Does Play Airlines Have WiFi

Play Airlines does not offer free or paid WiFi. No additional frills or services like the internet, and in-flight entertainment are not available onboard. As a new and low-cost airline, it lacks these services. 

Also, the already available features or facilities like baggage and others are also accessible only after additional payment, except for a few items and bags that are allowed for free due to the seat size and benefits associated with it. Continue reading to know more about the future plans of the airline and its current services. 

Interesting Facts About Play Airlines Features 

Interesting Facts About Play Airlines Features 

Play Airlines has its own set of features to keep the prices low and match the passengers’ demand. Although, not all expectations are fulfilled currently due to limited investment capital for the abundance of opportunities. The airline has shown positive progress and the passengers have also rated Play Airlines as a good and safe airline.

With the gradual expansion of the operations and customer base, more services and facilities can be added in the future. As of now, Play Airlines does not have WiFi, inflight entertainment, mobile application, and other basic to luxurious facilities. 

On the other hand, it has good and comfortable seating options starting from value and expanding to flex where in the seat size, leg space, and other additional benefits keep increasing. Complimentary access to free Play Airlines checked or carry-on is also available for the upper or higher cabins and seats. Individuals planning to fly with the airline can learn about Play Airlines and its available features for better judgment of the airline according to its prices and current competition in the market. 

 comfortable seating

Coming back to the query of Does Play Airlines have WiFi, then the answer is no as per the current status. However, Play Airlines is under continuous improvement and might introduce internet connectivity and other accessibility or entertainment options in the future. Also, Play Airlines will inform its audience about future developments via its dedicated page of News and Media on its official portal. Do check it for your travel plans and the latest information. 

Play Airlines Contact Details

Airlines HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland


Play Airlines does not have any complimentary services. Even paid services are not available on the airline as it is a new and low-budget airline. The progress will be slow initially to ensure focus on much higher priorities like safety, connectivity, passenger experience, and keeping the price low. Hopefully, the airline might introduce new features including internet connectivity but the prices will most probably be additional. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Play Airline have WiFi?

Play Airlines does not have WiFi or internet connectivity at the airport. 

Is there a paid service at Play Airlines?

Play Airlines does not have the and also do not offer WiFi, or in-flight services for free. 

What are the complimentary services on Play Airlines?

Play Airlines lacks various services like internet connectivity, entertainment options, and others. Food and baggage facilities are paid for and are reasonable. 
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