Does Play Airlines Serve Food

Play Airlines does not offer complimentary food service. But, it does have a paid menu that includes a variety of snacks, light meals, and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The prices start from 3 Euros for Pringles, cake packs, tea, and other smaller quantity refreshments and extend up to 15 Euros. 

For travelers who are inquisitive to know does Play Airlines serve food, then the answer is No. However, the prices are low and affordable so ordering the food or beverages won’t be a big expense. Continue reading to find the complete menu of Play Airlines and the prices.

Explore Play Airlines Menu And Prices 

Explore Play Airlines Menu and Prices 

A reasonably priced menu is available for the passengers for short to long-haul flights. However, no free food is served by Play Airlines due to the low-cost tickets which only include the transportation fee.

Even more, to keep the prices within budget, there are combo packs for a reasonable meal option to calm your hunger. Also, there are special packs or food and beverage options for vegans and people with allergies. Dedicated combos for kids are available to match their tastes and requirements. Choose your preferred snack or drink as the prices are not too high. Here is a list of all the food and beverages offered by Play Airlines and their current prices. 

SnacksPringles€ 3
Muffin Milk Chocolate€ 3
Protein Pancake Caramel€ 4
Elephant Pretzels Sea Salt€ 3
Beef Jerky€ 5
Pitted Green Olives Basil & Garlic€ 3
Quick BitesVegan Wrap€ 9
Hot Ham & Cheese Baguette€ 9
YumYum Noodles€ 5
Play Power Meal€ 7
Beer & WineBeer Gull, Gull Lite€ 9
Raspberry & Lemon Hard Seltzer€ 9
LoV Lemonade & Vodka€ 9
Red Wine€ 10
White Wine€ 10
Prosecco Piccini€ 10
Spirits (Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Baileys, Opal)€ 9

Combo Packs

Combo Packs
Combo PackPrice
The Icelandic snack box + Soft drink€6
The snack box + Beer/Wine€20/€21 total
Kid’s snack box + Soft drink/Juice€9
2 of 25 wonders
The sweetest couple Hot Drink + Chocolate bar€4
Share and save
Buy 2 packs of pretzels/beef jerky/olives
Breakfast deal€4.07
Combo PackPrice
Pizza/Baguette/Wrap + Non-alcoholic drink + Chocolate bar*€12
Pizza/Baguette/Wrap + Beer/Wine + Pringles€18
Pizza/Baguette + Juice + BEAR fruit roll€12
Bar deal€10
Baileys + coffee (add chocolate* for €2)€10
Spirit + mixer€1

There are a few more combo packs and deals that you can view on the official page of Play Airlines. The prices are also listed alongside. 


Play Airlines has a sufficient menu for food and beverages at affordable rates. There is an option for non-alcoholic beverages also. Passengers can review the entire menu online before boarding the plane or directly order on the flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Play Airlines serve food?

Play Airlines serves a paid menu that has a variety of snacks and beverages. No complimentary food service is available. 

How much does Play Airlines food cost?

Play Airlines food costs between 3 to 15 Euros. 

What is Play Airlines’ food menu?

Play Airlines food menu consists of snacks, refreshments like sandwiches, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 
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