How to Upgrade on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways offers plenty of options to upgrade flights on Qatar Airways. Avios and Q credits are the most desired options amongst all. These do not involve any additional cash payment and allow upgrades to the cabin and baggage allowance. However, to use Q-credits one must be part of the Gold and Platinum membership. Avios reward points is a scheme for all passengers. Know more about the two in the later section. 

Frequent flyers receive exclusive offers to upgrade their flight. Moreover, passengers can upgrade at the time of check-in.  However, these last moment upgrades are available at a bit higher price. Moreover, it is hard to get upgrades due to unavailability. 

Ways to Qatar Airways Upgrade

How to Upgrade on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is popular for its Q-suites that are synonymous to luxury and comfort. Every passenger expecting upgrades wishes for these Q-suites. Unfortunately, these special cabins are limited to certain aircrafts. However its standard  business seats in the premium cabins are equally promising. The seats are  designed to offer privacy, space, and comfort. The lie flat bed seats are perfect for sleeping during long flight hours. Passengers  who are willing to upgrade on Qatar Airways can choose any of the following mediums. 

Official Website

Login to the ‘Manage Booking’ section on the official website of Qatar Airways. If you are eligible for upgrades, then it will reflect on the screen. Select the option and purchase the upgrades. 

Qatar Airways Mobile App

My Trips’ section on the mobile app informs about the upgrade eligibility for individual passengers.  Details about the upcoming trip must be filled in and updated in the ‘My Trips’ to receive the upgrade eligibility and offer information. 


Qatar alerts the to be traveling passengers about the available offer and its price. The price is subject to many factors. The upgrade must be purchased within the limited time frame, else it will be over or the seat availability might end.


Check-in is available at the check-in. Visit the ticket counter and inform the staff that you want to purchase the upgrades on Qatar Airways. 

The staff will confirm if there are seats available for upgrades. If yes, then pay the price and travel relaxed with the upgraded seats.


Apart from the Qatar Airways Mobile app, passengers can connect through a call to purchase an upgraded seat. The customer service is available 24/7 to assist you. 

Hamad International Airport 

Passengers connecting flights  from Hamad Airport can visit the dedicated center to avail the upgrades. Reach the ‘ Upgrade for Departure’ center which is situated in the Market Hall at the airport. 

Passengers with direct flights from HIA 

can head to the ‘Upgrade for Departure’ counter after completing their check-in and immigration procedure.

The upgrades are available on all the flights but not every time. Also, upgrades are for specific members based on the availability and other terms and conditions. That is why it is necessary to check the offer eligibility to purchase and enjoy the upgrade.Keep reading to verify if you can upgrade Qatar Premium Economy to business class on Qatar Airways.

Can I Upgrade My Economy To Business Class Qatar Airways?

Upgrade My Economy To Business Class Qatar Airways

Yes, you can upgrade your economy to business class on Qatar Airways. However, economy passengers can jump and upgrade to the first class. Upgrades are possible to the next higher cabin and seat. The offer acceptance is subject to availability. As previously mentioned, Qatar informs passengers and offers them exclusive rates that might not be available at the time of check-in. 

Certain passengers might get rejected after applying for the upgrade because of various reasons. While some do not  qualify for the eligibility. Check the potential reasons of getting rejected or non-eligibility. 

Potential Reasons to not Receive Upgrade Offers 

  1.  Seats are not available during that period 
  2. Booking is not confirmed yet
  3. The ticket does not qualify for an upgrade 
  4. Flights that are booked before 7 days of departure 
  5. Email address is not valid 
  6. The trip details are not added to the personalized dashboard in ‘Manage Booking’ or ‘My Trips’ on the mobile app. 

How Much To Upgrade To Business Class on Qatar Airways?

Various factors determine how much it will cost to upgrade business class on Qatar Airways. The fact remains the same for purchasing upgrades of the first class by the business class passengers. Moreover, the charges vary from flight to flight and the distance it is covering. 

The exact amount is defined alongside the alert or notification received through the various mediums of upgrade mentioned above. 

Qatar offers the flexibility to pay through various modes of payment from cash to credit cards. 

Can I Use Avios To Upgrade on Qatar Airways?

The Avios can be used to book on Qatar airways.  Extending its benefits, it allows upgrades on Qatar Airways with Avios points. These are standard reward points that Qatar Airways offers its passengers for flying and using its services. Its members of the One world alliance also use these to appreciate its passengers for purchasing services from them. 

The number of Avios required to pay as a replacement to actual cash is different. To ascertain the actual number of Avios required, use the  Qcalculator. Enter the details of the upcoming journey and it reflects the total Avios required to upgrade to the next higher cabin.  This calculator als calculates avios required for excess baggage for all the airlines under oneworld partnership. 

How to Earn and Collect Avios Points, Qatar Airways?

