Does Play Airlines Have First Class

Play Airlines Flex seats are equivalent to first class according to the low fares of the airline. It does not have First class seats in particular but it has a similar alternative to the cabin with additional complimentary benefits. There are categories of cabins to offer comfort and extend the space and legroom. You can choose your preferred seat and pay accordingly. 

Basic, Value, and Flex are the three types of Play Airlines seats and cabins. Each seat has its own sets of benefits. The prices of these keep increasing with the number of features and facilities. If you are also curious about does Play Airlines have first class, then find out the alternatives for these seat types. 

Types of Play Airlines Seats And Benefits 

Types of Play Airlines Seats And Benefits 

Play Airlines offer bundle fares for the three seat types. These include a variety of transportation fees, taxes, and other additional services like the free baggage allowance, and priority boarding benefits to the upper-class cabins. Facilities like WiFi, in-flight entertainment, like services are not available on the flight and hence are not eligible for any cabin type. 

The three types of seating options are Play Basic, Value, and Flex. The Flex fares are the closest to the first-class seats. However, it is nothing compared to the high-end flight seats and cabins with various benefits. Yet, according to the prices, Play Airlines offers good to average features with upgraded comfort and complimentary benefits as compared to the basic options. Passengers who are looking for first-class-like facilities or better comfort than the main seating options can explore the various benefits of the Play Airlines bundles. 

Play Airlines Basic 

Basic seats of Play Airlines are equal to the economy or main cabins with a limited set of features. The ticket fee includes one personal item, transportation fee, and taxes. The item can not exceed the size limit of 42x32x25 cm as it should easily be in front of the seat. Passengers with heavy or irregular shaped instruments or equipment need to purchase an additional seat to transport it as a carry-on. 

Apart from one personal item, the passengers can purchase the transportation facility for checked bags and carry-on bags. The prices vary according to the weight and size of the items or bags. 

Value Seats of Play Airlines 

Value Seats of Play Airlines 

These are upgraded seats or versions of the Basic Economy class. Here, Play Airlines provides a complimentary checked bag of up to 20 kg along with one personal item and one carry-on bag. Moreover, priority boarding is also free for passengers flying in this seat or cabin type. 

The carry-on bag also should not exceed the size limit of 56x45x25 cm (22x18x10 inches). The item should fit in the upper locker or storage space in the cabin. The prices for these seats are higher as compared to the basic but the cost will be low and affordable as compared to the airlines. Also, the middle and the back seats with additional comfort are applicable for more or extra fees. The prices will be shown simultaneously at the time of booking. 

Play Airlines Flex Seats

Play Airlines Flex Seats

Play Airlines Flex seats offer various benefits for these fare types. It is the highest and most upgraded cabin and seat type of the airline. Apart from the transportation fares, the passengers of the flex seats are eligible for one carry-on bag, personal item, and one checked bag with a weight limit of maximum 23 kgs. Similarly, the size limit for the carry-on bag is 56x45x25 cm (22x18x10 inches) to easily fit in the upper storage or counter of the seat. 

Even more, the passengers will enjoy priority boarding and access to free change in date and time of the flight. This is equivalent to the first class for Play Airlines. The comfort and the facilities are of good quality, though the services are limited. Also, passengers have rated Play Airlines services as safe.

As per your requirements and expectations, you can choose amongst the various seating options. The facilities for the Value and Flex fares do not differ much. If your plans are confirmed, then the second option can be an affordable and best option. Compare the prices and features by visiting the booking section and decide on the final seat and cabin. You can use the IBE or the updated website of Play Airlines to view all the information. 

Play Airlines Contact Details

Airlines HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland


The answer is no for passengers searching for Does Play Airlines have first class. However, there are better and good alternatives that allow passengers to experience a convenient journey at an affordable rate. Check out the benefits and features of each cabin and seat type. The above content details each detail about the seat. Compare all the options and choose the best suitable option amongst the various Play Airlines bundles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Play Airlines have first class?

Play Airlines does not have first class but it has an upgraded cabin to offer the facilities and complimentary benefits for the passengers. 

What are the services offered by Play Airlines in the flex cabin?

Play Airlines offers free checked bags and carry-on bag allowance along with one personal item on board. Flight date and time change are also applicable for free along with priority boarding. 

What is the Play Airlines bundle?

Play Airlines bundle refers to the seating options that offer included features in the ticket fee. These are also known as complimentary or free fare options.

What are the types of seats on Play Airlines?

Play AIrlines has Basic, Value, and Flex fares for the passengers. These expand the comfort and other features and benefits for a better experience. 
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