Is Spirit Airlines Safe

Yes, Spirit Airlines is safe to fly with as it is a IATA member and qualifies for the international standards of airline safety. The airline is a low-cost airline that raise concerns: is Spirit Airlines safe to fly? Millions of passengers traveling with the airlines is a big proof of its safety. Spirit Airlines is certified by FAA it is also rated as a 3-star airline by Skytrax. Moreover, it is raned 6/7 by airline satey rating website which can be trusted. Spirit Airlines is considered one of the safest airlines in the world. The airline manage to keep a strong safety record with no major fatal accidents. 

How Safe is Spirit Airlines?

How Safe is Spirit Airlines

Surely, Spirit is among the top 25 safest airlines in the world. The airline is a part of International Airport Transport Association. IATA audits and certifies the airlines as per the international safety benchmarks accepted worldwide. Moreover, IATA reports and data enables regional authorities to design and audit the provisions better for airlines safety. Since IATA accepts Spirit Airlines as its member, this ensures that Spirit Airline planes are safe to fly. The IATA follows the ICAO provisions to audit and certify any airline. Moreover, this auditing occurs after every 2 years  to renew the membership.

What Is Spirit Airlines Safety Record?

The safety record of the Spirit Airilnes states that there are zero major accidents recorded in last 10 years. This reflects safety assurance about the passenger’s security. IATA consider a lot of  external factors like the airplane design, manufacturing, ground handling companies,etc as the reason for airline accidents. It is a genuine warning to not not trust the airline rankings several websites have calculated on the basis of customer reviews. 

The IATA certification ensures the safety and reliability of Spirit passengers. However, a caution on passengers behalf is very essential. Following the protocols determined by the IATA and the Spirit Airlines is very essential. This is an implication of all the safety procedures designed by the airline to incorporate safety while flying.

To ascertain if the Spirit Airlines is safe or not, follow authentic data only.  Follow data of official region specific aerospace regulating authorities. IATA is one such essential organization whose reports and data are accepted world wide. Read the next paragraphs to understand the criterias under which it can be stated that Spirit Airlines is safe.

Provisions Determining Spirit Airlines Safety 

By now its confirmed that Spirit Airlines is safe and reliable. To further solidify your trust in the same, below is the summary of auditing provisions which Spirit Airlines must have qualified to be part of IATA. The provisions are from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) annexes 1, 2, 6,8, 17,18, and 19. 

  • Personnel licensing, the annex 1 audits the skills and expertise of pilots, and other ground staff. A trained staff guarantees the safety of the passengers. 
  • Weather conditions, air traffic and few unprecedented technical errors that might hamper a safe landing require specific rules catering to it. Airlines that follow the rules vividly qualify the 2 annexes of the safety provision. 
  • This 6 annex is to judge the design and built quality of the aircraft. To determine that, ICAO expects the design to be strong enough to handle air traffic, weather conditions and other errors swiftly without the assistance from highly expertised crew and  the pilot. 
  • The 8 Annex is the highlight in reference to the increasing air crimes. Strong cockpit doors, ceilings, doors, floor and a competent crew are ideal precautions for situations like hijacking and others. 
  • Annex 17 focuses on encouraging other regional authorities to develop a strong and error proof strategy focusing on International Airlines safety.
  • While annex 18  is entirely different referring to the cargo shipment safety protocols. 
  • Lastly, Annex 19 is a new establishment driving all its focus on the rapidly growing aerospace. It ensures to constantly work and upgrade the safety measures to avoid any last minute hazards.

Bravo, the airline confirms that it is safe to travel with Spirit Airline. Moreover to gain other related certifications, the airline must have gone through sophisticated auditing to receive the IATA acknowledgement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spirit Airlines safe for International travels?

Spirit Airlines owns a modern fleet and has a safe record so far and can be trusted by passengers to fly internationally.

How safe is flying with spirit airlines?

Spirit Airlines despite being a low cost airline ensures every protocol is followed to maintain the safety standards set by IATA. It is also a certified member of the organization. 

What is Spirit Airlines ratings?

According to online ratings and customer feedback, Spirit Airlines is a 3 star rated airline.

What is the safety record of Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines has a good safety record with no fatal accidents and a 6/7 safety ranking. 

is Spirit Airline plane safe?

Yes, Spirit Airlines plane is safe to fly as it operates the complete fleet of Airbus including Airbus A319, A320, and A321. 
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