How to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines offers assistance to specially abled persons since the arrival at the airport. The wheelchairs are available on the ground and even in the flight. Passengers or family members must inform the airlines about requirements beforehand for a smooth procedure. 

The Airlines crew is at your service round the clock. The service continues post departure and the staff offers wheelchair service after landing to deboard the plane. 

The request for a wheelchair can be raised while booking the tickets or later upon arrival at the airport. Along with the wheelchair other services are offered to the passenger. For the additional there is no separate procedure needed.

To avail these services and add wheelchair assistance, there is a detailed with various mediums of booking. Review the guide to book assistance for different stages of the journey. 

How to Raise a Request for a Wheelchair on Spirit Airlines?

How to Raise a Request for a Wheelchair on Spirit Airlines

Firstly let’s add wheelchair assistance in the booking section of Spirit Airlines.


  • Visit the ‘My Trips’ section on the official page or the app interface. 
  • Next, Select the “Add” option and choose the wheelchair assistance required. There are various types mentioned in it. 
  • Call or Text the Spirit Airlines at 855-728-3555. 


  • Spirit Ticket counters are the best to get direct support from the staff. You can inform the staff about the wheelchair requirement and the assistance shall be available within 20 minutes. 
  • ( The types of wheelchair assistance could include the aisle chair to move to the lavatory, or help required anytime during the journey with the airlines.) 
  • The offline process can be quite lengthy.  At Least 2 hours prior arrival is must for domestic and 3 hours for the international flights. 
  • For curbside assistance, family members or the people related to the passenger in need must visit the ticket counter. 

Other Additional Services 

Apart from wheelchair availability at the airport and in the flight, the staff is there to help in the following procedures: 

  • Boarding pass printing 
  • Security checks 
  • Accompaniment till the gate of the restroom or restaurant. 
  • Every 30 minutes check for any help required when standing at the door of boarding.
  • Boarding assistance prior to other guests
  • Post Boarding the assistance can be offered for the following needs of the passengers.
  • To use Lavatory in the flight, a wheelchair is available and the flight attendant brings the same to you. 

Finally, after landing the staff assists in debearding and accompanies at the airport. To make Spirit Airlines wheelchair assistance process easy, the airline requests specially abled passengers to follow these guidelines.

How to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Spirit Airlines? (Guidelines)

Passengers who added wheelchair assistance in Spirit Airlines must wait for other passengers to leave.

Also, the passenger must inform the staff on board for any such help.

After arriving on the gate, identify verification with the staff at the gate for wheelchair assistance. 

Two staff attendants will bring the aisle wheelchair for swift movement in the narrow passage and later shift to the wheelchair for deplaning and drop you at the airport.

Post landing, staff accompanies at the airport till the baggage claim. Further, there is no support guaranteed on the official site. 

Spirit Airlines is very dedicated to put all its efforts to make the journey more safe and secure. It is a member of the IATA( International Air Transportation Administration), an organization that examines the safety standards of airlines based on international protocols. Only on clearing the standards followed by IATA, an airline receives recognition and membership. 

So, Spirit Airlines is safe and maintains all the necessities to assist the travelers who are specially abled. 

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