What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at O’Hare Airport

O’ Hare Airport serves as the main International Airport in Chicago. It also ranks as the fourth busiest airport in the world. According to 2021 data, the airport witnessed approximately 54 million passengers traffic flying from the airport. This traffic is due to a huge number of airlines using the Chicago O’ Hare Airport. 

This content is specifically dedicated to answering the query about, what terminal is Spirit Airlines at O’ Hare International Airport. Passengers with upcoming flights from the Chicago Airport can read the later section for a detailed description of the terminal that Spirit uses at the airport. 

Spirit Airlines O’Hare Airport Terminal

Spirit Airlines is at Terminal 3 of Chicago O’ Hare International Airport. The arriving or departing passengers of the airline will find the services offered by Spirit Airlines at this terminal. 

The baggage service and check-in is also available at Spirit Airlines at O’Hare Terminal. This terminal is also equipped with a bunch of other services that are offered by the airport considering the needs of a passenger visiting an airport. Before boarding the plane, you can take a short walk at the terminal and buy or use the service as per your preferences. Check the below section to know more about the amenities and facilities at the O’ Hare terminal. 

1. Parking Area at Spirit O’Hare Terminal

Parking service is available at this airport serving passengers the security and ease to safely park their vehicle to fly freely or drop someone off and stay ensured when not around the vehicle. This service is paid. You can check the prices on the official website page which will also inform the total cost based on hour, day, or the total price of time the vehicle will be parked at the airport.

2. Transportation Facility for Terminal 3, O’ Hare

The Airport Transit system offers connectivity throughout the airport. Passengers can use the airport transit system to reach the terminal or commute to another terminal. The O’Hare Transit system has a stop on T-3 or Terminal 3 for easy access to passengers.

3. Security Points at Spirit Terminal Chicago O’Hare 

Check Point 7 and 7(A) are the main security points at Terminal Spirit Chicago. Passengers can enter Terminal 3 after clearing the checkpoints.

4. Baggage Claim at Spirit Airlines O’Hare Airport

At Spirit Chicago Terminal, the baggage claim counters are at Concourse K and H. The passengers can visit the counters for luggage-related services. The staff is present there to assist with any queries or assistance required by the passengers. 

5. Stay Fit with Yoga Rooms at O’Hare Terminal, Spirit 

Fitness enthusiasts can find their solace in the yoga room at terminal 3. It is available for passengers to relax and continue their fitness routine without a break. At terminal 3, Spirit passengers can visit the Rotunda Mezzanine to use the Yoga Room for some exercise time.

 There is another set of facilities that are present at the airport for passengers’ use. While above is the list of all the basic services required by a visitor with an additional point of the yoga room. The passengers will get an idea of all the facilities present at the airport and especially at terminal 3 with the sign boards present at smaller distances. The boards will indicate the services present at a particular space and the directions to reach the desired place. Use them to reach anywhere around the airport. Also, there are a variety of shops selling their products at the airport. In case, you feel hungry or have the urge to do a quick window shopping, then you can take a glimpse at the airport shops and their products. 

Overview of Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Spirit Airlines O’Hare Airport Terminal

Airport NameChicago O’Hare International Airport
Airport CodeORD Airport
Address10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666, United States
Website www.flychicago.com
Facebook URL
Twitter URL

Final Points 

With the above information on what terminal is Spirit Airlines at O’Hare International Airport, passengers can easily reach the respective terminal for the boarding process. The Airport has a transit system that drives to and from the terminal to other terminals and the Multi-Modal Facility. From there, you can access the Airport shuttle/ bus to leave the airport and travel to the different regions in the city. Passengers can easily use the transit system and reach or leave the O’Hare Spirit terminal as per their schedule.


Which terminal is Spirit Airlines at O’Hare International Airport?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal 3 at O’Hare International Airport.

What Airlines fly out of Terminal 3 at O Hare?

O’ Hare Airport Terminal 3 is used by  Japan Airlines, Cape Air, Denver Air, Iberia,   and Spirit Airlines.

How can I connect to Spirit Airlines in Chicago? 

Call Spirit Airlines Chicago office at 1-855-728-3555 or 1-800-955-8771 for booking-related queries.

What city is O’Hare International Airport in?

O’Hare International Airport is the main International airport in Chicago.
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