Does Southwest Have First Class? Guide to Business Select :) Does Southwest Have First Class? Guide to Business Select :)
Does Southwest Have First Class

No, Southwest does not have any designated first class in any of its aircraft. Southwest Airlines has Business Select i.e. is the most expensive fare class among all. Many refer to it as the Southwest’s version of first class but one can hardly compare it with the full-service first-class premium cabins.

If you are looking forward to traveling with Southwest then may want to upgrade to Southwest Business Select for a couple of reasons. Herein we will share a complete guide on Southwest Business Select to understand whether it qualifies as First Class.

Southwest Airlines Business Select

So you decided to make a reservation with Southwest Airlines and are willing to book a comforting fare class. If this is the case you will come across four seat classes named Business Select, Anytime, Wanna Get Away, and Wanna Get Away+. Three of the fare classes come below the Southwest Airlines Business Select. Like many others, you may assume Business Select as the First Class Fare of the airlines. 

Well, Southwest Business Select Fare Class is often compared to first class. However, both are far different from each other. Southwest Airlines First Class – Business Select is not a complete version of other premium classes. It does provide some benefits to its passengers but it’s not what you can call “top-notch”. 

By the end of this page, you will be able to identify What Business Select is on Southwest Airlines. Stay with us to understand the difference between Southwest considered “First Class” and the premium first class of other airlines. Based on the following information you can decide whether to upgrade to the Business Select Fare Class. 

Southwest Business Select Vs First Class

Now, there are several reasons why Southwest Business Select is rated higher than other fare classes. What benefit you will be given when flying in business select fare class? Such questions will be answered in this section.
Likewise, passengers will also learn why it is not a full-fledged version of premium first class. 

Features/ServicesSouthwest Business
First Class
Pre-flight Service✔️✔️
BaggageTwo free checked bagsTwo free checked bags and priority baggage handling
SeatingNo Extra Legroom & the seats will be as usual like the other fare classes.I. Extra LegroomII. Reclining Seats
III. Bigger Seats than Other Classes
In-flight Services
(Complementary Drinks, TV, Movies, etc)
Lounge No Separate LoungeSeparate Lounge with unique amenities and services.

Benefits of Business Select Ticket on Southwest

There are many Benefits of Business Select of Southwest that make it special from other classes. Business Select class will offer some services that other fares do not have. When flying on Business Select you get to experience the following advantages:

  1. Priority Boarding with Guaranteed A 1-15 Boarding. It will also give you access to choosing your seat earlier.
  2. Cancel your flight and get a full refund on Southwest Business Select Ticket.
  3. Since you will be guaranteed A1-15 boarding you do not have to stress about check-in. Moreover, you can check in online using your phone. You can check in whenever you please as you will receive the boarding pass 36 hours prior to the passengers checking in manually.
  4. This ensures check-in and security lane priority. You will not have to wait in a queue. A separate lane will be there for Business Select passengers to get through security and check in quickly and hassle-free.
  5. Passengers will be getting complimentary drinks, latest movies to watch, and live TV as in-flight services. In addition, Southwest Credit Card holders also get free drinks coupons in their mail. Make sure to check in at the airport to get your free drinks ticket even after checking in online or via application.
  6. Flying with Business Select earns you 12 Rapid Rewards for every dollar and qualifying flight. In addition, Rapid Reward member can transfer their credit score to a friend, family, or, colleague. Furthermore, SWABIZ and SPS Customers can transfer such credits to SWABIZ Customers.
  7. No worries if there are sudden changes in your planned trip. You can make changes on the same of departure. You get two options which are same-day confirmed change and same-day standby. There are no additional charges for such changes however you may have to bear taxes and fare differences.

Does Southwest Have First Class Seating?

No, Southwest does not provide first class seating. Since there is no presence of premium business class on Southwest, passengers do not get the perks of a larger seating area. You do get the aforementioned benefits but that is all you will be getting. If you are purchasing business select thinking to get a first-class luxurious experience then you are expecting too much. Business Select Southwest Seats will be similar to that of seats in other fare classes. 

Southwest Airlines operates three types of aircraft that have different dimensions of seats. Though the difference is not vast but there is a chance of slightly bigger seats when taking off in Boeing 737-00 or 737 MAX 8. Passengers are intimated about the aircraft when they buy Business Select Ticket.

How to Book Southwest Business Select

So, it is worth buying Southwest Business Select Ticket? The answer depends according to the need of a traveler. If you want first class experience then we would not recommend it. But go ahead if boarding early, rapid reward points, free cancellation, etc are your concerns. All things apart, Southwest ensures safe ad secure travel

Now that you have decided to book your next trip with Southwest Airlines Business Select & get all the perks. Start booking your reservation online or through travel agents. Unlike other airways, you cannot book tickets through websites like Orbitz and Kayak. Refer to the steps described below to Book Southwest Business Select.

  • Start by visiting the official website of the airline. 
  • Once the homage is loaded you can click on the link “Book Now” to purchase the ticket.
  • Input all the asked details and click the button to search for available flight tickets.
  • Once you find the flight that best fits your requirements then you can proceed further.
  • Select Business Select as your fare class and complete all the other formalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there first-class seats in Southwest?

No, there is no such thing as first-class seats on Southwest Airlines. All fares are economy classes with some attached benefits.

Does Southwest Airlines have no first class?

Southwest does not have first class. Instead, it has Business Select which is not similar to other premium classes. 

Does Southwest Airlines have bigger seats?

No, passengers get the usual seating area. No extra legroom or reclining option is available with Business Select Ticket.

How do I get priority seating on Southwest?

You can upgrade to a Southwest Business Select ticket to get the perks of priority seating. 

Does Southwest have assigned seats for business class?

Southwest flights do not have assigned seating. Instead, it has open seating so when you are boarded you can choose any vacant seats.

What are the benefits of Southwest Business Select?

Some of its best perks are Priority Boarding, Security & Check-in Priority, Moer Rapid Reward Points, Free Cancellation, and Refundable. 
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