Why are Turkish Airlines So Cheap

Turkish Airlines offer some of the cheapes fares on domestic routes and destinations like the U.S. with a huge number of passengers. Not all tickets and flights of Turkish Airlines are actually cheap. 

Turkish Airlines does not compromise in its services and it shall be hard to cut off prices while offering such services. Even its Economy is packed up with such upgraded features that compete with many airlines in the industry.

So, not all but domestic fares and flights with heavy traffic are lower priced. While many fare types on Turkish Airlines are so expensive. There are few predictable reasons that could lead to the inexpensive nature of Turkish Airlines tickets. These might not be exact but are speculated basic reasons. 

Reasons Why Turkish Airlines Domestic Flights Are So Cheap

Turkish Airlines is able to offer the cheapest fares on domestic flights that depends on various factors such as low labor cost, low food and material cost, lesser airport gate fees, and even using the most fuel efficient aircrafts to reduce the fare price. There are several reasons that contribute to the factors why Turkish Airlines is cheap. Read all the reasons below:

Large Number of Passengers Dividing the Profits:

Turkish Airlines to several routes in 125 countries accounting for the flights that flies to maximum destinations in the world. Due to the huge crowd flying to specific locations, the cost per ticket reduces. This happens because the airline is able to derive the expected profit from a large number of consumers rather than a few. The division of profit per individual into a few others help maintain low prices for few destinations and routes.

Low Personnel Cost

The aircrafts could be expensive. But not the staff and personnel employed could be hired at a lower wage that helps the airline maintain the overall. The salaries are unknown but when thinking of the possible reasons, this could be the one. 

The owned routes: Turkish Airlines flies more routes than any other airline in the industry. With specific destinations or routes with low or nil competition from leading airlines, the airlines compromise in the service to charge less. 

Contrarily, the prices could go with less people flying to such destinations according to the first reason discussed in the passage. 


To sustain in the airline industry for long, Turkish Airlines seals the price to the minimum possible. It helps gain more consumers. Once flown with the airlines, the consumers who like the services shall rebook the flight from Turkish Airlines. This is a long term strategy used by many companies of different industries. It sidelines the competition and creates loyal customers that rebook their flights with the same airline due to the habit and ease formed. 

Additional Service Prices Not included

WiFi, baggage allowance and others are considered as personal preferences and are charged from the individuals who require it in a desired quantity. Prices of such services are not included in the ticket price, keeping the Turkish Airlines flight charges cheap. While on the other hand, if payment for those additional services has to be made then Turkish Airlines does not remain cheap for such passengers. 


The above reasons discussing why are Turkish Airlines so cheap gives a general idea to justify the situation based on the reviews and market conditions. There could be more reasons as to the lower prices of the Turkish Airlines. However, it is must to remember that Turkish Airlines has quality services and does not lower its quality to derive profits while keeping the prices low. It has an equal amount of higher ticket prices that maintain the operating cost of the airline. The low charges could be due to the cabin booked and the destination, but never the quality of services. So, read the complete guide and plan your dream trip with Turkish Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Turkish flights are cheap?

One of the main reasons why Turkish flights are cheap is that the airline reduces huge on its labor cost. Also, lowering the airport gate fees, food and material cost, and using the highly efficient flight makes the plan successful of providing extremely low flight fares.

Is Turkish Airlines good quality?

According to the recent Skytrax survey, Turkish Airlines is rated as the 6th best airline in the world which shows that the airline is good.

Can I trust Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines is one of the reputed and highly rated airlines in the world. The airlines provide best in class facilities, and exceptional experience to the passengers. This shows that you can trust Turkish Airlines.
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Tanay Sharma
Tanay Sharma
1 year ago

Since this post reiterates that the flights are cheap, I am sure to book Turkish airlines direct flights for domestic travel within Turkey. I have always been enchanted by Istanbul’s unique architecture and wished to visit it someday. Your post encourages me to do the same. Keep sharing such posts !