What is Shortcut Boarding on Spirit Airlines

Shortcut Security offers Special security lines to reduce the long waiting hours and speed up the boarding process. Currently, shortcut security is available at 18 airports. It is in no way related to the TSA Pre-Check and has to be purchased by individual travelers. 

Surely, there is a lot of confusion about the Shortcut Boarding and terms are associated with it. 

Refer the following points to->

  • Firstly, there is no term as Shortcut Boarding, it is shortcut security which makes the boarding easier and faster. 
  • TSA Pre-Check is different and is separately offered by Spirit Airlines.
  • Spirit Airlines passengers who wish to avail the Shortcut boarding must purchase it as extra. 

How to Purchase Shortcut Security? 

Shortcut Security Availability 

All Spirit Passengers are applicable to purchase the Spirit’s Shortcut Security. Three options are available to buy the shortcut security service. 

Avail the service from the Extras section while booking the flight. 

  1. Spirit passengers who have already booked the flight can avail it from the “My trips” section present on the official page. This feature lets you purchase the extra services at a later stage.  
  2. Also, The Shortcut Security can be purchased while checking-in when. For the last time, the Airline reflects the extras section on the screen for passengers to purchase as per their needs.
  3. Firstly passengers must confirm if the Shortcut security is available on their ai. Here is the list where the service is available.

Shortcut Security Availability 

As previously mentioned, the service is presently available at 18 airports. Check here the list of those 18 airports.

  1. LAS – Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. LAX – Los Angeles, California
  3. LGA – New York, New York La Guardia
  4. MSY – New Orleans, Louisiana
  5. OAK – Oakland, California 
  6. ORD – Chicago, Illinois
  7. PDX – Portland, Oregon
  8. PHX – Phoenix, Arizona
  9. RSW – Fort Myers, Florida
  10. SAN – San Diego, California
  11. SJU – San Juan, Puerto Rico
  12. ATL – Atlanta, Georgia
  13. BOS – Boston, Massachusetts
  14. BWI – Baltimore, Maryland
  15. CLE – Cleveland, Ohio
  16. DEN – Denver, Colorado 
  17. DTW – Detroit, Michigan
  18. FLL – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Before purchasing the service, passengers must go through the disclaimer section to avoid any misinformation.

Concluding with a Disclaimer:

Spirit Airlines does not guarantee if it can actually save time. Probably, it could be due to a lot of passengers using the Shortcut security service. This increases the line in the premium shortcut section leading to extra hours. Yet, the initial aim and design of the service is to reduce the timings and fasten up the boarding process. 

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1 year ago

Thank you

Lorinda Whiting
Lorinda Whiting
11 months ago

Yes, there IS shortcut boarding which is DIFFERENT from shortcut security. But thanks, anyway.