Does Southwest Have Business Class

No, Southwest has neither Business nor first class offered to its passengers. Rather, it provides Business Select Tickets to its customers that costs extra money than other tickets. Southwest Airlines has only economy classes that vary depending on the perks it offers. Tickets with more perks will be costlier. In this case, Business Select is Southwest Airlines’ expensive seat class. Let’s dwell more into the Southwest Business Select Seat Class and its benefits. 

About Southwest Business Class/Select

Southwest Business Class Seats

If you are searching for flights on Southwest Airlines and different seat classes confuse you then worry no more. The airline has four different seat classes that come with attached benefits. Nevertheless, passengers are informed that they will not be getting any affluent environment in any of the fare classes.

What is Business Class on Southwest? Business Select is the airline’s premium ticket with the most perks. Instead of giving larger seats, lounges, and other services of premium business class, Southwest Airlines focuses more on benefits and rewards to give a touch of luxury. 

The airline may let down passengers who usually purchase business-class tickets. However, customers who enjoy extra benefits and personally love flying with Southwest Airlines may want to get upgraded to Southwest Airlines Business Class. 

Southwest Business Select Vs Business Class

Southwest Business Select Vs Business Class

The major reason for choosing a business class on an airline is the extra legroom. Individuals who like to travel with comfort always seem to be drawn towards business and first class. It is where Southwest Airlines disheartens its customers. The larger seat seats and extra legroom are not something you can expect with Southwest Airlines Seat Class Business Select. In fact, every seat class has almost the same dimensions and no extra legroom. 

Secondly, unlike other business classes, Southwest Airlines does not have a separate lounge. Generally, passengers enjoy the business class lounge facilities while waiting for the flight. On the other hand, you do not get access to lounges with Business Select on Southwest

Perks of Southwest Airlines Premium Ticket, Business Select

Perks of Southwest Airlines’ Premium Ticket, Business Select

Aside from all the absent facilities, Southwest Airlines’ Premium Ticket offers other perks as well. If you prefer early boarding and more rapid rewards then you shall upgrade to Business Select Seat Class.

  • Get access to early boarding and choose seats in advance with Southwest Business Class Ticket.
  • The ticket is completely refundable and changeable. In addition, you can Change Southwest Airline Flight without bearing any additional fee.
  • You can also check in via the Southwest Airlines application. 
  • There is a separate lane for checking in and a security check for business select passengers. 
  • Southwest Credit Card holders get free drink coups that are provided to them by mail. One can retrieve such coupons while checking in at the airport.
  • You do get in-flight facilities like complimentary drinks, movies, live TV ad in-flight messaging.
  • Business Select will get you 12 Rapid Rewards/ dollar. 

Overview Southwest Business Select (Business Class)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the seats bigger in business class on Southwest?

No, seats in every fare class of Southwest Airlines are somewhat the same. However, you can expect comfortable seats in  Boeing 737-00 or 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

Does Southwest have first class?

No, Southwest Airlines has economy classes that come with additional benefits.

Does Southwest have assigned seats for business class?

No, it has open seating. One can select any available seat when boarded on the plane.
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