Is Qatar Airways Good for travel

Surely, Qatar Airways is a good airline verifying by being amongst the top international flights. Its aircrafts fly to more than 150 destinations. Initially it was envisioned to serve in the regional capacity, however focusing and catering to the passengers’ needs it expanded its destinations across the globe. 

How Good Are Qatar Airways?

Operational since 1997, it has gradually but strongly established its name in the Airline industry globally. It has received global recognition in a short span as compared to already running established services. However, value for money is the only criteria for passengers to qualify any airline’s worthiness. 

How Good Are Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways offers services from basic to luxury. Its services can be easily categorized into Standard, Comfort and Luxury. Passengers can personalize their experience to a certain extent by purchasing the seat and adding the extras separately. Apart from comfort, security is a major concern for all passengers. Aircrafts and staff are the standard criteria to judge the safety standards of any airline. Keep reading the detailed services to determine how good are Qatar Airways. 

QR Airlines Health and Hygiene Protocols

According to Skytrax ratings, Qatar Airways is a 5 star rated Airline in following and maintaining the COVID protocols. It is the only airline to achieve this milestone. Apart from the COVID mandates, it strictly follows the health and hygiene international standards to ensure a healthy and happy customer. Committing to its passengers safety, Qatar Airways dedicatedly works 360 degree to maintain a hygienic environment suiting the passengers health needs. It has even collaborated with testing labs to ensure authentic COVID test reports at affordable rates. Passengers must contribute to the discipline that Qatar Airways has designed and follow the mandates. To do so learn the rules about does Qatar Airways require masks and does Qatar Airways require COVID tests.

Qatar Airways Fleet 

Qatar Airways owns highly equipped and advanced aircrafts. A total 207 aircrafts are members of its fleet. Qatar Airways states that it owns the youngest aircrafts in the world with an average age of 5 years. The quality of the fleet is an assurance to lesser accidents. So, to passengers of more than 150 destinations where Qatar Airways does fly, you can travel assuredly.

Baggage Allowance 

The Baggage Allowance is quite decent for Qatar Passengers. The limit for carrying the Baggage varies based on the flight and the fare types. The weight limit begins from 1 piece luggage of 25 kgs. Further, the baggage allowance can also be  upgraded through cash, credit or Q-credit points. To reduce the cost a bit, offers and discounts are offered for booking online. 

Seat Types 

Qatar Airways has three seating types, namely Economy, Business and First class. Extending the comfort it offers extra leg space, comfortable seats, choice of seats and much more. To actualise this comfort, the seats are subdivided into three parts each. Comfort and Convenience can be selected for free within the standard ticket prices. Whereas, the Classic seat types are sold for extra charges.

Super WiFi 

Super WiFi is a 10 times faster internet network than the usual. It is an add on service for the basic seats whereas it is absolutely free for the premium fare types. Qatar Airways wants to ensure connectivity with the world while flying with its  WiFi service. It is the only Airline in Asia offering WiFi service in 100 aircrafts. So, yes, Qatar Airways does have Wifi, that too with such a high speed.  Checkif you are eligible to get the Super Wifi for free or is it chargeable under your ticket charges.


Upgrades are possible for the basic standard ticket prices. The upgrades offer several add ons like extra leg space, WiFi, business class seats, baggage Allowance etc. The upgrades are also possible with the Avios points. Q-credits are also offered by Qatar Airwas which has additional upgrade options, but for a limited number of people. Know more about these points and learn how to upgrade on Qatar Airways.

Avios points 

Avios points are a way of appreciating the passenger for traveling with Qatar and its partnered airlines. Passengers can also earn these while using certain credit cards or other services offered by the Airway. These points can be used in future to book or upgrade the tickets. Even Q suites that have premium business seats can also be booked with these points.  If you frequently fly and have Avios points, then learn how to book on Qatar Airways with points.

If traveling with partner airlines, then these points can be combined and can be used to travel with Qatar or partner airlines. 

Special Dietary Requirements

Qatar Airways serves food prepared based on medical prescriptions. Passengers need to pre-inform by updating the ‘Manage Booking’ section online. Else for offline bookings, the airline must be informed simultaneously. Necessary doctor’s prescription is required for airlines to confirm the special dietary needs. 


Qatar Airways dining is a complete treat to the taste buds. There are several cuisines cooked by one of the top chefs in the world. Moreover, vegan to meat, every food item is cooked and served to the passengers. Refreshments, starters, snacks and desserts are available to create a full course meal.

Menus are now available online before the trip for passengers’ reference. This menu remains available post boarding throughout the journey to order anytime during the trip. 

Mobility Assistance 

Wheelchair assistance is offered at all airports and Airbus. The availability might be limited to a certain number of buses. That is why passengers need to pre- inform the airlines at least 48 hours prior to the departure. Also, personal wheelchairs can be carried easily. Qatar Airways might ask to fill a form for medical purposes. This is notified when contacted anytime 48 hours before the departure. 

This helps staff to assist the passengers after boarding the flight. 

Mobility Friendly Seats 

Roating, inclined seats, and mobility Friendly Seats are installed in Qatar Airways for special needs passengers’ comfort. All these requirements need to be updated in the ‘Manage Booking’ section available online on the official website. 

Is Qatar Airways Good for Unaccompanied Minors?

Unaccompanied minors can travel easily with the trained staff of Qatar Airways. The seat for the minor can be purchased with Avios points but with an additional fee. The additional fee can be paid with the 3000 Avios points. However, there are a set of terms and conditions that must be carefully read for unaccompanied minors to travel safely with Qatar Airways. 

Pet Owners 

Qatar Airways enables pet owners to fly with their pets. It allows domesticated dogs, birds and cats. Furthermore, service dogs can travel for free with their owners. Necessary documents are must for owners to confirm their pets booking in the flight. Also, there might be changes in the terms and conditions based on the  specific destination’s regulations. 

Qatar Airways enables pet to fly

Play Area for Children 

There are special play areas for kids. Parents traveling with their children understand the need to keep their kids entertained. These rooms are available at Hamad International Airport. 

The limitation is the availability at other airports is not specified by the Airways. 

Passenger, The Final Decision Maker

Qatar Airways are known for its services from a basic expected service to premium luxuriously designed services. This article tries to state whatever, while stating its limitations at times. It is clear and easy to ascertain if Qatar Airways is good with its growing popularity, but every passenger has its own judgment criteria based on their needs. Is Qatar Airways good?, it must be the passengers like you who finally decide and answer . 

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