthansa in 2014, and the premium economy sets and cabin are quite clean and fresh. 

  • Seats in the premium economy cabins have ample separation from other areas in the aircraft cabin. A small divider separated the cabin from the basic economy class. 
  • All seats have a basic width of 18 inches with 38 inches pitch, which is quite roomier than the basic 31-inch pitch on the basic economy. 
  • These seats have more reclining capacity compared to the general economy seats. More recline equates to more comfort and relaxation on-board time before passengers reach their destination. 
  • All seats are covered with a thick padding and the headrest and seat are made for a more comfortable experience than the economy and other premium economy seats such as on other luxury airline carriers. 
  • For taller people the seats offer more legroom with the small footrest extending from the seat adding welcome support for the legs. Like in a few bulkhead or business-class economy seats, the tray tables are hidden in the armrest. 
  • People are a fan of such configuration as they don’t need to worry about the person sitting in the front shifting around in their seat, meaning that they can avoid any prospective spills. 

Overall, Premium Economy seating design and arrangement on the Lufthansa, offers more comfort with plenty of padding, legroom and padding. For passengers it is a huge leapfrom the economy. 

Beverage and Food

On the Lufthansa Premium Economy, all passengers are welcomed onboard with a fresh OJ concoction and are onboard with a drink and a perfectly sweet mint. 

Around after some time after taking off the flight attendants offer passengers with refreshments and beverages. Passengers are also served with sparkling water and beer.

The menu for Premium Economy passengers is the same as the Economy menu. The only difference would be that the China-served food and drinks are poured in glasses. The menu has two main starter choices: pasta and chicken breast. Between the main course and the drinks, flight attendants also distribute hot towels. 

Lufthansa’s on board services on Premium economy are well appraised by passengers. The drink services are nonstop and all flight attendants are more than happy to keep premium economy passengers hydrated. Lufthansa is truly proud of the products, and love for the airline was evident in the service. Overall, Lufthansa scores pretty high for the plating experience, food quality and their hospitality. 

Other Amenities

The tiny kit for amenities are offered to all the passengers in the premium economy cabin. A few basic included things are socks, eye mask, toothbrush, earplugs, moist towelette, and toothpaste. 

Passengers get noise-cancelling headphones, all of which are available with new form covers for keeping all ear pieces, and are clean for your ears. All seats are available with a blanket and a small pillow. The in-flight entertainment system on Lufthansa is loved by passengers. The high-definition 12-inch HD screen displays vibrant colours and it is simple to navigate it. 

Other than touchscreens, people can use tiny remotes attached to the seats. It has a separate tiny button on the controller with touch response control that bears similarity with a mouse. Something which is never seen before in an airplane. Also, there was a USB outlet right next to your screen. 


Overall passengers can conveniently enjoy the premium economy seating on the Lufthansa A330 with the range of amenities and on-board services provided and all of the above benefits. Comfort delivered to the passengers are top notch and they feel like the seating is a large upgrade over economy which is a reasonable compromise when you can’t afford the business class. 

Their soft products are also solid, including the service and the food, and their delectable meals make the long-haul worthwhile. Other than the elusive Wi-Fi and odd boarding processes, passengers have an overall great in flight time on Lufthansa. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Book Lufthansa Premium Economy?

With the following information you’ll be able to upgrade to premium economy at an additional cost. Passengers can either upgrade their airline ticket by converting to miles rewards points or by paying an additional fee. 

What is the cost of booking premium economy tickets on Lufthansa?

The cost of booking a premium economy ticket on Lufthansa is around twice the cost associated with the same economy flight, although a lot of it can fluctuate with the demand for both service classes. 
As a general rule, Lufthansa doesn’t upgrade passengers except for a few rare cases of operational necessities such as an oversale. Dial or mail the airline to confirm what is the process to upgrade your Lufthansa economy ticket to Premium Economy for your ticket type.

How many miles of reward points would passengers need to upgrade to the Premium Economy Class?

Award charts are now a thing of the past as all airlines moved towards dynamic pricing of upgrades and awards. Lufthansa generally provides upgrades from economy to Premium Economy from around 20,000 to 45,000 Miles and More per segment, depending on the original paid fare. A few members of Star Alliance member airline programs can also utilise miles programs and can also the miles reward points for upgrading from the full fare categories that are unrestricted.

What Features are included in the Lufthansa Premium Economy?

The premium economy on Lufthansa also includes an additional checked baggage allowance, amenity kits and upgrade meals, fee-based access to the premium economy lounge, and a cozy cabin near the economy section front.
Lufthansa doesn’t pre-assign seats in its Premium Economy without paying any fee except for the top-tier Miles and More program members. 

How Many checked bags does Lufthansa allow in its premium economy seating?

The premium economy passengers also get double-checked baggage Economy allowance and they’re allowed to check two free bags weighing up to 50 lbs/23kgs each.

Do you get lounge access with the Premium economy on Lufthansa?

The premium economy passengers buy lounge access for a certain fee, but the same is not applicable in your ticket fare.

When you serve food in Lufthansa premium economy?

Yes, Lufthansa also upgrades both the second meal and the main meal in their premium economy. Passengers also get non-alcoholic welcome drinks of 23 kilos/50 pounds each.

What are the best Lufthansa economy seats to book?

This is a matter of personal preference, and it varies according to the aircraft. It must be noted that the middle-class seats are there on Lufthansa Premium Economy so it might be worth the fee to get a
pre-assigned seat. Travelers must review seat maps for the assigned aircraft to the flights.

Is It Worthwhile To Book Lufthansa Premium Economy?

While you fly Lufthansa Premium Economy, it seems a world away from the regular economy. It was also quite different from the business class which is reflected both in the price. For people of the higher age groups, premium economy flights are perfect choices as they would love to add comfort to their regular seating plans. People won’t mind paying for it yet when they won’t be availing business class. 
For many passengers, the booking would depend on many factors. While finding a better offer with miles you can go for it mainly as the monetary difference is quite low.
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