Sun Country uses International Terminal A at SFO. The Departures or boarding occurs at level 3 of the IN terminal (A). All other services can also be found at the same terminal for Sun Country Airlines. 

The International terminal of San Francisco is primarily used for the International flights and Sun Country uses this to offer non-stop International flights. Yet, the terminals do change because of operational reasons. That is why it is always suggested to verify from boarding card details about what terminal is Sun Country at SFO for your flight. Moving forward, check the security points and gates you will have to go through to board a Sun Country plane. 

Details About Sun Country Airlines SFO Terminal

Airport NameSan Francisco International Airport SFO
Official Website
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SFO Airport AddressSan Francisco International Airport, California, United States

Quick Review of San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco Airports is one of the three International airports in the city. Its hub for many International non-stop flights. Sun Country flies from Level 3 of SFO terminal. To reach here, passengers can use private or public transport. The Airport even offers Ride Sharing and Rental car options. The fee for booking these services is visible on the official website of the airport. 

Other than this, each terminal of SFO airport is equipped with various facilities and shops for the passengers’ convenience. The Infrastructure of the terminals have been designed considering various points pertaining to the travelers. 

At International Terminal A, the following facilities and services will be available for passengers enabling them to board the plane easily. 

Sun Country Terminal A Security 

IN terminal A used by Sun Country has pre and post security gates. The security gates connectors are with others like Terminal G and 1. After passing the security, the passengers can move forward for the check-in process. 

Check-In for Sun Country at International A SFO

The Sun Country Airlines operations are scheduled from level 3 of SFO. The passengers can board the plane from here after getting a boarding pass. Use Kiosk or the ticket counters located at IN terminal- (A). Follow map directions to find the check-in location at the terminal. The sign board and the staff also guide you to check-in or any other service at SFO. 


With this content, the passengers will know about what terminal is Sun Country at SFO. The airport is really big, covering almost 8.5 miles of land which implies that it can be confusing to find the departure place for the reserved flight. To ensure that you walk to the right terminal, use the Airport map. Catch the airport shuttle bus for traveling from one stop to another at the airport. The transportation service information is available on the SFO website. 

Sun Country SFO Terminal Related (FAQs)

Which Terminal is Sun Country at SFO? 

Sun Country is at IN (International) terminal A at SFO.

What is the Airport code for San Francisco Airport?

SFO is the code by IATA, ICAO designated KSFO, and FAA codes for San Francisco International Airport.

Does Sun Country offer non- stop flights?

Sun Country offers non- stop flights at a very low rate.

Is SFO a big Airport?

SFO or San Francisco Airport is one of the biggest airports of the U.S. that serves the Bay Area and has three International terminals offering routes for non-stop flights. 
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