How Do i Avoid Paying Baggage Fees on Spirit Airlines

One sure shot way to avoid baggage fees on Spirit airlines is to carry a personal bag of 18x14x8 inches. Also there are other ways through which one can save money on the baggage fees.  There are other provisions that allow free baggage or carrying certain items for free. Spirit Airlines baggage fees can be quite expensive because it is an additional payable service. Moreover, the weight and length is restricted and beyond that there are excess charges included to carry luggage.

Guide on How to Avoid Baggage Fees on Spirit Airlines

Spirit provisions allow  three- four baggage absolutely free to carry. To avoid baggage fees on Spirit Airlines pack your bags under these categories. 

Waive off the Entire Baggage fees

Personal Bags:These are small handy bags carrying your essential items. Only one bag with dimensions 18x14x8 inches including wheels and handles is applicable for free entry as carry-on. Exceeding the prescribed limit will be 

Military Personnels: Active military members can carry 3 luggages for free along with the standard free personal bag allowed as carry-on. 2 checked bags and 1 carry-on bag makes a total of 3 bags that are free to carry, just for army personnels. 

How to:  Reach early and carry your military ID to verify your identity and occupation. Consequently, it will ensure your bags 

Spirit passengers must realize there are not many ways to completely avoid the baggage fees on Spirit airlines.  Yet, following the below tricks can help you ease out your query,” how do i avoid paying my baggage fees on Spirit Airlines. 

Fly Affordable With Spirit Airlines

  1. Purchase the access to carry bags while booking the flight. Spirit Airlines offers great discounts for early reservations for baggage. 
  2. Also, avoid last minute offline purchase as it will increase the costs. Instead,online bag space purchase helps avoid baggage fees to a greater extent.
  3. Regular passengers can buy the Saver’s Club membership and enjoy the special discounts reducing the cost to least. 
  4. Use credit cards for payment to avail better discounts and fly at a lower cost. 
  5. Use free spirit and its credit cards to earn rewards on every purchase you make with the airline. The rewards are in the form of concessions or free services like free bags, upgraded seats,etc.
  6. Pack smartly and avoid baggage fees on Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines have not defined a weight limit on the carry-on baggage, although the dimensional limit is defined. To use this at your benefit, pack small but heavy items in the carry-on baggage. This will ensure an opportunity to avoid overall baggage fees on spirit airlines.
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