How To Change Name On United Airlines Ticket

After booking your flight tickets, the customization process is a very difficult task for most of passengers. But most of the airlines make it as easy as possible. According to United Airlines Name Change Policy, It is possible to change or correct the misspelled name in the MileagePlus account of United Airlines. Attach a document or government-issued ID as valid proof. You can visit the website online and log in to your existing account to make the necessary name changes. 

United Airlines Name Change Policy also states that they allow valid and minor name changes only. A completely new name is not acceptable. Passengers changing their middle or last name must have authentic documents to prove their name change due to any legal reason like marriage, divorce, and others. 

United Airlines Name Change Policy

United Airlines Name Change Policy

If a form is filled by any Human, there are definitely the chances of mistakes. Most of the Human does that. But what if you made this mistake in your name while reserving the United Airlines Ticket. Some people wonder if this is a big mistake and can’t be resolved now. But don’t worry, United Airlines is taking care of these mistakes and available to provide you the resolution for the same. United Airlines Name Change Policy is a customer-friendly policy which allows passengers to correct the misspelled names in the reservations. Let’s take a deep dive at these policies in the below sections.

How To Change Misspelled Name On United Airlines Ticket

How To Change Misspelled Name On United Airlines Ticket

Log in to the Mileage Plus account for any form of name change on new and existing reservations. It generally takes up to two weeks for the airline to verify the documents and change your current name saved on the airline ticket. 

United Airlines follows the TSA Secure Flight Program which states that the passenger’s name on the ticket must be the same as registered on their identity or legal documents. It even requires your birth date, Known Traveler Number, and others to be exactly the same. Since all your information is saved on the Mileage account, it is essential to make the necessary changes to your flight details before departure. 

Typing errors are so common that United Airlines allows easy name correction of misspelled words. A government-approved or issued identity card is essential to present proof of your original and correct name spelling. Other than this, sometimes, name changes can be more than a minor error and could be due to various reasons. 

Correct the spelling of the name or change the name for free on United Airlines. It does not charge any additional fee for this. The only requirement is a valid proof. Based on the reason for the name change, see which documents you can attach while correcting the details in the airline account. 

  • Birth Certificate for spelling mistakes due to typing errors 
  • Divorce or marriage document 
  • Government-issued ID with a new name, in case of changes due to voluntary changes. 

If your flight is near and you do not have the newly updated documents. Then you will have to send a copy of the Affidavit stating the name change along with legal approval and stamp. Make corrections on the online portal or Mileage account of the airline and send a physical of the affidavit on the following address. 

  • MileagePlus Service Center
  • P.O. Box 1394
  • Houston, TX 77251-1394

All these steps mentioned above are complete based on United Airlines Name Change Policy and There are no additional steps on how to change name on a United Airlines ticket. Update the airline account and attach or send a legal document. 

Before confirming the flight, it is very important to check all your details to avoid such errors. Passengers who have gone through a name or surname change must quickly submit their documents and request for updates. As it might take two weeks for the entire process. While all the new details must be on the boarding pass and ticket before departure. 

boarding pass and ticket in united airlines

Additionally, Passengers who are premier members of the airline and have undergone a name or surname change, then they must request an updated MileagePlus card to be able to enjoy the benefits. This step is not necessary for minor spelling errors. 

United Airlines Contact Details

HeadquartersUnited States of America
Address233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois, 60606
Facebook URL


This article covers all the required information on how to change name on United Airlines tickets and is very easy and well-detailed in the above content. It is advised to re-read all your details before confirming the reservation. It will save you a lot of time and effort correcting the name. United Airlines Name Change Policy is a customer-friendly policy. While for genuine and legal reasons like marriage, separation, or some voluntary changes, the airline offers a free opportunity to make necessary changes. Make sure you have a government-issued or legally approved document to validate your name change. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What document is required for the United Airlines ticket name change?

United Airlines ticket name change is allowed only if the individual has a valid government-issued ID with the same name as the new requested. 

How to change the misspelled name on a United Airlines ticket?

United Airlines’ misspelled names can be easily corrected by entering the right name with the attached valid document with the same spelling. 

Is there any fee for names corrected on United Airlines?

No fee is charged by United Airlines for the name change. Yet, documents to verify the name change and spelling must be present there.

How to change name on a United Airlines ticket?

The ticket name and the government ID details should be exactly the same. So, change or update your name on the Mileage Plus account and attach a legal document stating the reason and defining the new name.
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