Is Mike Hafner Southwest Airlines Still Alive

There is no official statement about the demise of Mike Hafner. In 2007, he was appointed as the Vice president of Southwest Airlines. While he had been working for the airline since 1981. It was due to his loyal and incredible performance that he was trusted for such an honorable position. 

His sudden disappearance from the media created many speculations about Is Mike Hafner Southwest Airlines Still Alive. Higher authorities found his work and experience significant to lead and monitor airline major operations.  

What is Mike Hafner’s Connection to Southwest Airlines?

Mike Hafner will now be our new Vice President. This statement was shared in a 2007 press release of Southwest Airlines. You can still find the complete article on the airline official website. 

Mike Hafner’s journey with the airline and how his experience can significantly influence and improve the airline operations was also mentioned with confidence. These details are presented for the potential  investors who check the current experience to predict future growth of the airline. With Mike Hafner  introduced as the new Vice president who has more than 26 years of experience, Southwest Airlines expressed its future mission and vision to its customers. Undoubtedly, the airline has been able to run successfully due to the presence of such members in the authority. 

Unfortunately, no new records for is Mike Hafner Southwest Airlines still alive have not been found.  The new updates shall soon be revealed if there will be any such case as expected. Otherwise the operations will continue as regular. 

Southwest Airlines was formed in 1967 but started operations as an intrastate airline in Texas in 1971. Herb Kelleher and Rollin King are its two founders who laid its foundation and have witnessed its lows and downs. In 2014, King died in 2014. Although he left the management in 2006, his recognized work in Southwest became a part of his identity. Newsheadlines concluded his life journey as the Co-Founder of the airline. 


This information was to refer to the fact that any new updates on Mike Hafner might also make news. So till then we can wait for the updates for is Mike Hafner Southwest Still Alive. His contributions are recorded and praised in the 2007 article. Furthermore, he must create a more powerful impact on the airline performance with better hold of authority. Southwest is now known as the airline which has flown the most number of domestic destinations in the U.S.

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