How to Book Qatar Airways With Points

Avios points can be used to book Qatar Airways flights. These are reward points offered to appreciate the passengers for traveling or using Qatar airways’ services. Earlier there were Q miles through which flights could be booked without paying in cash. Now Avios is a replacement for it with extended benefits. 

Apart from Avios, Qatar Airways rewards passengers with Q-credits. These points are for God and Platinum members and can be used for the upgrades only. Booking is not possible with the Q-credits. Passengers seeking some upgrade options can read about how to upgrade on Qatar Airways.  While the others you are planning to book Qatar Airways with points can keep reading the following content.  

What are Avios Points Qatar Airways? 

What are Avios Points Qatar Airways

Avios are standard reward points utilized by Qatar Airways and its partner flights under oneworld alliance. Currently, there are 13 airlines working jointly under the oneworld partnership program. These together fly to more than 900 locations. Use their services to earn more and more 

How to Book Qatar Airways with Avios Points? 

To use Avios points, passengers need to sign up or login in the Privilege Club. To book Qatar Airways with points, you need to earn it firstly. Existing users must login while the newcomers can fill in their details to join the Privilege Club. The booking process is the same for all passengers, just the payment method changes. Read about how to earn and buy the tickets. 

First step is to visit the site online or use the mobile app to search for the desired flight and destination. Offline counters are also available for  purchasing the ticket.

  • For Online, click the Book option. 
  • It will redirect you to a new page asking the travel details.
  • Enter the To and from location. 
  • Further choose Return, One Way or Multi City based on your schedule. 
  • Lastly, enter the return, departure or both the dates. 
  • Finally Click on the  ‘Show Flights’ option.
  • List of flights flying on the mentioned dates will be reflected on the screen along with the pricing.   

How to Earn Qatar Airways Avios Points? 

Once logged in, you will be eligible to earn points.  This earning starts with the first ticket purchase, other Qatar services or both. 

Pro Tip: Join the Privilege Club after entering the code ‘JOIN0323’ to earn upto 5000 points without making any purchase. 

Buy Avios Points 

Evenmore, Avios points can be purchased  by visiting the ‘Buy Avios’ section on the official page of Qatar Airways. Only online purchase is possible. The airways has closed the offline option for purchasing the Avios. 

A single passenger can buy Avios in lots of 1000 upto 250,000 Avios in a single year. A bundle of 1000 costs 35 USD. At times it is sold at a lesser amount of 30 USD. 

This is a cheaper and affordable option for first time passengers of Qatar Airways. As the actual cost for a single ticket can get higher than purchasing Avios points. 

It is must to remember, the points required and the amount required to purchase the Avios differs. This amount is reflected with the flight information. Whichever flight suits the best can be purchased with the mentioned  Avios. 

 Economy to first class, any seat in any of the cabins of the Qatar Aircrafts can be booked with Avios points. Passengers can check the entire pricing before starting the booking process.

Qatar Airways offers an online Q-calculator to ascertain the exact number of Avios required to book the desired flight with the desired seat. More Importantly, information is available for all the airlines working under the oneworld program. 

Select the Airline and the seat types from the options mentioned in the drop down menu.  Choose the mode of payment as Avios points. Finally, Enter your to and from section and calculate the points required for booking the flight. The calculator will reflect a combined value for the requisites chosen by the passenger. 

Here the image shows the calculated value for flying from India to Doha in business class. 

The menu even offers all seating options, where the calculator will list points required for every seat type. This way the passengers who were unsure can choose the seat based on their total Avios.

Buy Qatar Ticket with Cash and Avios  

If the points value exceeds the balance left in the Privilege Club member’s account, then the remaining amount can be paid in cash. The booking process remains the same, just the payment method changes. 

Select Cash+ Avios as the payment method and pay accordingly. You can decide the ratio of cash and Avios to be used for the payment. It is not compulsory to use all the Avios points and then pay the remaining with Cash. 

Finally, the Qatar Airways can be booked using the Avios points by using any of the above stated methods. The booking process is described under the ‘how to Book Qatar Airways with Avios points’ section. After completing the booking process choose the payment method and make the final payment. 

How to Add Avios Points After Booking Qatar Airways? 

The points are directly reflected in your account. There is no need to add Avios points after booking a flight from Qatar Airways.After booking the flight, Qatar again rewards its passengers with Avios points. It is a continuous cycle, where passengers earn as they purchase anything from Qatar Airways or its partners. 

Qatar has partnered with credit cards’ agencies which even offers rewards in form the Avios points. 

Although, there is no need to add Avios points when booking with Qatar Airways.  The reward points directly enter your Privilege account. Those traveling with other flights need to combine their points. There is a separate process to combine those Avios to an individual’s Privilege account.

For that, log in from the Qatar Airways account and British Airways account and use the combine option to transfer  points from British Airways points to Qatar Airways account. 

Booking Confirmed!

Passengers will be able to book without any cash payment after reading this content on how to book Qatar Airways with points. The only condition is to have an appropriate amount of the Avios points to purchase the required  cabin and seat in Qatar Airways. Online booking is always beneficial with better discounts available on the website’s portal. The final cost also reflects on the screen by using the Q-calculator. Following the above mentioned steps shall help you book the flight and receive a booking confirmation from Qatar Airways. 

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