Is Southwest a Good Airline

Yes, Southwest is a very good airline that ranked in the top 15 in the World’s safest airlines 2021 recent list. This outdid famous airlines like Delta, United, & American. Southwest Airlines is an affordable choice with 4-star Skytrax ratings for remarkable services and consistently good reviews. It mostly offers flights at low prices with comfortable seats and good inflight services. What else does a traveler need?

Southwest is the world’s largest low-cost carrier. It was founded in 1967 and has marked its presence in the aviation industry. Its motto –“Low fares. Nothing to hide. That’s TransFarency!”  has created a loyal customer base. Now, it operates around 4,000 daily flights to 121 destinations like the US, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

How Is Southwest A Good Airline To Fly?

How Is Southwest A Good Airline To Fly

One of the main reasons that make Southwest a Good Airline to Fly is its affordable prices. As its motto, the airline has transparency in ticket pricing with no hidden charges. This implies, the price you see on screens already includes taxes and fees. Aside from this, Southwest has relaxed its flight cancellation and changed policies for good.
We believe choosing the right carrier is important for a smooth and memorable journey. It becomes challenging for the passengers with several options available in the market. Southwest is a reliable airline and is known for its customer-friendly policies and unique approach. On this page, we will discuss factors that make Southwest Airlines a Good Airline.

Why is Southwest Airlines Good?

Southwest is a 4-star Low-Cost certified carrier with good reviews. Here are some of the prominent reasons that answers why Southwest is considered a good airline. 

1. Affordable Pricing

Southwest Airlines manages to offer carrier services at budget-friendly prices. Moreover, its rapid reward policy makes it possible to save more money. The airline is consistently providing discount offers on basic fares as well as Southwest Business Class Tickets. Passengers can Cancel Southwest Flight without a heavy pane.

2. Satisfied Customers

Satisfied Customers

Southwest receives continuous positive reviews from its satisfied customers regarding its friendly and dedicated services and staff. In addition, it follows a “Bag Fly Free” policy that allows passengers to check two bags without any fee. These customer-focused policies have won Southwest a high customer rating over the years and months.

3. Performance Punctuality & Reliability

Southwest is a very good airline that maintains On-time Performance. In OAG Punctuality League Report 2023, Southwest ranked 13 out of 20 airlines. While according to official data, Southwest On-time performance was rated 77.5% this year & is generally above average as compared to its competitors. However, the probability of canceling a flight due to unavoidable situations (Weather conditions & Air Traffic) still persists.
Additionally, the airline is rated low when it comes down to mishandling baggage. According to the Air Travel Consumer Report of mishandled bags, Southwest Airlines ranked 5 for a minimal number of mishandled bags.

4. Southwest 4 Star Quality Services

Southwest 4 Star Quality Services

As discussed above, the airline has a 4-star rating out of 5 in quality services by Skytrax. A global organization that rates airlines’ product and service quality. It focuses more on added benefits & inflight services rather than luxury. Southwest Business Ticket Worth It is for travelers who prefer flying domestically with affordable tickets. Southwest offers in-flight amenities like complimentary drinks, inflight wifi, TV Screens, and the Latest Movies to bust boredom on long-hour flights.

5. Developed Southwest Aircraft Fleet

The airline operates in modern and well-maintained aircraft and thus, Southwest is a Safe Airline. The airline follows strong measures to prevent any arising safety risks. Passengers flying with Southwest Airlines generally feel safe while traveling. This together contributes to maintaining a good reputation in the industry.

6. Additional Benefits for Southwest Frequent Flyers

Loyal customers who frequently fly with Southwest Airlines get access to reward programs. The frequent flier program is called “Rapid Rewards”. These points are credited according to the price paid and selected fare. It is something new to those airlines that rewards only for miles flown. Passengers can use Southwest Reward Points for next flights, hotels, car rentals, and more! Additionally, these rewards hardly have any expiry dates making passengers redeem these points whenever they want to.

Southwest Airlines Unique Benefits

Southwest Airlines Unique Benefits

There are some unique benefits that further make Southwest a Good Airline to Fly. If the above-listed points did not grab your attention the following will. 

  • Southwest frequent flyers can get an opportunity to win a Companion Pass, which allows them to travel with their buddy for the price of one. Meaning, this is a deal of buy-one-get-one. However, there are some terms and conditions applied. 
  • The airline has an open seating system where passengers can sit wherever they wish if they board first. With Southwest Business Select, passengers have guaranteed A1-A15 boarding (a group that boards first).
  • Southwest is the only airline that allows two free checked bags with a free carry-on and personal items onboard. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Southwest is a good airline for many passengers.  Its affordable price, customer-friendly policies, and transparency and safety measures brought in many customers. Overall, the choice is yours, it depends upon travelers’ needs, requirements, and budget. Southwest Airlines is a great choice for those who love to travel on a budget. Consider the discussed points while booking your next journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Southwest Airlines still good?

Yes, Southwest Airlines is a good choice for travel considering its affordable price and positive reviews.

Why do people like Southwest?

Southwest Airlines offers a flexible change policy without fee and two free checked bags with free carry-on & personal items.

Is Southwest a budget airline?

Yes, Southwest Airlines is famously known as the world’s largest low-cost carrier.

Does Southwest have a rewards program?

Yes, Southwest offers frequent flyers with rapid rewards which are credited according to per dollar paid for the purchase and per flight.

What in-flight amenities does Southwest offer?

Southwest provides complimentary drinks, snacks, and inflight WiFi.

What sets Southwest apart from other airlines?

Southwest stands out for its flexible policies, no flight change fee, free carry-on & checked bags, and a loyal reward program.
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