What is Business Select on Southwest

Southwest Business Select is the most expensive fare class that offers the additional benefits, including guaranteed A1-A15 boarding positions to enhance the customer experience. Choosing the right fare can add up to your journey experience. Thus, it highly depends on what airline and ticket fare you chose for the trip. Through this page, we would like to bring your attention to the Business Select on Southwest. 

If you are planning your next trip with Southwest Airlines then you will come across questions like What is Business Select on Southwest? Is Southwest Business Select Worth It? Read the following information to know more about Southwest Business Select Fare.

Southwest Business Select Class Fare Review

Southwest Business Select Class

Many will mistake Southwest Business Select Fare for first class. However, it’s not similar to the latter. It can be said that Business Select is the closest to the first class. However, both differ in many aspects at the same time. Besides Business Select, Southwest offers other fares called Anytime, Wanna Get Away, and Wanna Get Away+ as well. In addition, it also offers military fares and additional services. Booking of these fares and services can be done online but availing of some services requires contacting customer care service. 

Fare can change according to the selected route, time of travel, demand, and added fare type benefits, and other elements. Southwest Business Select has seating like other fares and will not offer a lounge area to relax before takeoff. However, it does have some benefits that will make you gravitate towards Southwest Business Select Fare.

Southwest First-Class Business Select Advantages

Southwest First-Class Business Select Advantages

In this section, we have focused on the detailed benefits of Southwest’s First-Class Business Select.

  • If there is a possibility of a change in plan then booking this fare class is beneficial. You can make changes or cancel the ticket with Southwest Airlines Business Select without any penalty charges. Flight credits will not expire and will be valid for up to three years.
  • You can enjoy services like live TV, free movies, and in-flight message when onboard.
  • Rapid Rewards members have the option to transfer their unused flight credits to friends and family. 
  • There is a facility for a full refund on last-minute flight cancellations.
  • Passengers do not have to wait in line to get on board. Eligible members will have a check-in and security lane dedicated to them.

Southwest Airlines Business Select Seating

It does not matter whether you chose Business Select, Wanna Get Away, or Wanna Get Away+, the seats will be the same for all. So, there change in the seat size when upgrading to Southwest’s expensive fare class. Passengers will be notified of the aircraft they will be flying on so they can be aware of the seat dimensions. The table below dictates seat dimensions as per the concerned aircraft:

Seat TypeBoeing 737-700Boeing 737-800 & 737 MAX 8
Average Pitch31”32”
Narrowest Seat Width15.5”15.5”
Widest Seat Width17”17.8”

Is Upgrading to Southwest Business Select Beneficial?

We have to go through the offered services to really understand whether Southwest Business Select is worth it or not. As stated above, Business Select has several advantages for its customers. The fare is 100% refundable. Passengers can even earn some extra points on miles. You will also get the facility to make same-day changes on flights without facing any penalty. Southwest Business Select with earn you 12 Rapid Reward points for a dollar spent on a qualifying booking. It will give you access to priority boarding, a security line, and a premium beverage. 

Southwest Business Class is worth upgrading if you are willing to pay for an A1-A15 boarding position. Moreover, go for this fare if there is a high possibility of cancellation or change in plan.

What’s the difference between Anytime and business select?

There are a few differences between Southwest Anytime and Business Select Fare. Although they are pretty much the same, provide the same services, and are both changeable and refundable. However, some differences persist and make Business Select a premium fare class. Below is the listed difference between the Anytime and Business Select fare classes of Southwest Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between Anytime and business select?

Business Select passengers will have access to guaranteed A1-A15 priority boarding. 

Does Southwest have First Class?

Southwest does not offer first class instead it has business select fare class that offers customers some benefits and rapid reward points. 

Do you get access to a first-class lounge with Southwest Business Select?

No, there are no such services offered with Southwest Business Select Fare.

How many fare classes are there in Southwest?

There are four fare classes including Business Select. Others are called Anytime, Wanna Get Away, and Wanna Get Away+

Are Southwest Business Select fares refundable?

Yes, you can cancel or change Southwest Business Select fares without a penalty fee.
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