There are various ways to earn these points. First and foremost is to directly purchase from Qatar Airways. Else, the Avios of  British Airways can be combined and transferred to the Qatar Airways account. 

Partner credit card companies also offer Avios that can be transferred on one to one basis. Certain credit card companies are not directly engaged with Qatar, but offer Avios that can be transferred to British Airways.

These points further can be combined and Qatar Airways Privilege account. To do so, individuals need to sign in from both the accounts, and click on the combine option on the top right part of the page. 

How Many Miles To Upgrade on Qatar Airways?

Unfortunately, miles can not be used to upgrade on Qatar Airways. Miles are the older version of reward points that was accepted for booking and upgrading Qatar flights. Now Avios are the updated version and are the one of the  award points accepted as mode of payment.  Just pay using the Avios as an alternative to cash or credit payment. 


Q-credits also enable upgrades on Qatar Airways. The only limitation is these are awarded to only a few special passengers who hold the Gold and Platinum membership. Visit the Privilege Club section and become part of the membership to utilize the benefits.  If already a member, check your current balance by visiting the My benefits sections by logging in your Privilege account.

Upon Entering the membership, 40 and 60 credit points are instantly credited in your Gold and Platinum account respectively. Post that, one is eligible to upgrade not just the cabin but the baggage allowance. No additional cost is required to pay to increase the bag limit. The best perks of all is to buy lounge access for an additional member who wishes to visit you in the lounge area at Hamad International Airport. 

Do Qatar Airways Give Free Upgrades?

There are no provisions for free upgrades by Qatar Airways. There is some additional payment attached for enjoying and relaxing in a premium cabin. However, there are 2 ways that are equivalent to free upgrades as there is no additional payment required.

 One is very common that every airline does whenever there are seats vacant in the business cabin and they want to reward their passengers for various reasons  like their birthday, honeymoon couple, or passengers who paid a huge amount for excess baggage allowance, etc. 

How To Get a Free Upgrade on Qatar Airways?

Avios is an equivalent to free upgrade because there is no extra amount required to be paid. There is no extra effort in earning these points. It is a result of the obvious fact of flying or using Qatar services. 

This is only when the passenger has an adequate amount of Avios points to purchase the upgrade.  Otherwise, cash is required to pay the remaining balance. On the other hand,  Q- credit is limited to a certain set of passengers. But it is a way to upgrade the cabin and baggage for free. 

The second way to get a free upgrade on Qatar Airways is very rare. Qatar Airways or its staff will decide to offer a sudden upgrade to its lucky passenger. 

This is a common but rare phenomena used by Airlines. The reasons could be many as stated above. 

Before redirecting to upgrade on Qatar Airways, make sure to read the terms and conditions for availing the benefit of Qatar Airways Upgrade. There might be conditions that can affect the chances of getting an upgrade.

Terms and Conditions to Upgrade on Qatar Airways 

  •  The baggage allowance is not upgraded along with the seat. The upgrade offer is simply for the seat and cabin upgrade.
  • The charges for upgrade offer are non- refundable and non- transferable.
  • The upgrades allow passengers to jump to the next higher cabin in the hierarchy. Economy passengers can not directly purchase upgrades for the first class cabin. 
  • For connecting flights passengers, the offer is limited to one flight only. The upgrade offer will be applicable for the flight that is specified in the offer notification. 
  • Only one upgrade is allowed per flight.
  • The offered amount for upgrade is non- negotiable.
  • Interested candidates must purchase the offer within a specified time period, if the offer is received through mail/ mobile application. 
  • Cancellation and changes’ charges apply for the upgraded or awarded tickets.
  • The reward points offered for flying with Qatar Airways are sent on the basis of Original charges of booking. The cost of upgraded cabins is not included for rewarding the passengers.
  • Qatar doesn’t accept any responsibility for technical issues resulting in payment failure.
  • In case the upgrade is canceled post payment due to unavailability, then the refund is credited to the same credit card used for payment.
  • The upgrade is for the entire booking not for one individual. If a booking consists of more than one passenger, then charges need to be paid for the entire booking. 
  •   Qatar Airways owns the right to cancel the offer before confirmation due to various reasons. 

Concluding Passage 

This guide describes every possible way to upgrade on Qatar Airways. Avios is a special upgrade on Qatar Airways that is loved by its frequent flyers who have collected ample of these. Furthermore, passengers with less points can pay the remaining balance with cash while paying the rest with the avios points. Q-credits’ owners are worth equal mention, who enjoy additional updates that are not available with the Avios points.

Points are the center of the passengers’ interest. While,the highlight of this content is Qatar Terms and conditions for upgrades. People tend to ignore it and miss an opportunity to upgrade on Qatar Airways. So, it is a must to carefully read every point detailed in the terms and condition

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