Why are Turkish Airlines So Expensive

Turkish Airlines are expensive due to  numerous factors. Demand, supply and the quality of services are major factors influencing price ticket prices of Turkish Airlines.  While there are other mini and sub reasons that can be derived from the three main reasons. Importantly, this is not completely true that Turkish Airlines is expensive.  Different routes with different fare types are priced according to the services and the demand of that particular destination. 

A lot of United States and domestic routes are inexpensive, confirming Turkish Airlines is cheap at the same time. So, there are various reasons why any individual might find Turkish Airlines cheap or expensive. For reasons that can be counted as reasons to why the respective airlines is expensive are discussed below:

6 Reasons Why Turkish Airlines are So Expensive 

  • High Demand
  • Turkish Airlines Fleet
  • Quality and Premium Services
  • Economy Class competing premium Economy
  • Additional Charges
  • Operational from largest Hubs of Istanbul

1.High Demand

 When the demand is high and the seats are limited,then the prices increase due to the willingness the potential consumer shows by readily accepting to pay higher charges. This law can be applied to Turkish Airlines’ situation as it flies to more than 200 locations in the world covering prominent and non- popular destinations. When flying to popular destinations with less availability of seats, it increases prices. Vice Versa occurs when a popular destination with adequate or more than sufficient seats makes routes to the United States and few other locations cheaper. 

While for the less popular destinations where Turkish Airlines has nil or very less competition, the prices again go costlier for Turkish Airlines.

2. Turkish Airlines Fleet

Another factor that contributes to the reasons why Turkish Airlines is expensive is its fleet including one of the newest and technology advanced aircrafts. The Boeing and Airbus that are the best known are the only members of its fleet. Moreover, the Boeing dream liners, 777 are even part making it a solid reason for the increased cost that leads to higher ticket prices. 

 3. Quality and Premium Services

Beginning from the on ground services to boarding and landing, the quality and the quantity of services is so well maintained that the airlines have to raise the prices for the same. Flying to more than 200 locations Turkish Airlines has the biggest network base which is even a reason for charging more for offering more. Other services that lead to the higher prices of the Turkish Airlines’ tickets are. 

Economy Class competing premium Economy

(a) Dining

When mentioning the services that raise the prices of Turkish Airlines, its dining must be included at any cost. Economy class passengers are served with a restaurant style menu with various options. Whereas, renowned chefs cook personally for the business class passengers to give a premium experience during the entire journey. Even a set of passengers are entitled to food in the resting areas, the lounges. 

(b) Staff

Services are incomplete without a great staff to serve and maintain them. The reason why Turkish Airline outshines despite being too many airlines in the industry is its trained and disciplined staff that has received recognition from the passengers through great feedback and awards at international level.

(c) Safety

APEX, an international independent organization, is a platform that collects  customer feedback and rates the airlines for its safety measures and overall performance. For five consecutive years, Turkish Airlines has been able to own the batch of a five star airline by the organization. Alongside, recently, it has been honored with APEX three other awards. One of them is its recently launched awards called the World Class Ratings award that the Turkish Airlines took in their ownership with their excellent services and customer feedback. 

Another point confirming its safety that might level up the price of Turkish airlines is the IATA ( International Air Transport Association) membership that is offered to only those airlines that qualify the international protocols of safety.

4. Economy Class competing premium Economy

 Premium economy with an extra set of services is a trend these days that keeps the price affordable with average of the lower economy and business class with insurance of extra comfort. 

While other airlines are charging separately for the premium economy sections for extra leg space and comfortable seats. Turkish Airlines is offering almost the similar or better seats with other amenity kits and dining options. These competitive services within the Economy cabin without the title of premium are expensive due to the equivalent amount and quality of services. Earlier, the airline even introduced its premium cabin but later withdrew due to the inefficiency and other operational concerns.

5. Additional Charges

One important factor is the additional services like the Wifi, reservation, cancellation fees and other that increase the overall price of flying with Turkish Airlines while the ticket price is affordable and is quite the same as other airline pricing lists.  This can be one of the negative points that lead to higher prices. 

6. Operational from largest Hubs of Istanbul

The national carrier of Istanbul, Turkish Airlines operates from the largest Airport. The 2019 new Istanbul Airport  is considered to be the largest. It has one huge terminal with around 143 aerobridges. There is no need for interconnected movement within the terminals. Instead a smooth unparalleled experience begins from the airport where the lounges are grand awaiting to welcome the passengers. All this comes at a fee or cost that is charged from the passengers. Indeed to earn and maintain profits, as the airline keeps adding its cost of production, the Turkish Airlines also keeps  becoming expensive. 

Also, Istanbul being a stop over for majorly all the flights of Turkish Airlines, everyone experiences the luxury of this largest airport.    

Concluding Para 

Firstly it is important to understand that not all fare types of Turkish Airlines are expensive. As much popular for its expensive fares, it is equally known for its cheaper fares. There are several reasons for both, the cheap tickets and the expensive tickets of Turkish Airlines. However, there are no specific and authentic reasons termed by the airlines or recognized institutions. Instead, the above mentioned are very generic and derived from the economics of pricing that are true for all. There could be some other reasons that might contribute to the expensive tickets of Turkish Airlines. While the respective points defined are very definitive. 

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Gary Beaver
Gary Beaver
1 year ago

The average person can’t afford to fly from Turkey to the United States anymore. Its ridiculous that they charge so much. The cost of a one way ticket is almost as much as what an average Turkish worker earns annually. I have a friend in Turkey that I can’t get back to the United States coz the airfare is so costly