Does Sun Country Has First Class Seats

Sun Country is a Central America based budget oriented economy airline serving the needs of passengers who want to travel under a budget. Thus being a cost-saver airline, Sun Country doesn’t include first class seats for luxury travel. All flights in the Sun Country fleet have economy cabins thus there is no option for flying first class. 

The economy based airline Sun Country has been in operation since three or more decades. It mostly flies to destinations in Central America, United States, Mexico and Caribbean. Upgrading Sun Country Airlines is simple. The airline is owned by the Apollo Global Management Company and many noticeable seating changes have been there since then. 

Does Sun Country Has First Class Seats

As of now, the Minnesota based airline carrier Sun Country doesn’t have First Class seats. Being a low-cost airliner, Sun Country Airlines offers Economy seats on the aircraft. However, their Economy cabins are are available in different variations including:

  • Exit Row (also known as Better)
  • Best
  • Standard

Passengers who are looking for legroom space, comfort, electric power outlet, and in flight entertainment options will love the airlines as all such amenities can be availed on all three seating options. Sun Country also offers boarding and priority check-in services. 

Customers can buy these seat plans even while travelling locally or internationally. So while booking travel with Sun Country airlines you’ve got limited options for seat upgrade. Nevertheless, the airline pleases its passengers with the offered in-flight premium and complimentary services. You should know about where does Sun Country Fly in the world.

It doesn’t have an in-flight service when compared to other ultra-low-cost airline carriers. All the seats can recline and are also available with full-size tray tables. 

Most airline seats provide in-seat power options with USB charging ports. Their standard seats have 29” to 30” seat pitch, making them spacious enough for comfortable seating. To get more legroom you can select better seats with 32 “ or”Best “ seats with 34” pitch. 

Sun Country Airlines’ Top-Ssecrets

  • Sun Country has no first-class cabin.
  • Sun Country only flies Boeing 737s.
  • Sun Country has no membership program.

Does Sun Country Have First Class Seats?

Sun Country used to have First Class sections on their aircrafts, but lately they reduced their seating options with a mix of standard and premium economy seating options. Their new seating plans are meant to standardise capacity in the Sun Country’s 30 plans at 183 passengers. 

The seat pitch in Sun Country airlines premium economy ranges around 29 to 32 inches in general economy and around 34 inches size in their premium economy seating space. At present the seat size on economy flights owned by Sun Country is 31 to 32 inches. Some perks related with the refurbishments are power outlets and USB ports on all economy class seats.

The new CEO of Sun Country earlier headed the ultra-low-cost carrier Allegiant Airlines, and industry observers say that Sun Country seems to follow a model similar to the one with Allegiant, a financial success. 

How Much to Upgrade to First Class In Sun Country?

Sun Country Airlines allows passengers to upgrade their seating class. However, at present the Midwest based airlines don’t allow passengers to upgrade to first class. For upgrading to premium class passengers need to make payment for the seat upgrade fare with excess charges. 

Further, to make Sun Country Airlines premium reservation, passengers can simply opt for the service through online mode. Also, it is possible to contact the airline booking centre for the same. Besides upgrading bookings to first class with Sun Country airlines, passengers would be charged a certain amount of fee under their booking charges policy. 

Cost of Sun Country Airlines Seat Upgrade

Firstly, you can select the seat upgrade as per your preference or buy it only when the ticket makes it permissible to do it. So, after confirming it, you’ll be able to remember the points mentioned below. Though, it is possible to check it when you offer the reservation number or ticket while buying the seat. 

  • Seat Upgrade Fee is not refundable
  • Passengers can choose the seat for calling the person or while checking-in.
  • The seat selection charge can vary from $7 to $80 per segment. When you’re making changes in the group, then it’s best to contact support.


The aforementioned information tells passengers about the available seating options and how much it costs to upgrade to first class on Sun Country Airlines. With help of this information you can book in an upgraded class without facing any inconvenience. We also know that Sun Country isn’t planning on introducing first class cabins anytime in the near future. 

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