What Terminal Does Spirit Airlines Use at IAH

George Bush International (IAH) or Houston Airport serves the metropolitan Area of Texas, the U.S. Recently, it has been awarded by World Airport awards as the second best in the United States and third best in North America. A total of 26 airlines use this airport offering non-stop flights to the various destinations across the 5 continents in the world. 

Spirit Airlines use IAH airport as a base to fly from Houston to various domestic and international destinations. It even offers non-stops flights for a few international locations. Passengers who are searching for what terminal does Spirit Airlines use at IAH will find a detailed overview here. The following content covers information about Spirit terminal and the services that the airline offers from this terminal. 

Spirit Airlines Terminal IAH Services and Location

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal A at IAH Airport. There are five terminals at IAH airport that are used by various airlines.

The land of the port is filled with services of various airlines and leads to mess and confusion among the passengers.Thereby, it is recommended to check where you need to visit to board a Spirit plane at JFK airport. Moreover, the locations of services   like check-in and baggage are very necessary for passengers to find beforehand to finish the formalities beforehand to ensure no delay in boarding the flight.

IAH Spirit Terminal for Arrivals 

The Aircrafts of Spirit Airlines arrive at Terminal A of IAH or Houston Airport. After arriving, passengers can relax and eat something from a range of options available before leaving the airport.

Check-in Service for Spirit Airlines at IAH Terminal 

Spirit Airlines check-in is at level 2 of terminal A. The passengers can use the kiosk or the Office counters to get a printed version of boarding pass after clearing the check-in process. Else, you can also use the website or mobile application for Spirit Airlines check-in and add other facilities simultaneously at better discounts than the offline version.

Spirit Terminal IAH  Baggage Service 

According to the number of checked bags added during the check-in, drop the luggage at the baggage counter and walk to the departure level with the carry bag. While for lost or damaged bags, inform the staff to find the possible solution or compensation. Spirit Airlines Baggage service is at level 1 of IAH terminal.

Carefully read the information to use the Spirit services at IAH airport. The airline staff is at your service to assist or resolve any form of query. People waiting for arriving passengers must be at level 1 where Spirit Passenger pick up is located. 

Services Offered by IAH Terminal

Services Offered by IAH Terminal

Along with the services offered by Spirit, there are a set of other Facilities that the passengers can use when visiting the airport. Below is a complete list of facilities that passengers can find on Spirit airlines terminal IAH. 

  • Snacks and Beverages Vending Machine 
  • Jack in the Box- Gate A7- Level 2
  • Blaze Pizza
  • Starbucks – Gate A 17
  • Panda Express-  Terminal A- Gate A17 
  • Wendy’s-  Gate A17- Level 2
  • Mockingbird Distillery & Smokehouse- Gate A 15, level 2
  • Chick-fil-A- Gate A17, Level 2
  • Hubcap Grill & Beer Yard- Level 2-Gate A25

George Bush Intercontinental Airport/Houston Airport (IAH) Contact Details

Airport NameGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport/Houston Airport (IAH)
Houston Airport (IAH) Official Websitewww.fly2houston.com
Airport CodeIAH
Houston Airport Facebook PageURL

Key Takeaways 

With information mentioned above, plan your visit at the airport. Use the airport shuttle to travel at the airport. What terminal does Spirit Airlines use at IAH has been clearly described to reduce your efforts at the airport.Try to visit early for special assistance services request or procedure.The airline also needs time to accommodate medical and other special need assistance for the passengers.

Spirit Airlines Terminal IAH (FAQs)

Which Terminal is Spirit Airlines at IAH?

Spirit Airlines functions from Terminal A of IAH Airport.

Can you walk from terminal B to C in Houston?

Houston Airport terminal B,C,D,E are interconnected and passengers can walk from one terminal to another after clearing the security once. 

What is Spirit Airlines Terminal IAH for domestic departures?

Spirit Airlines Domestic flights depart from Terminal A, IAH Airport.

Does Spirit Airlines offer Lounge at IAH Airport?

No, Spirit Airlines being a cheap airline does not offer its private lounge service. .  
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