What Terminal is Southwest at MCO

Southwest Airlines is at Terminal A at MCO Orlando International Airport. It is present between 12-13 Doors. The gates within are used for Departures and arrivals. The airline flies to many international and domestic locations from this airport. 

Orlando Airport is a prominent airport serving millions of passengers. It is a hub for international travelers from nearby surroundings also. Consequently, it is known as the seventh busiest airport in the United States. Let us read more details about Southwest Airlines’ operations at Orlando Airport. 

Southwest Terminal Details at Orlando Airport (MCO)

Airport NameOrlando International Airport 
Airport Address1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, USA
Airport TerminalsTerminal A, B, and C
Southwest Terminal Details At Orlando Airport

Now we know what terminal is Southwest terminals at Orlando International Airport. The airline offers 118 plus direct weekly flights and more than nonstop from the port. The terminal is loaded with a variety of services and facilities to ensure that travelers can smoothly board the plane. 

Levels 1,2 and 3 are the three floors at terminal A. Amenities and Facilities offered by the airline and airport are present here.  Find out where Southwest Airlines terminal and services for boarding and check-in. 

Southwest Airlines Arrivals and Departures at MCO Airport 

Arrivals and Departures for Southwest Airlines are scheduled from terminal A. The gateways are 100-110 and 120-129. Use your boarding pass to verify the gate you need to visit for your flight. The airport staff shall also guide in case of any confusion. 

Southwest Airlines Baggage Claim 

The Baggage counter for submission of luggage or complaints regarding lost or damaged bags is present at Level 2 of Southwest MCO terminal. Passengers are allowed two checked bags for free. Check the dimensional and weight limit to avail of the benefit. The bags exceeding the limit will be charged an additional fee. Visit the Southwest Airlines website and find the baggage allowance.

Orlando Southwest Terminal for Check-In

Orlando Southwest Terminal for Check-In

Southwest Airlines check-in is at terminal A of Orlando International Airport. Curb-side check-in is also available. Self-check-in and ticket counters are the other two options. Whereas, the passengers can get the boarding pass via the online medium. Log in with your booking confirmation and name, confirm the details, add services, or select preferred seats before printing the pass. 

Southwest Security CheckPoints 

Security check-points for Southwest Airlines are at gates 70-129. The much easier and quick TSA is also offered to the passengers. After clearing the security, move ahead to the counters for flight-related formalities and complete as per the airline guidelines, and finally reach the boarding gate to board the plane as per the scheduled timings.

Other Amenities and Facilities at MCO Orlando Southwest Terminal 

Other Amenities and Facilities at MCO Orlando Southwest Terminal 

Orlando Airport offers a range of facilities to ensure a stress-free and convenient experience to travelers. Basic necessities to luxurious facilities like shops and stores of popular brands are present here. Here is a list of the services and amenities offered by Orlando International Airport Terminal B. 

  • Restrooms 
  • Pet Relief Areas 
  • Shops and Dinings (Cloth Accessories to Food Outlets and Restaurants)
  • WiFi 
  • Smoking Zones 
  • Prayer Room
  •  Kids Zone 
  • Hyatt Regency International Airport Hotel 
  • Rental Cars and Taxi counters 

MCO Orlando Airport Parking and Transportation Services 

Free Cell lots to the terminal-specific garage are available here at Orlando Airport. The former is free of cost for visitors using the parking area for picking up and dropping off airline passengers. While the prices for the other lots are based on the features and benefits. An approximate range for the parking areas vary from $19 for normal space to $25 for Valet services. 

Transportation facilities from rental cars or cabs to free airport trains and shuttle buses are available at MCO. The SunRail Train offers rides between 5:30 to 21:30. On the other hand, Lynx Local Bus also drops off and picks up the passengers. Explore the Parking and Transportation page of Orlando MCO Airport’s official website to know about other transportation services available to reach and leave the airport. 

Overview of MCO Orlando Airport Terminal A


Southwest Airlines is a domestic airline of the United States. It flies to several national and international locations. One of its stops is at Orlando Airport in Florida. The passengers can book the flights online and offline as well. Other check-in and additional facilities are also available for purchase on the official website. Before arriving at the airport, check what terminal is Southwest at MCO. Remember to reach early to finish the formalities and avoid denied or late entries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is Southwest Airlines at MCO Orlando Airport?

Southwest Airlines operates from terminal A at MCO Orlando International Airport. 

Does Southwest Airlines internationally from MCO Airport?

Southwest Airlines flies to various international locations from Orlando MCO airport.

How to contact the Southwest Airlines MCO terminal?

800-435-9792, Dial this number to contact Southwest Airlines at MCO. 
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